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(UCN) United Cherokee Nation!

May 13 2005 at 5:23 AM
John Cornsilk  (Login JohnCornsilk)
John's Place Users


Over on the tattler there has been discussion of bicameral
Legislature for the Cherokee Nation as it used to be, some one suggested The UKB and CNOT getting together as a United Cherokee Nation, with CNOT council as the house of Reps and the UKB council as the Senate. Sounds like a dang good Idea to me!

The Ground work is already laid By fact of this Declaration of A REVIVAL of the Cherokee Nation. In which you will see a resolution resolving the citizenship debacle promulgated by Swimmer upon the Cherokee People.

The UCN is ready for an election anytime the Cherokee People want to call for one.

Shortly after the Declaration David C. explained Sovereignty IN THIS PIECE that I have posted several times.

All of David's writings with respect to Cherokee Culture, History etc., seem to allways be relevant to the era.

Ole Honky Jack Posed this Question over on the tattler:

Hey! David Cornsilk...
How about some details on how this two house thing with ukb bein the senate and cno bein the congress would work?

I find this idea very interesting but it brings up a lot a questions.

Like would the chief be ukb or cno or somethin else?

My response, as a card toten Citizen, and duly elected Deputy Chief of the United Cherokee Nation, in addition to being a member of the Oklahoma indian Club of CNOT, and a card toten member of the UKB, do say;

Actually Honky Jack, the answer is rather simple and that is the Chief would be: "Cherokee, and citizen of the (UCN) United Cherokee Nation)" Just Like Me, and you, ifin you Cherokee, BUT Honky Jack don't sound very Cherokee!!

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