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The Summary

July 9 2005 at 6:07 PM
Brown Monkey 

Response to ABS-CBN Latinovela: "Little Amy"


The history of a young crossbeam and soñadora that changed the
destiny of a town
To its step, the hurricanes destroy whole cities. The fury of its winds is able to raise whole houses and to make fly
them as if they were avioncitos of paper. But as impressive as its fury it is the calm and the silence that is
after a hurricane. In the end, everything seemed to be immovable and the time it seemed to stop. It was in the middle of this strange calm, that Matías captain and his Per wife it found to a precious bebita
floating in the middle of the sea. Although Per it and Matías they were a happy pair, that bebita added a new sense to its lives, so they baptized it with the name of Amy.
The three made the family perfect; nevertheless, good day, being in open sea attack of one of the greatest and majestic boats of
Matías, the three were surprised by a terrible storm. Per it it slipped of cover and it fell to the sea; when occurring account that would die, it requested to him to Matías that always took care of of its bebita. Thus it was as Amy and Matías were single completely. Since then, Matías never returned to be the same one, that great fisherman, the bravest from "Port Hope" it took a tremendous fear him to the sea; a so terrible fear that it never returned to leave fishing. Little by little, Matías was losing it everything and now hardly if it has money to
eat, in order to pay to the colegiatura of Amy and the quotas of the wharf; for that reason, Claudius, the terrible and ambitious leader of the fishermen, it wants to him to clear the only thing that it has left: old `'Bucaneró'.
"the Buccaneer" is a destartalado boat shrimp fisher who from that
accident is anchored to the wharf of fishermen and who to the eyes of
many is not more than a pile of floating irons. Nevertheless, by incredible that seems, there very to its happy way they have learned to to be Amy and Matías
With time, Amy has become a beautiful girl of eight years that it wants to be
Captain like his father. In order to be able to help Matías, Amy removes shells from the sea, with that it makes necklaces that soon sell in the streets of the
town. Who do not know it, they can be confused and think that Amy is a boy, then it is crossbeam, bold and one gets dressed like marinerito. Some people feel sorry themselves of her, but others indicate it because it does not have a common family and it
does not live in "a normal" house. For Amy, only the important thing is that she and their papa adores itself.
What Amy ignores is that his true father is Octavio Betancourt, a millionaire nobleman who has arrived at the port with the hope to
find his lost son. Octavio is ill of cancer and is counted, reason for which it is urgent to find the son to him who lost nine
years ago after that hurricane, and thus to be able to him to inherit all its fortune. In its desperation, Octavio is disguised of clown with the hope to find what he creates is
a son baron and thus he knows Amy and becomes its close friend without
imagining that in fact is its daughter.
Amy has a gang who is called "the Hunters of treasures". All the afternoons make a bonfire to listen to the fantastic stories
of Matías. Thus, they find out that in a called place "the Cave the spirits", a fabulous Mayan treasure is buried at which nobody has been able to
arrive. The legend tells that only to a nobleman of heart and spirit, mounted in corcel of iron, it will be able to arrive until the treasure. That nobleman of heart is Raul, a boy who arrives from the Capital leading an old light truck that has
remained without gasoline. Ever since it knows it, Amy finds in Raul an anxious twin soul of adventures. There an innocent and magical loving relation is born.
Not very far from the port, on a small island that is in the middle of the sea, a dismal castle better known like the Orphanage rises imposing San
Felipe. There a bad woman lives, the frightful Prefecta Carlota. It is perverse and she has never wanted to the huerfanitos, only it uses like pretext to remove them money to charitable people
and thus to be able to obtain its black intentions: "to have jewel the greater collection of the world". In order to avoid to be discovered, Carlota has been in charge of which the children of the orphanage live
under the fear of their punishments. But Carlota has a problem: in order to continue receiving donativos, it must continue recruiting young. It is why its glance has putting on Amy, the girl whose father has economic problems and whose paternity is in
Thanks to a message that the orphans of San Felipe send in a crystal
bottle, Amy finds out the intentions of Carlota and from that moment, the possibility of being separated of its father becomes his greater
fear. In order to aggravate the situation, Amy knows that in San Felipe to the children who do not fulfill the
rigor of the discipline they lock up them in a tower and they leave
them without eating. Minerva, who now is accomplice of Carlota, of girl also she was its victim. Carlota robbed its childhood to him. Since then, Minerva is a bitter woman and its childhood has become a ghost girl
who cries locked up in the highest tower of the Castle hoping the day
in that some brave one can rescue it. That brave heart is Amy, who when arriving at San Felipe, it will discover that its mission is to fight against the badness of
Carlota, and thus to rescue to the orphans and the own Minerva; but Amy is not single: it has Raul, to its gang and her Choral friend, a beautiful Siren that will guide it throughout all history, towards the "five ways of light". Each one of which it leads to a magical universe in which Amy will
find the treasure greatest of the world.
This is the history of a girl who fights to reconstruct the family who
the nature started to him. Cradle in the original argument of the film "the girl of the Blue
For nine years, Navy is pregnant and a letter to the baby writes to him who hopes, and it has in its hands its first gift: a blue knapsack. Matías has a nightmare and remembers the shipwreck where it lost to
Per it, its wife. Wide-awake Amy to its father and questions to him who is Per it. In the castle San Felipe, Minerva inspects the cleanliness of the orphaned children before going
away to sleep. Carlota presses it so that it takes more orphaned children to San
Felipe and thus they do not retire the subsidy to them. Pacoco has listened to everything and it says to him to its friends
whom they have to save to Amy and the Cat, reason why bottles to the sea with a foresighted message throw, but Minerva surprises them. Dark brown it requests to him to Amy that gives to Soul a branch to
him of flowers. Amy sees a bottle floating and it gathers it, it takes a message inside, reason why it reunites to its gang. Minerva goes in a boat with Hieronymite to Pto. Hope to bring more orphans. In the empacadora, Claudius says to Hieronymite whom he loves to him to take control of
everything, then Matías arrives, who has listened to everything and says that they will not leave it. Claudius demands his to him tardanza and he dismisses it. Tuesday 24 of Matías February asks an opportunity Claudius to follow
in the use, this one requests to him that it convinces the fishermen so that they
sell his boats, Matías refuses and it runs it definitively. Octavio cries and requests pardon to Navy to leave it. Amy tells him to its friends on the message of the bottle and decide
to help the Cat so that they do not take it, reason why they escape of the school. Minerva arrives by the Cat, the children do a joke to him and she falls. Minerva gets angry and it sentences them of which they will go away
with her to the castle and threatens separating Amy of its father. Don Jacinto orders the little store to him from the school to Amy; Martial and their sisters bother it and begin a fight, they arrive the director, jacinth and Minerva to separate them, Mauro orders that they fix everything and commands to the direction of
Amy, Marcial and Mari Loly. Mauro reports that to the children with its relatives and whole who
Matías no longer toils in the empacadora. Minerva takes to Amy to notify the incident to Matías. Hieronymite says that Matías was run by idler, Minerva is glad for its aims and Amy becomes distressed, it does not think what Hieronymite says to him. Wednesday 25 of Amy February justifies to their father with Jero'nimo
and Minerva saying that he is ill. Tolín, Pecas and Chayote glide to take revenge themselves of Martial and
their sisters. Minerva inspects how they live in the Buccaneer Amy and Matías. Matiás is with Minerva and reprimands to Amy, it explains porqué lost the work and that has one new one, Minerva does not agree in which Amy behaves like a boy. It warns to him that it is seven to fix its economic situation but one
will take to the girl to the orphanage. Amy nothing towards a grotto. Amy says to him to the Cat that listened to a voice and it gave fear
him, it teaches an earring that found him in manglar and decide to sell it
to solve its problems. Matías fixes the Buccaneer in company of Neptune, Dark brown it clarifies to him that also it needs a fixed work and
requests pardon to him by it not to have helped when suffocated Per
it. Juvenal reviews the earring of Amy, Claudius arrives by a gift for Soul and accuses the mascot to rob the
earring, the children flee leaving the article. Amy and the Cat strains itself to the jewelry shop because they want
to recover the earring, it wants to reach the shelves and these fall. Thursday 26 of Sebastián February helps to Raul with the viper and
Carolina makes fun of of its brother. Mary annoying Loly to Amy by its knapsack of networks, they fight and arrives the director with Minerva. Mauro says to him to Amy that will be expelled. Minerva requests by telephone the order so that Amy is taken to the
orphanage. Amy arrives at its house with the expulsion report, Matías shows the repairs to him that have done and she says that she
is scared that separates them and she hides in his hands the report. Leonora has found a track of Navy, think that it lives in "Hidden Beach" and decides with Octavio to go
to investigate. Amy gives the pipe to him to its papa in are of peace. Amy dreams that he is in danger and a boy the safe one. Octavio dressed Cuqui, the clown, it gives globes and ice creams when the gang of Amy goes course to the
school, the director does not let enter Amy because he does not go with his
papa. By the Amy levee it tries to sell its necklaces and it knows Cuqui, the cat sees a currency in the water and the desire Amy, Cuqui makes a trick so that Amy is another currency, the girl throws itself to the sea and when leaving she is with Minerva
and she says to him that without excuses she will request the order
for the boarding school. Friday 27 of Amy February lies to him to Minerva on the expulsion, Minerva emphasizes that it prepares his luggage because goes away with
her, the Cat says to him to Amy that it has to hide so that they do not
take it. Amy tells all its problems him to Cuqui, it is surprised of which there is close an orphanage and he offers his
friendship to him. The Cat warns Matías that Amy hid and says that they expelled it. Dagoberto and Neptune try to distract to those of the advice
tutelary, they question to Matías on the lack of the girl and ask for her, Matías lies saying that it is bathing and Neptune pretends to be Amy. Amy nothing in manglar and listening that call it, it overcomes its fear and one goes into in the grotto. Amy discovers that the voice is a siren, friends become and Amy tells him that it fled because they want it to
separate of his papa, Chorale advises to him that he returns and says to him that when has a
problem, it looks for it. Raul dives and sees an enormous tail of fish, it is scared and it begun to suffocate, Amy sees and him to it aid, before desmayar itself it thinks that Amy is a siren. They put by a skylight of the bath to Amy and from outside they warn
to him Matías that is no problem, Amy leaves and is examined by Minerva. Hieronymite gets to receive to him to Matías: or it pays, or they clear the boat of the wharf.

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