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Very sad indeed. However, eliminating guns using your

July 20 2012 at 1:29 PM
Larry @ AUDI  (Login audiguy)
from IP address

Response to What's to be done...?

example, would only make our view of the situation a little bit better as it would be harder for them to obtain them.
Guns though, would only be one type of weapon that a person could use as there are many others.
The meat of the matter is that throughout time there has been these types of events.
The real problem MAY stem from a mental disorder such as psychopathic tendencies, brain disease, and other malfunctions. The brain is a powerful mechanism. In the wrong "state-of-mind", it would be like "going to the dark side".
The problem is these types of people, not their choice of weapons. Ask McVeigh, ask the two truck bombers who blew up the US Marines barracks back in 1983, and so on & so on. Diesel fuel & fertilizer? dual truck bombs? No guns used there and were very destructive.
Unless you have superpowers to see inside ones head before the event occurs, there is no defense against these acts of violence.
Yes, we could all become vigilantes but how would you spot these people? Then who is to say that we are not one of those fruitcakes too??
very tough discussion coming I sense.....

Take a swing,

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