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August 29 2017 at 5:27 AM

Ohtawen  (Login ohtawen)

Response to Thank you

I'm so glad that you had time to take stock and figure out a gameplan. You have really tackled this hurdle systematically and rationally, which is amazing. I don't think you're wasting your doctor's time. Maybe I'm wrong, but it's your right to ask questions, and your generally good health shouldn't be an excuse for the doctor to shrug off your concerns.

Diet is so very important for our optimal functioning. Some people are in generally good health with a usual diet, but upon taking out some items, they feel even better. Perhaps you will experience the same thing as you remove grains. By the way, it's so inconvenient that you cannot intake vitamin C rich foods... Do you take vitamin C supplements?

But I will be repetitive and say that I'm happy about how quickly you bounced back and are tackling the issue. I'm glad that you are continuing your hair journey as planned. I think that, with all the measures you have undertaken over the years, and the regrowth you've had, the likelihood of a shed is very low. I do hope it really turns out that way [linked image]

Hair type: 2b/M/C/iii
Current length: classic
Primary goal: thickening the ends

Hair journal:

- NW/SO on the scalp, with periodical length
washes (Alverde birke-salbei shampoo for the length)
- brushing, scritching, preening and massaging daily
- occasional S&D trims
- trimming the ends whenever they start looking funny

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