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Second Loomiversary! :D

May 5 2012 at 4:24 PM

Night Kitten  (Login Night_Kitten)

My 2 years on the loom was on the 1 of May, but I say the 5th is still close enough without calling it officially late [linked image]

I was trying to thicken my hemline by small monthly trims for about half a year now, but the difference after such a trim was too samll to see, and it made me feel that I don't gain length, so desided to change strategy again - trimming about 1-1.5'' every 6 months. That way I'll see some growth and won't feel like I'm stuck in one place happy.gif
When I took another pic earlier tooday I noticed I'm at fingertip! I had no idea... I was sure it hasn't grown much with all those trims I did... What a nice surprise for my hairniversary [linked image]

I'm rambling... Time to put up the pics, LOL [linked image]
May 2010 --> May 2011 --> May 2012
[linked image] [linked image] [linked image]

94cm (37'')/114.5cm (45.1'')/term
[linked image] [linked image]

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