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I think maybe it does

May 6 2012 at 3:06 PM

Lil  (Login lilianaliliana)

Response to So does it really work????

I never tried it till recently because I considered it gobbledygook. I did it for the first time last time I cut my hair. It sure seemed like it grew better afterward. I just could not get ends to my knees and after that trim, I almost did. (Did a trim last night so I'm farther from knee now.)

I did a quick Google and see it's based on astrology which means nothing to me since I'm born under the sign of the cross. But - the Farmer's Almanac - - says the 13th of May is a good time to trim hair to retard growth so it must work both ways depending on the moon's phase. Makes sense since all things have their opposite.

You can search Health and Beauty at the Almanac - - and get best time for next trim.

Is there any science to it? I wonder. I'm not convinced, but have nothing to lose by it I suppose. What do you think?

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