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I Had A Dream....

May 20 2012 at 1:09 PM

David C. Jones  (Login Thayerblue1)
HyperScale Forums
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I've never posted in the lounge before but here goes....
I think between getting my brain fried at work (looking at newspapers on microfilm for five hours straight), picante chicken ramen for dinner and possibly someone slipping me some illegal drugs that I have finally cracked.

I was dreaming that I was researching the F4F-4 Wildcat on Guadalcanal last night. (Now, it's not uncommon for me to have a dream about airplanes but research in my sleep? Give me a break!) Anyway, the mystery I was investigating was why the pitot tubes on these Wildcats were a dark color instead of silver. So I piled through books and articles on the Wildcat for weeks in my dream and finally I strike gold by finding a crew chief's diary from Guadalcanal. As it turns out; the hot, rainy weather on Guadalcanal was causing corrosion to the exposed bare metal on the pitot tube so they had to coat them for protection. What with you may ask?....strips of bacon....not cooked but raw strips of bacon so they would conform to the surface. It went into detail about how they wrapped the bacon so it wouldn't peel off in the slip stream as well.

I woke up about the the time I posted on Plane Talking about how to depict bacon wrapped pitots in 1/48th. What have I been smoking?

Any thoughts or should I just call 911?


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