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Tried the EWC today!

November 29 2006 at 12:17 PM
Anonymous  (Login nick664)
AP Discussion Group

hello, everyone.

i got a call from Wempe today, and went over to have a look at the EWC.

fantastic watch, but the size takes some getting used to, im coming from a Submariner.
another thing thats "optically unsual" is that the face itself isnt that big, compared to the watch diameter its rather small. probably because of the wide bezel (i mean the polished ring around the face), its pretty wide i think.

the watch was nr 995 or 993 couldt quite see it and i found that when setting the time on any full hour the GMT ring doesnt always correspond with the time. Say i´ve put the watch (main time)on 13 o´clock, the ring would show smth like 12-45. when you wind the main time past 13 and then back to 13 then the GMT ring ist correct, but not before.

Is that the problem which has been previosly discussed??

i really like the watch but this "malfunction" somewhat put me off...

all coments welcome!

tomorrow i´m going to another dealer, to see another EWC, will check if it has the same problem with the GMT ring.



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(Login Ravination)
Trading Zone

This was a common problem

November 29 2006, 3:52 PM 

with the first deliveries but I would have thought it had been addressed by now. If you do a search you will find many similar posts. From my understanding it was a relatively easy fix to re-align the cityring.

A great watch though - good luck!

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(Login nick664)
AP Discussion Group

Re: This was a common problem

November 30 2006, 4:21 PM 

did a search, and from my understanding most people who had this problem, had their watches replaced.

am i right?

should i buy this watch with this "misaligment", or wait for another dealer to get another one?


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Anthony Kosky
(Login anthony_kosky)

I'd wait for another one...

November 30 2006, 8:53 PM 

I was under the impression that they'ed figured this out, but don't know how long it would take to fix. In any case it doesn't make sense to buy a brand new watch knowing you'll have to get it fixed unless it's a limited edition or a special serial number.

There's a little bit of a pause before the 24 hour ring starts moving. So it should be aligned properly when you move hte hands forward to an exact hour, but not if you move them backwards.

It really is an amazing watch to own and wear


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