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I've gone backwards

April 1 2011 at 5:41 AM

Affienia  (Login Affienia)

Response to Measure in for April 2011

I'm now down to 29.25 inches. I'm trying not be sad about it as the whole point of me not measuring for a while was to concentrate onthe health not length of my hair. But below 30" is just depressing.

I've added a new progress picture to the list below. My hair is much less red than it was an much curlier. This is it washed and conditioned, combed into a parting and then left to dry with no interference. I swear my hair touches waist when I pull  it straight but it's barely past bsl here! It's still very fine but I'm coming to terms with that I think. It does look so much healthier so that is a plus.

I think I'm going to leave the measuring again for a few months. Maybe hold out til the end of the year. I need to focus more on the health still. I've done a lot of S&D, which is how I've gone backwards, I think I need to do some deep conditioning now.


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29 years old

I wash my hair when I feel it needs it/I can be bothered, rather than the set routine I had. Currently using home made soap and the occasional bicarb rinse and vinegar rinse. I only comb my hair with a wooden comb or boar bristle brush. I'm trying to grow out my hair back to it's natural colour. Looking at getting my hair thicker this year and much healthier!

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