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March 2 2004 at 10:48 AM
Sirian  (no login)
from IP address

Response to Strategy guide?

I think a training game or two from the likes of Zed, BamBam and me, would exceed the value of the strategy guide. I admit that among strategy guides, it's in the upper echelon, but not all of its advice is sound. The charts and such, the references, the raw data... Sure, no reason not to make those available. Some of that stuff is floating around out there already, on the MOO sites I turned up in my websearch. If players want to track down a copy of the guide, I won't object, but I do not plan to advise it as necessary for new players. If we actually go forward with MOO events, those will become the definitive source for MOO strategy, I would think.

Smegged had never played the game in olden days. He picked it up about a year ago, maybe a year and a half, when MOO3 was still a promising prospect. He might be the right man for the job of describing the process from newbie to competent player. I think it only took him a couple of games to figure out not only the essentials, but some successful strategies.

This game is not hard to learn. It may be more difficult to master, but let's cover the learning first, eh?

The game manual is compact and well written, written by the game's designer. That would be where I steer new players. RTFM! If they have the patience to do that, then they will need hands-on experience before they go much farther. If they don't, then they need the hands-on experience even sooner! Thus, in my view, there are no cases where I would suggest STARTING with the strategy guide. Thus, my focus is first on piquing interest, and then on smoothing the way for the curious to be able to try the game. From that perspective, any mention of the strat guide now is putting the cart before the horse. Do you appreciate that point of view?

After I wrote some spot reports for GalCiv, interest and participation began to pick up. There's nothing quite like being taken through the gaming experience.

I'm still working on getting an old machine up and running. I've run into a snag or two, but there are several ways around them. One way or another, I will resolve the issues, and then I can play and report on a game. Most folks should be able to get the game to run on their current systems. All of the animations will play at lightning speed, but none of those are essential to gameplay. They add only to atmosphere.

Of particular importance will be trying to make the path as smooth as possible for those who never played the game at all but would be willing to give it a shot. We don't want to leave them hanging without instructions, fumbling around in the dark trying to get a ten year old game to run.

Zed and BamBam are still going strong with GalCiv while I have hit burnout, so I don't expect any help in the early phase of assembling my site and playing and reporting on a game. However, if you are itching for MOO action yourself, there's no need to wait on me. If you want to play and report on a game, go right ahead. Or you can wait. I -will- get something going here, but this will take some work to assemble.

- Sirian

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