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August 1 2010 at 12:00 PM
Anonymous  (Login sjeams)

Response to Measure in for August 2010

At 18 inches finally, can't remember the last time my hair was this long! And major changes: been shedding a ton this summer, and although I have had stick straight hair my ENTIRE life, it is going wavy. Kinda looks like I'm growing out a perm - and one curl at the nape of my neck looks like I used a small curling iron. Not shampooing daily anymore, though I will at least condition it every day because it is extremely dry (between the heat and haircoloring, it's no surprise). Nor am I using the blow dryer daily. Like to use a flat iron every so often simply because I get really frustrated trying to style hair which has varying amts. of curl all over the place.

Haven't had a trim in quite awhile - May, maybe?, and the ends are starting to need it. Will probably get one before school starts.

Okay, so I just wrote a book! lol! Haven't been on here in awhile though, hope everyone is doing well and having a beautiful summer!


Current length: 18 in.
September 2010 goal: 19 in.
Ultimate goal: as long as it will go!
Current routine: KPak for colored hair 'poo & condish almost daily; oil 1x week with coconut, shea butter and/or organic extra-virgin olive oil (prefer the coconut)

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