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I can see

May 31 2012 at 11:11 AM

Ohtawen  (Login ohtawen)

Response to Hi Ohtawen!.

why you feel the way you feel about the move. I empathize... It's truly not easy for you at the moment, but I am sure that you, being the strong lady you are, will brave all the hardships remarkably. After all, the Lord doesn't give hardships to people who won't be able to cope with them. So stand strong, Elvea, and take care of yourself and your daughter [linked image]



Hair type: 2b/M/C/iii
Current length: classic
Primary goal: thickening the ends

Hair journal:

- NW/SO on the scalp, with periodical length
washes (Alverde birke-salbei shampoo for the length)
- brushing, scritching, preening and massaging daily
- occasional S&D trims
- trimming the ends whenever they start looking funny

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