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Following Teressa's pointing arm

October 21 2011 at 8:16 PM
Sir Richard and Teressa 

Response to It was like lambs wool...

Richards' eyes followed hers and he looked upward as well. His jaw dropped at what he saw before him. The group stood at the bottom of a large bowl or corie. With the exception of the streambed that they had followed, there was no exit from this place; at least not without climbing up and over the ring of mountains that hemmed them in.

"Are ye sure, mo chride that we must gae up there?" Richard asked.

"Aye, my lo'e," replied Teressa. "Lady Bronwyn says it is the right direction. Beyond that, she cannot, or will not say. I think she wants us to find the 'Stone' on our own.

Richard nodded and said, "Aye, that she made clear before she left us. We are tae find th' 'Stane o' Destiny' on our ane. she has helped oos as much as she can dae, I wager. Let oos see wh' we can dae. First we maun find oot juist how high that peak is. It wull he'p us ta ken that in oor climbing. Turning to the others, he called for Sir Kent to aid him.

"Gran'faither, I need yer he'p here. We need tae measure the hight o' yon peak, th' ane with high, narrow crest. I ken ye are used tae measuring yer fields at Ayr."

The older man nodded and the two set to work. In a little less than an hours time they had calculated the height of the peak* ahead at close to three thousand feet in height.

"Gran'faither," Richard said I think it is time ye an' Gran'mither Christina took another draught o' that potion Elspeth an' Teressa made for ye. Ye juist micht need it this time!"

Just then Teressa came over to the two men and said, "We have a problem. If you look downstream you can see two men heading in this direction. It can only be the two who are following us."

Richard turned his head and looked downstream, Indeed two men were making their way along the watercourse. They had found one of the fords along the way and had crossed the stream to the side on which the party was encamped.

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* The peak mentioned is Sgùrr Dearg. Sgùrr Dearg is a mountain in the Cuillin on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. It is topped by the Inaccessible Pinnacle (colloquially referred to by mountaineers as the In Pin or In Pinn), a fin of rock measuring 150 feet (50 meters) along its longest edge. The top of the Inaccessible Pinnacle, which at 3,235 ft (986 m) is the highest point of Sgùrr Dearg.

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