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Ok..this is the ending part of chapter 16

September 5 2003 at 7:58 AM

Response to please......

Jamine: Para di ka na mabitin. These are the ending scenes of the last chapter. I'll post again the remaining once i've finished doing it.

Scene: In front of police station
Nadine is speaking to her mom via cell phone.
N(crying): Mom, it’s me. Mom, I am sorry. I have always disappointed you, haven’t I? Mom, I really am sorry and take care.
She saw Jasmine angrily looking at her.
J: I cannot talk to you in behalf of my granny and I cannot make the tough criminal law go away by forgiving you. You got to pay your guilt for sure. However, if you were to pay for your guilt and we were to meet each other again….I will greet you happily. What I’m saying is have a hope.
Nadine is also crying. Jasmine holds her hand.
J (crying): When we meet again, let’s be on good terms.
N: Thank you, Jasmine.

Scene: Keith’s house
In front of Keith’s house are his things. He’s waiting for Jasmine. He’s talking to his fishes happily. Jasmine is running towards him.
J: What are doing her instead of going in to your house?
K: I waited for you. To go in there with you.
Keith shows his house keys to J.
K: Let’s go in there quick. These are the keys that you gave me. When I take back my house. You told me to use these keys.
J: I know that. just open the door quick. Why are you making such a big fuss?
K: Ok, then, let’s go in and talk.
Inside… the lawn
J: You must be truly happy since you took back your home.
K: Jasmine…..
J: Truly why are you like this today? Just speak to me as you usually do. You are buttering me up.
K: Jasmine, you know that….if you are not here….I don’t need this house.
J: What are you saying now? Why am I not here? I am here right now.
K: Ah, what I mean is, it would be great…..if you and I were to live together.
J (smiles): Do you want to serve the army with me?
Keith angrily shouts “Haaay!”
K: Hey! How come you are not getting what I am saying. Huh! You and I, let’s get married!
K: How many times I have proposed to you? Please marry me, Ma’m. Marry me?
J: I am going to the army tomorrow. I will be in training school.
K: Are you rejecting me again?
J: I am going to be discharged in 3 years. Let’s have a serious talk after that.
K: It’s not even you are marrying me in 3 years but have a talk?
J: I am going to be in the army tomorrow, aren’t you going to throw a farewell party for me? Are you not throwing a party for me so I will not get disappointed?
K: Ms. Jasmine, I am going insane. Because of you.
Jasmine smiled at him.

Scene: Keith and Jasmine eating.
K: Come (raising his glass and Jasmine raised hers and had a toast) undergo your training well and be healthy.
J: In the future, run your business well.
K: Jasmine, do you want to say something to me?
J: I did. I said run your business well.
K: When you are in the army, can I date?
J: That’s up to you.
K: I guess I should date A LOT!
J: When I become a servicewoman, how many male fellow soldiers I will have. I will be surrounded by males. Gosh. What a good thing.
K: Stop it!
J: Mister, since it’s high time for you to get married, why don’t you have some blind date for marriage?
J (angry and shouts): Would you stop that!
J (smiles): He started first……
K: I am really thankful to you
J: What are you saying? Why thankful to me?
K: I am asking you only one thing.
K (serious): Please be healthy and take care of yourself.
J: Thank you.
Background song: sad song – One person’s love

Scene: They are walking hand in hand while fireworks are shooting up. Both are really sad because they know it’s the last time they’ll be together for a long time. Jasmine looks at Keith. (This is really a sad scene)

Scene: Bus Stop: K and J were waiting for the bus. (Background song is sad.)
J: I am leaving for training school early in the morning, so we should say bye here.
K: I see. I can’t make it to the terminal tomorrow.
J: I guess not. You are busy at work.
K: (sighing) No…I might…cry… How embarrassing it is to cry before a woman. Gosh, truly.
Jasmine laughed at him.
Keith (angry): I am….being honest (shouts at Jasmine)
Jasmine looks at him.
K: I am not going to the bus terminal. I will get going now.
J: Mister, take care.
Keith leaves and rides the bus. Jasmine was left alone. (This scene is really so sad…especially their sad expressions.)
Keith is inside the moving bus. Tears are starting to fall from his eyes. He recalls all the times he was with Jasmine: the day he fell form the tub while Jasmine is bathing, the day he poured a pail of water at J, the day J kneeled to him in front of his house asking him to accept her as his housemaid, that night when they took his laundry from the rooftop and prayed as J saw a shooting star, at the hospital when J was crying hard, the day when K lost his house and possessions wherein J was shouting, at the grave park wherein J saw him cry to his parents’ tombs, J was worriedly waiting for him outside even if it was raining with an umbrella in her hands, they were eating hungrily, they were happily holding fireworks in the night, Keith destroying J sandwich van, they were playing baseball, the “run” signal sign, they were buying materials for the Emperor, Nadine worried and lastly Jasmine in baseball uniform. He wipes his tears.

Scene: Bus Terminal: Jasmine is falling in line to enter the bus. She’s waiting for K to come.
J: This Mister, is he not actually coming? It’s almost the time. Gosh, truly he is wired.
But K is actually there but he’s hiding and peeping. He looks as if he wants to cry. He kneels.
Jasmine is still waiting.
J: Gosh, now I have to get on the bus. Truly he is a bad person.
Jasmine is now inside the bus. Keith ran outside and yelled Jasmine’s name. He bangs the bus.
K (shouts): Be good. I will wait. Take Care.
J: Don’t cry. Take care.
Keith is now crying. The bus is starting to move.
K: I will wait for you. I’ll wait, Jasmine. Goodbye. Write me letters.
The bus leaves.

Scene: These scenes are alternately shown.
Jasmine is in the army having her training.
Keith is in Snowy building walking.
Jasmine is running with a rifle in her hands.
Keith is inside the boardroom having a meeting with his staff (Allan, Bonnie, Sonny, Chief Ju and the rest) happily laughing.
Jasmine will slide down using a rappel.
Jasmine: Trainee report. All ready now.
Trainer: Do you have a boyfriend?
J (shouts): Yes, I do!
Trainer: Shout your boyfriend’s name three times and go.
J: Keith, Keith, Keith (and she slides down.)

Scene: Keith is impatiently waiting for Jasmine beside the lake walking back and forth with hands on his hips.
K: In the army, don’t they teach the concept of time and being punctual?
He saw J in a servicewoman uniform. He looks happy to see her. Jasmine smiled and walks towards him.
K: Jasmine!
J: Allegiance! (Salutes) How have you been?
K: I have been fine.
J: it’s been a long time. I’m glad to see you.
K: Huh? What’s wrong with you?
J: How are you?
K: How are you?
Both are smiling at each other.
J: Fine, this is my first holiday after 15 weeks of training.
K: You look great.
J: You look great too.
K: You know what…I am going to rent a room next to your work.
J: Mister, do you know to where I am dispatched?
K: Wherever it is and with no condition, I am going to rent a room next to you.
J: Well…I will be dispatched to Africa as a U.N. peacekeeper.
K (shouts): A….Africa? Is….is it real?
J: A servicewoman never lies.
K: Ok. Let’s go to Africa.
J: Mr. you look lovely.
She opens her arms to let him hug her.
He looks at her.
J: Don’t be afraid. I am doing this since you look lovely.
K: right!
They hugged tightly.
K: By the way….
Keith broke the hug and got something out from his pocket. He gets Jasmine’s left hand and slipped on the wedding band (from his parents) on jasmine’s left ring finger.
Jasmine puts her arm around Keith and unlocked the necklace to get the other half of the ring from his neck and places it on Keith’s left ring finger.
They looked at lovingly at each other.
K: Jasmine! Let’s go to Africa right now.
He carried Jasmine in his arms and shouted “Let’s go. Go!”
With Jasmine in his arms, we see them walking towards the camera with big expressions and FREEZE! Background song: Love song sung by Jang Hyuk aka Keith.

The End

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