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Ainsley could not help it.

February 3 2012 at 8:44 PM
Sir Richard and Teressa 

Response to Meanwhile...

She burst out into a shout of laughter. "The ... the ... Ainsley could not help it. "Thepair of thee!" she gasped at last, speaking over the adjoining laughter of the other two women. "I' ye cuid see thy faces!" And she was off into another fit of laughter.

Ian looked incensed for just a second, and then his booming laugh joined that of the women. Richard, however, continued to look as though caught truant. He turned to Teressa and his first words were ones of apology.

Contrite, "Richard stammered out, I...I...I am sae sarry Teressa. I meant nae offence tae ye or tae Ainsley...especially tae ye, my beloved."

Teressas' eyes glowed bright green for a brief instant, her elven blood betraying her. Then, she started to giggle. That giggle became a full-throated laugh and she threw her head back in glee. "Aillesel Seldarie, A'maelamin!*," she said, exasperated, when she caught her breath, "Ainsley is RIGHT, youSHOULD have asked. There are times that you have the sense of a Blalath!" So upset did she seem that some of her words came out in Elven and others in English.

"The Seldarine preserve us, my beloved! she said, in the elven tongue, when she caught her breath, "Ainsley is RIGHT, you SHOULD have asked. There are times that you have the sense of a Mushroom!"

Richard hung his head for a moment but when he heard the sound of tiny silver bells he looked up at Teressa and he could see the sparkle in her eyes.

Teressa, in a gesture common to both Elves and humans, stuck out her tongue and gave Richard a resounding raspberry..."pthibbbbbit!" Then she turned and arm in arm with both Bronwyn and Ainsley, she entered the manor once again, leaving Richard standing there, his mouth half open.

For a long minute he looked at Ian, his father, then the two of them followed the ladies into the manor. "Never," said Ian, "try to understand a woman, son. It just can't be done!"

"Aye father," Richard replied, with a sigh. "I am just beginning to learn that!"

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