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I'm new here

August 9 2012 at 12:18 AM
Callie  (Login Cheele)

but I've been browsing around for about a week or so.. You all seem very lovely so I thought I'd finally get in the game and share a little bit about myself. I've always liked to keep my hair on the longer side, except for that a-line bob experiment when I was 11.. Besides that, it's always been a least an inch or two past my shoulders, typically just maintaining it at BSL (which I've never gotten past).

Random things: I box dye my hair black about every year. I've been looking into going the hendigo route though. My natural color is a lighter brown then I would like to have. I have a VERY oily scalp. A good chunk of my width is in bang form after a not so great turn out for my on a whim blunt bangs. They've grown a little over an inch though! And I am not a fan of having my hair up or styled in any way (unfortunately).

So anyway, about a month or so ago I decided to commit to growth so I began hunting around for tips to keeping healthy long hair.. and came across here! So here I am. I plan to learn plenty and keep my hair healthy!

Oh and I believe the waves in the picture aren't my own.. I think they're mostly -only left my hair braided until my hair was partially dry because it was driving me crazy- waves. Although they could be.. I don't see myself from behind all that often happy.gif.

[linked image]

Start: Around 25"
Short term goal: Just maintain a healthy length
Long term goal: Oh how I would love to reach classic!
Just started using CV bars and LOVING it
Followed by ACV rinse
Jojoba oil on the ends when needed

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