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Re: 60 inches

July 12 2011 at 6:25 PM

Miriam  (Login Mane_of_Miriam)

Response to 60 inches

Good for you! That is really, really long!

How long do you think you'll go?

Photobucket Christmas 08 April 09 2 April 09
loom size
Close up of my gray hair.

Oil on ends just before combing to help with snarls, 2x a day.

Shampoo every 5 days
Experimenting with ACV, coconut oil, and honey.

Started measuring August 06, at 36.5 inches
1cCii ~ Natural Silver

I am 54 year old and I've been married for 35 years!!

July 1st 07 - Reached 40 inches
July 14 07 - Cut back to 36.5
August 3rd 08 - Reached 40 inches again.
January 1 09 Reached 43 and classic achieved! Cut for a better hemline.
April thru June 40 still. sigh...
March 2010 Classic!!!


Faithful to barbers - they actually trim 1/8th of an inch!!

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