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April 8 2012 at 11:08 PM
Anonymous  (Login candycornsnake) I had no idea there were message boards for people growing out their hair! How exciting!
Well I am a year into growing...and I am definitely open for advice! I have had spikes or very short hair for over 10 years and I was tired of I decided to grow it out. My hair in HS was down to my bra strap, and I would like to get there...or longer. Waist lengh would be incredible! I don't use products or heat, so I am good there. And I just got my first trim in a year a few weeks ago. My main problem right now is not only tips for growth, but also how to trim. Since it was in spikes, the back is far longer than the sides. The recent trim helped a bit, but it's still very noticably different. At one time do I get it all trimmed the same?
And my other question is what to do about very dry scalp. I have a scalp that is very thick with flakes, even with dandriff shampoo. I know that shampooing daily is hard on the oils, so I do it every other day, but by the end of day hair is SLICK with grease. Oy...dry skin, oily hair! What a combo! Any tips?
I love the boar hairbrush idea...I will get one ASAP. I have been using a round brush, but it looks like that is not a great idea.
I have definitly noticed a difference in my hair since my youth. It was once much curlier and thick, and has now gone much staighter and thinner. Not terrible, but definatly noticable.
Oh and gosh...I am 33. I live in Baltimore Maryland. I work in recreation therapy and I have a ton of wonderful pets!Hi!

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