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Been there too but I had a different plan. The hobby room moved first!

July 21 2012 at 11:50 AM

Bruno  (Login BrunoSchielzeth)
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Response to Move induced model hiatus...

I was in the middle of my first review build and moving and Swine Flu couldn't cut into my modeling time. I took over the Men's Parlor downstairs with the East facing windows as the hobby room. The new house was about 1/2 mile from the rental and I allocated 2 hours to move a load of stuff, put 2 hours into working on the model, and then 2 hours or so into fixing the new house. When the wife got off of work we would try to move two loads in the truck and car. That is, IF we could stand. We both had the Swine Flu and it was trying to kill us.

It took us about two weeks to get heat, power, and water working in the new house. It had been shut down almost two years earlier and kids had kicked in the doors and spray painted gang symbols on the walls. I replaced both the front and back doors and put in an alarm system. But somehow I kept making progress on the ship. A month after I signed the papers we had a house we could stay in. And I finished my ship on time. Barely. I had to meet my boss at a gas station half way to Milwaukee to hand him the model. I tried not to breathe on him! The paint was still wet in a few spots but the ship was finished at least.

I got over the flu without dying but the wife ended up with pneumonia. She was down and out of work for just over two weeks with it.

I swear I'm NEVER moving again! I don't have it in me any more. I think that was move number 16 or so. Never again.

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