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A moment of prayer

November 14 2011 at 11:54 AM
Lady Elspeth 

Response to It was like lambs wool...

A moment of prayer and wonder followed the newest rock fall, which had created a cairn more perfect than any done by human hands, Elspeth glanced towards the peaks of Blaven, half expecting to see a fleeting glimpse of colors denoting Lady Bronwyn's garb, but it was a different sight that greeted her. A huge bird, with bright golden plumage, seemed to glide effortlessly from the rocky heights and alight nearby, sheltered from sight by huge, fallen boulders. A stream of fire touched the newly formed cairn, fusing the rocks tightly, so the body buried beneath would be forever safe from marauding animals or humans.

The group had just finished with their prayers for the soul of an erstwhile enemy, when Beathan emerged from the sheltering boulders and greeting the others announcing that Lady Bronwyn was for the time finished with his lessons, and had given her permission for him to join his friends and family.

After joyful greeting of her foster son, Elspeth stopped the immediate evacuation of the site. "As we are on secure ground now, pray allow me tae treat the wounds ere we start oor march back tae camp." She announced. "None of us micht hae suffered any serious harm, but it isna wise tae ignore the scrapes and rope burns and allow them tae fester."

Only after all wounds had been thoroughly cleaned and treated with Elspeth's special healing ointment, did they depart for a night's rest at their camp..

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