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March 2 2003 at 3:33 PM
Jester  (no login)
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Response to Organizing the Inaugural SG

Lessee how many of these I can actually do.

* How to move fleets from star to star. Check.
* How to change the existing orders for a fleet. Check, I think. You mean how to change where they're going? Or something else?
* How to create a new Starship TF. Check.
* How to create a new Gropo TF. Check.
* How to enable any owned system to create TF's. You mean manually? Build a Mob. Ctr., right?
* How to disband a TF. Check.

* How to order an existing colony ship to colonize. Check.
* How to use the planet screen to direct the AI where to colonize. Check.
* Which situations will prevent you from colonizing. Uh... probably check. When the AI is putting up a blockade, and will blow away your poor defenseless ship?

* How to construct a DEA manually. If you mean how to allocate them, then turn off AI econ, then yes. If not, no.
* How to operate the Military Build Queue. Duh, check.
* How to assign gropo's to defend a planet. Don't know. Haven't had any gropoing in my games yet.
* How to tell the local Viceroy to take a vacation, because you're assuming command for a while. (Bonus: if you can tell me when this would be useful, you may be up for leading one of the SG teams. I have a specific answer in mind). Shut off Econ AI. When? Well, the early game is probably a decent time. Or when you really, really need things done your way. Don't know exactly when that would be, though. Maybe sometime when they would allocate useless money to terraforming?

* How to design starships. At all. Check.
* How to design picket ships. Check, if all you mean is how do design ships they'll let you put in picket.
* How to design escort ships. Like before, check.
* How to render designs obsolete. Check.
* When is it useful to create a new design? When you've got some significant technological upgrade that you wanna try out, or when you find out the AI is using some specific type of ship, and you want to counter it.

* How to set migration to new colonies. No.
* How to set migration to new outposts. No.
* How to identify a magnate civilization. Check.
* How to take over a magnate civilization. Check.
* How to tell a rival outpost from a rival colony. By the small-case lettering. Check.

* How to end an enemy blockade. Blow it to smithereens?
* How to impose a blockade. Uh, aside from parking your ships and not letting anyone through, no.
* How to survive entering a system with a guardian. No, and I'd love to find out.
* How to zoom in and out during space combat. Check, mouse wheel.
* How to identify targets during space combat. Maybe. I can highlight them...
* How to attack targets during space combat. Check.
* How to "unjam" task forces that have become entangled. No. When does this happen?
* How to retreat from a losing battle. Check.

Well, that's most of them. My biggest problems are designing ships that don't suck and using ground forces.

I've played a couple games into the 50-100 range, and I'm playing one all the way to the end (I'm no. 1, and well past everyone but the New Orions).

So, I'd love to join a game. I'm not good enough to lead one (yet), but if you need someone who can't, count me in.


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  1. Cynoids almost done - Jester on Mar 2, 2003, 11:32 PM
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