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POLL: What kind of hair grower are you?...r/o

November 10 2005 at 1:59 PM
Olympia  (no login)

While typing a post to Lisa Janey and MrsEl under MrsEl's Love-Hate Relationship with Her Hair thread, I got to wondering about all the different kinds of growers here. Everyone is different and has their own philosophies regarding their own hair; as such, there are no right or wrong answers. Which of the below best describes you?

1.) Grow no matter what and come what may (you never trim and let your ahir decide what it wants to do).

2.) Grow and dust/trim faithfully every 8 weeks with ongoing or at least monthly search & destroy.

3.) Grow no matter what yet trim at least once a year.

4.) Want to grow as much as possible, yet any damage gets trimmed off pronto.

5.) Acheive and maintain a length that balances well with body and height.

6.) Strict schedule such as grow grow grow grow grow trim (grow 5 months and trim, grow 5 months and trim, and so on). Here your schedule might be grow grow trim or grow grow grow trim; you grow for X amount of months and then trim no matter what - you keep to your schedule.

7.) Grow no matter what without trims and then maintain once you reach your hairlength goal.

8.) A combination of 2 or more above (please explain).

9.) Other (please explain).

Thanks for your participation.

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