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Not much help, but want similar advice...

November 29 2006 at 9:43 AM

J. Chandler  (Login jchandlerhall)

Response to A question of size

My wrists are even smaller...just at 6".

I recently tried on two Reverso's. A 100yr Wempe-branded Automatic which was just at 42mm 'long' and I think a Duo, just 1mm shorter. The wempe one was definitely too long and the other one 'just barely worked' on my thin wrist. All of the automatic or "grand" reversos I have researched seem to be 42mm long or longer. I think the older duo seem to fall within an acceptable range for both of us.

Due to exactly this issue, I just went ahead and bought a Master Perpetual from 2003, recently returned and serviced by MJLC because it is one of the smallest and affordable perpetuals out there (just over 37mm diameter).

Thanks in advance to anyone that contributes to this thread!

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