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Hello Laura

April 4 2012 at 5:10 PM

Ohtawen  (Login ohtawen)

Response to Day 1 of no 'poo routine

thank you for posting [linked image] I'm very interested in any kind of no poo routine. So, you are trying Water Only?

Actually, regardless of what kind of non poo routine you are trying out, the crucial thing is going gradually. After you decide on what kind of alternative routine you'd like to adopt, you should know that easing slowly into it is the key to success. Training your scalp to produce less sebum is a slow process, but it can be done. I think you are doing well by stretching regular washes at first. You could stretch them a day or two the first weeks, and after your scalp gets used to that washing schedule, you can go ahead and stretch them more. Then you can start cutting down on the shampoo. Of course, I'm just suggesting happy.gif Going cold turkey takes less time than taking it easy, but it also means that your scalp will have a harder time adjusting, and that will show on your hair as a whole. Because you had already tried that kind of approach, I'd suggest you try going gradual.

I'm aware that in the mean time, you'll have to cope with hair that is not used to less washing/less shampoo. So I'd recommend looking into ways to put your hair up and away from your face, and to generally make the state of your hair less noticeable. (Let's face it, a cute updo made with non-washed hair is much more socially acceptable than wearing that hair down and loose.)

Anyway, I think I have talked enough. I'm sorry if you had all this information, and if I repeated what you know already.

P.S. I'm sorry, I haven't tried baking soda, but it's really said that it can dry out hair. I'm no expert, but perhaps a light solution of baking soda won't dry your hair as much.



Hair type: 2b/M/C/iii
Current length: classic
Primary goal: thickening the ends

Hair journal:

- NW/SO on the scalp, with periodical length
washes (Alverde birke-salbei shampoo for the length)
- brushing, scritching, preening and massaging daily
- occasional S&D trims
- trimming the ends whenever they start looking funny

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