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Hair Feels "Sticky"

May 28 2017 at 12:20 AM

Jules  (Login CrowningGlory)

In the past year I've experienced a problem with my hair after washing. I'm not sure how to explain this but every time I do a full wash (usually on Saturday morning) my hair feels kind of 'sticky' for a day or two afterwards. It's not pleasant. In fact, I dread combing it or doing anything with it. As if super fluffy hair after washing isn't bad enough.

I'm trying to determine the cause/s:

Shampoo? I use the same shampoo for scalp washes and I don't have this problem.

Conditioner? I wondered if it was the culprit and changed conditioners but I don't think it is. Mainly because the hair on my scalp is worse than my length and I rarely put conditioner on my scalp.

ACV? Maybe except again I don't have the same problem when doing a scalp wash.

Hard water? Again, why would it not be a problem when I scalp wash?

Drying technique? I air dry after scalp washes and full washes, the only difference being that I bun it after a scalp wash so it takes longer to dry. I do, however, use a microfibre hair turban that I lined with an old t-shirt after a full wash.

I'm wondering about using a diluted citric acid rinse to neutralise the hard water and see if it makes a difference. Oiling beforehand or not at all doesn't seem to make a difference. A good going over with a BBB once my hair is dry seems to make it less 'sticky', so I'm thinking it has to be something that is deposited in my hair during the washing process - either shampoo, ACV, or minerals in our water.

Anyone else have this problem or can offer some insight?

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