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Chad poisoning his own Cherokee People!!

June 25 2007 at 9:28 AM
John Cornsilk  (Login JohnCornsilk)
John's Place Users

Got this in the mail, it is part of one Cherokee mans fight against CNOT and their systematically killing off of cherokee People with a slow death!!

I have been hearing about it, but nothing ever came on it, today I get something!!

This letter explaining, with a letter in the enviromental enforcemt arm, to show he is fighting and does have some attention on the matter he needs people to get behind his effort..

These are the Items I got this morning:

Please post.

They are also denying me access to my property and I was there since 1975, before the landfill was there. The landfill opened in 1982. I am a 100% disabled Vietnam veteran. They told me in December, 2005, that I could no longer access my property (which is the Old Rock Fence Road that is still a county road according to county records) through the landfill anymore. If I were to try to go through the landfill like I have for 32 years, I would be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of tribal and federal law.

I have ignored their threats, cut their chain on the gate and continued to go through the same as I always have. So far, I have not been arrested. Councilman Crittenden, Baker and Thornton have set in on environmental meetings with me and we still can't get anything solved. There is plenty more that I could tell you, but I don't want to take up too much of your time. I would appreciate the people on your site getting behind me. I need the help.

Thank You, Jack Crittenden

April 11, 2007 U.S.Attorneys office Northern District
OK Susan Morgan


I just finished speaking with Jack Crittenden of Stilwell, in the Eastern District of Oklahoma, re his concern about a landfill on Cherokee tribal land which is adjacent to his property.

His concerns related to the landfill area, which includes unlined ponds, and the tribe's failure to comply with environmental regulations promulgated by the tribe as well as federal environmental regs.
Apparently the tribe tuned over the operation of the landfill to a separate company, Indian Country Investments, and they have expanded the landfill operation by bringing trash in from several surrounding states and dumping it in the landfill. Now there is some water run-off onto his property, and onto another neighbor's property, and he believes this constitutes an environmental crime. The tribe has cleaned up the neighbor's property, but they have failed to do anything about Mr. Crittenden's property or his concerns. I think the tribe is working on the 3rd cell of the landfill which is, as I think he explained to me, the third area which the tribe has used to dump material brought in from other places. That means (as I understand it) that they have completely filled up the first 2 dumping areas, and are now on the 3rd.

Mr. Crittenden said he has spoken with you about this problem, and you advised him that he needed some sort of evidence, and he has compiled a number of documents, and provided (or can provide) the name of another person who can testify to the environmental violations.

Mr. Crittenden is particularly concerned because the tribe did not obtain a permit for this landfill until 2000, and then in 2005 they received a 2 year interim permit in order to give the tribe/operator time to comply with the environmental regulations. Although (he says) the tribe has done nothing in the last two years to even begin compliance, much yet have met its goals, it received a 15 year extension of the permit this last Monday. Now it appears the tribe is planning to go back into the 2nd cell to try to control the runoff.

Mr. Crittenden would like to speak with someone who is knowledgeable about landfill operations and the environmental
regulations they operate under, so that he can express his concerns. He also feels it is important for someone to make an actual site visit so he can show him/her the area adjacent to his property which he believes is an environmental concern.

I explained to him that you are the only investigator covering six states, and therefore you have a whole lot of other
obligations. Would you please contact him and let him know what action has been taken with regard to the environmental violation which he believes is occurring?

Thanks so much.

John this is one of the the major problems affecting Adair County. But Chad don't care about us. Cherokee Nation Landfill Oklahoma Office of Criminal Investigation Division EPA Tribal Affairs and Environmental Justice

Mr. Warren Amburn, Mr. Jonathan Hook, Shirley Quinones

Ladies and Gentlemen, How do I go about getting an Investigation and Environmental Assessment conducted on the Cherokee Nation Landfill? Jonathan Hook EPA Region VI Director conducted a meeting on Jan. 31, 2007with Cherokee Nation Environmental Commission and Concerned Community Members living near the Landfill to discuss Problems and Complaints concerning Environmental Health, Pollution, Permitting, and Violations.

Now where do I go from here? Knowing that this Landfill operated 20 years on a site that in my opinion was not suitable for a Landfill (see Hydrology of Boone Aquifier) attached. Operating with only a Clay Liner and Unlined Leachate and Storm Drain Pond no Emission Controls, etc. Improvements made within the last 7 Years are a lined Leachate Pond with no collection system, and the First Lined Trash Cell. In July 2005 Indian Country Investments took over operating duties at the Landfill and applied to CNEPC for an operating Permit, but still has not received approval.

Quotes from ICI operating agreement with CN Landfill page 5 (e) items 1 thru 5: (e) ICI acknowledges that the Landfill may not continue to operate without required permits from the CNEPC and that time is of the essence in taking all steps necessary
to come into compliance so that CNEPC will act on any permit applications. ICI specifically agrees to take all reasonable and necessary actions to correct and address to the mutual satisfaction of the CNEPC and ICI, the following deficiencies in the
Landfill site

1. Provide and carryout an acceptable landfill design modification that will provide for disposal capacity expansion during the first two (2) years of operation under this Agreement, by which the preexisting off-liner waste is accounted for and incorporated into the expanded site by the capturing of any leaching liquids from the off-liner waste and the delivery of those liquids into on-site storage designed for the receiving of same.

2. Provide a site master plan developed by a qualified engineering firm to the CNEPC for approval.

3. Either obtain a determination that a new discharge point is not prohibited (as a new point source into a scenic river tributary) or provide plans for retaining the existing discharge point, make application for additional NPDES permits as required, such that these permits comply with all applicable regulatory requirements.

4. Providing an engineer's report on the volume of methane and NMOCs emitted by the pre-subtitle D cell, an estimate of volume of in place waste, and other information as necessary to design a methane monitoring system, identify and comply with all pertinent Clean Air Act requirements.

5. Provide an updated storm water pollution prevention plan.

By their own acknowledgements there's reasons enough for an Assessment/Investigation to take place, not to mention it's now in it's 25th year of operation and has never been in compliance and is in the process of expanding.

This is in our backyard and we need someone to step up and take action. We feel the damage is already done, but to let it continue with the volume of waste coming in now is a CRIME.

Thank You,
Jack Crittenden
(918) 696-2595, email:

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