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Okay, me too!

November 20 2008 at 5:22 PM

Leia  (Login Leia9)

Response to my favorite

I've recently started wearing this:

[linked image]

I have one in bright pink. It's kind of like a hijab, but since it's knitted it doubles as a scarf. And also, I look really stupid in hats, so this is a good solution!

How do you do the shayala style? The girls I see in London wearing the hijab usually wrap it around their heads quite tightly (with not a strand of hair showing!) and then wrap it around a pretty bun. Lots of them top it with pretty scarves. I like the "snood" though because it's easy to pull on and off - except I do have to keep fixing my hair!


[linked image]
Pic from September 2008

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