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PC Game "Red Orchestra 2" bought via Steam.. overview...

June 22 2012 at 7:57 AM

Brett Peacock  (Login Wurger41)
HyperScale Forums
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..It was fairly cheap! Less than $US 20.00 two weeks ago, it may be more now- a Special deal...
the full title is "Red Orchestra 2 - Heroes of Stalingrad." and its a squad-level shooter kind of "Call of Duty" series like and kind of "Brothers in Arms" series like. (that's to say you play a grunt, not an officer or general.)
What makes it stand out is the dedication to realism that the designers incorporated - all the uniforms, weapons, vehicles, planes etc look absolutely spot on, and visually accurate as far as I can see. And the actual combat is INTENSE - Not in Tents!

The German side campaign begins in the last stages of the advance on stalingrad, and the first battle - more of a skirmish- is clearing out a small village on the Main Line of Advance. - Spartanovka. Its way out on the Steppes and there is very little cover except for the buildings and a stream. It actually looks very real on my system and there is one other little trick - Unlike many FPS (like the COD series- your cursor does not act as IFF for you. You have to check twice to make sure you're not shooting your own men. And that double check can get you killed, even on the easy settings.

there is also a Russian side Campaign and Online play allows you to pick as side and "have at it" in dozens of battlegrounds, all based on actual locations of the era. (plus a couple of generic ones)

I'm really enjoying playing it, but the longest I've managed to not get killed is 8 minutes!
If this sounds like your idea of diversion, try it out. It was the FPS game of the year in 2010.


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