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February 18 2004 at 7:33 PM
Bam-Bam  (no login)
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Response to There are other potential organizers...


I will take the lead role in organizing the tournament (unless someone feels the urge to launch an alpha strike and do it before me...) and will sponsor at least the first couple of games. I already have a few game ideas rolling around as I have been thinking about new succession games.

First step is to refine and publish a tactics list and to outline the scope of the tourney (at least the initial scope). I am loath to put too much work into the tactics list until I get some 1.19 and 1.2 games under my belt, since there are significant differences between 1.13 and 1.19. I will not patch until the current SG is complete, so I will not have a first draft of the tactics list for another week at a minimum. I will open a thread with the draft when I think it is ready for general review. We may even run a succession game or two with the draft set to iron out some of the kinks.

Be patient. I am not long in the tooth like our tourney director emeritis, but I do have a few organizational skills to my credit. I already know that I do not have the same muse as many here at RB for interesting new variants, so I KNOW I will need game sponsors or game ideas that I can then flesh out into a tourney game.

These games will likely run with a shorter span than the Epics--mainly because the game time involved with GalCiv can be a whole lot shorter.

- Bam-Bam

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