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re-it does nothing

September 8 2017 at 4:50 PM
Dulce  (no login)

Response to Re: "It does nothing for you"

I am 65 almost 66.I love my long hair[now butt crack,but I keep it between waist and that length ] and all the east fast styles I can do with it.I dry fast with a floor fan and don't colour and I cut it myself.No real upkeep.My hubby said I do not look like anyone else my age.I like being different and unique-fits the rebel in me!Hubby dislikes the short dyed salon dos.He was the one who encouraged me to ditch my dyed pixie over 10 years ago and regrow my long hair back and go gray.Funny how some women like to disparage long hair on older women and even tell how men don't really like it.I was at walmart,with hair loose.An older woman [my age]kept staring very aggressively at me and giving me the evil eye LOL,then she turned to her husband/boyfriend? and said very loudly to make sure I heard her -that woman needs to cut her hair in a very disapproving tone.He relied -why? I like it..dead stony silence and I laughed inwardly..I've found most men DO like long hair ,some might not but they seem to be the minority.Ignore those type of comments-they are rude and meant to shame or embarrass you into cutting, to fit the sterotype of what they like.It's bullying pure and simple.Don't let yourself fall for it.

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