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Can't say anything on the Site, only allowed a short paragraph or 2 heres my response

November 2 2007 at 9:31 AM
John Cornsilk  (Login JohnCornsilk)
John's Place Users

Response to Chad will soon be the head of NOTHING=Here is his Bull S hit

Smith Said:
In 1770, 5,000 American militiamen rode through the Cherokee Nation burning villages and crops to the ground driving thousands of Cherokees, young, old and infirm, into the mountains. Today, Congresswoman Diane Watson attempts to repeat history with another scorched-earth policy aimed at hurting the most vulnerable Cherokee Indians: the young, old and infirm.
The Elder Cornsilk a Cherokee Says!
What a pathetic crock of pure BS, and by a pathetic excuse of a man, never mind a Cherokee, a bold face liar and a purveyor of pure Racism...

In 1770 the Cherokee and white people were at war, and there were skirmishes by both sides, absolutely nothing that would be likened to a scorched earth policy ever, until mid 1830's, only scorched then with respect to the complete removal of the Cherokee from their homeland, at gun point, more liken to the more modern time forced Death March by the Japanese, in the 1940's which was comparable to the act by the Federal Government under Jackson and the Trail of Tears, aid and abetted by a contingent of traitorous Cherokee people, that took their blood money and ran, but, were later executed under the Cherokee law called the blood law, (ANCESTORS OF THE SMITH ADMINISTRATION).
Congresswoman's Bill in no way can be called a scorched earth policy, quite simply because very few poor and needy Cherokee Citizens will be affected, by the simple fact they are already scorched by the the Smith Racist Junta , the taxpayer monies $300 million the smith administration Smith receives as grants for assorted programs is placed in to the general fund of the CNO and consistently wasted on the high cost of administration of the programs, over paid officials of the upper echelons of the administration of the Smith Junta that keeps him in his dictatorial position, never mind the $300 million profit generated by the Cherokee Casinos of which 30% is mandated to come back to the Cherokee that goes into this same general fund and commingled with the federal funs and wasted along with the fed funds.

Smith Said:
Congresswoman Watson's blog entry ("Jim Crow in Indian Country," October 25, 2007) misled readers about the Cherokee Nation's March vote to limit citizenship in the tribe to those with Indian ancestry on the federal base rolls of our people.
The Congresswoman is entitled to her opinion, but she is not entitled to her opinion based on invented facts. It is an injustice to the fundamental principles at stake on both sides when opinions mislead about or omit all together indisputable facts.
Her charge that the Cherokee Nation's March vote was about race is absolutely false. The "Jim Crow" reference in the headline was especially vicious and hurtful. If the Congresswoman was not responsible for the headline, then she has the responsibility to repudiate it.
The Cherokee Nation is one of the most diverse Indian tribes and continues to be so after the March vote. We have thousands of black, Latino, Asian, and white citizens because each has a Cherokee ancestor. Our people only want our Indian tribe to be what we were for well over 1,000 years: an Indian tribe comprised of descendants of Indians.
Consequently, the Nation's vote simply requires a person to identify a single Indian ancestor on the federally established rolls of our people taken in 1906 known as the Dawes Rolls. This means that approximately 1,500 descendants of former slaves who are known as Freedmen descendants are Cherokee citizens today because each has an Indian ancestor on the Dawes Rolls.
The Elder Cornsilk a Cherokee Says!
More absolute pure BS babbling by Smith, Congress Woman's words and the use of “Jim Crow in Indian Country” Is the most accurate description of the Smith Junta ever written, if you have not read the HB2824 you can see it on my site, along with many many documents that will corroborate the fact CNO is an illegal constituted entity, and Smith's dictatorial regime is a RACIST JUNTA!
Watson states what the 1866 Treaty says and quite clearly, Smith's babbling is an attempt at distortion of the Truth...The Rolls of Cherokee ancestors from whence the citizenship of the Cherokee people is derived, is called the Dawes ROLLS, NOTE the plurality of the term, simply means the Dawes rolls include different sections, to include a section called the by blood Roll, that includes very few but some blacks with Cherokee blood of their slave holding well as some white folks that bought their citizenship, and some that were ordered on the roll by a court...

Then there is the section for the Delaware with No Cherokee Blood, a section for the Shawnee with NO Cherokee blood, a section for some Creek Indians with No Cherokee Blood, a section for intermarried white people with NO Cherokee blood, then the infamous Section for the freed African black Slaves with No Cherokee Blood, all of these people are Cherokee Citizens of the Cherokee Nation by the fact of the congressional Act call the Dawes act where ALL Cherokee Citizens will be enumerated and the list will be called the Dawes Rolls. And NO WHERE will you find the term “Except for the Freedmen” written, except by a RACIST member of the Smith Junta.
Smith Said:
Why did the Nation hold this vote? The vote was actually a culmination of tribal action that has been taken over the last three decades to re-establish the Cherokee Nation and prosper after enduring a century of federal policies from the 1860s to the 1960s aimed at destroying Indian tribes. Having survived those policies, and after having survived all that came before them, the Nation simply felt a communal desire to return to our roots as a people.
In addition to omitting these important facts that make her thesis baseless, Congresswoman Watson failed to mention that the Nation will help any Freedman descendant learn whether they have Indian ancestry on our base rolls through the funding of genealogical research.
Congresswoman Watson also made false statements regarding slavery. As the Congresswoman has heard, the Cherokee Nation did not own slaves, and less than two percent of Cherokee citizens held slaves. Moreover, two-thirds of the Cherokee Nation fought for the Union during the Civil War, and the Nation voluntarily emancipated the slaves in 1863 -- two years before the Civil War ended.
Congresswoman Watson says the Treaty of 1866 gave citizenship in the Cherokee Nation to the Freedmen descendants. We disagree, and this is a primary question that is being decided in federal and tribal courts today -- a fact that is never mentioned in her piece.
We believe the Treaty of 1866 never granted citizenship to Freedmen and their descendants and that we have fully complied with our treaty obligations. We also believe that the Congress clarified that today's Freedmen descendants are not entitled to citizenship in the Nation by passing the Five Tribes Act in 1906. Regardless of what the Congress believes, this issue is before the courts.
Even despite our disagreement, the Cherokee Nation supported a court order giving dis enrolled Freedmen descendants critical social and health services and the right to vote until all litigation is resolved. As a Nation of laws that recognizes the fact that our March vote raises an equity issue for those who were dis enrolled, we felt that reinstating them to citizenship while the courts do their work was the right thing to do.
The Elder Cornsilk a Cherokee Says!
Well folks just more absolute pure BS babbling by Smith, a supposed man, Cherokee an Chief that does not have a clue as to how to read simply written law and he is a liscensed Attorney, or is it that he thinks people can NOT read an attempts to hornswoggle the public with complete distortion of truth if not outright lying. He did begin the section with a good Question, then proceeded to answer it with lying racist rhetoric, the Question was: ”Why did the nation hold this vote”? The Simple answer is, because smith wanted the Freedmen out, just as his predecessors Swimmer and Mankiller did, even though his own Supreme Court had ruled their disenfranchisement by Swimmer and Mankiller was unconstitutional, he set out the very next day to BS the people and get the ruling overturned by this vote, and this is the simple reason why....
Smith falsely state the 1866 Treaty does not grant Citizenship, then the first question that must follow, WHY did the Cherokee Nation in the same year following the signing the treaty amend their Constitution granting citizenship to the freed black Slaves they, were not classed as Freedmen until Dawes 1901/02, even back then there were RACIT ancestors of Smith and Cronies, that did not cotton to black Cherokee so there were several Court cases filed attempting to strip them of their Citizenship rights, and every time the Black Cherokee Prevailed, I have all the case posted on, I like to point out this particular one in that before DAWES it reaffirms the Freedmen citizenship in The Nation of the Cherokee:
And more attempted total distortion by the interjection of the 1906 Five Tribes Act by Congress, the makes no mention of Freedmen Citizenship for, or otherwise, the Act simply restored the Rights of the 5 tribes to continue their Governments, but it made no provisions for the destruction of the five tribes judicial systems, by the 1898 Curtis Act, that did not come until 1936 With the Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act, which BTW the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma has NEVER take advantage of: Thus CNO is a big lie just like its leader, simply because you can NOT have a democracy with out a judicial system you learn that in Gov 101!!.
Smith Said:
Congresswoman Watson's bill retaliates against our people's will to define ourselves as an Indian nation -- the same sovereign right that 500 other tribes have. The bill calls for de facto termination of the Cherokee Nation and eliminates $300 million in federal health, housing and other vital services for the neediest Cherokees, including many of the 2,800 Freedmen descendants who were affected by the March vote.
The history of U.S.-Cherokee relations is paved with tragedy. How tragic it would be if, in this day and age, Congresswoman Watson's bill -- which is based on such faulty factual and historical assumptions -- were to create a modern Trail of Tears for the Cherokee Nation. Even more tragic is that such an action could come at the hands of a representative of one of our historic allies in the struggle for civil rights.
The Cherokee Nation will abide by the outcome of the ongoing litigation in the federal and tribal courts. Before rushing to judgment, we hope Congress will also let the courts decide this issue without political interference.
The Elder Cornsilk a Cherokee Says!
More complete BS by Smith, this is not a retaliatory bill against a people only against a corrupt regime, as I said above very few if any poor needy people will suffer any major consequences from this cut, because as Indians we are entitled to health care and this is via the his, nothing will change there, many poor and needy survive by the surplus food program, this is from the Agra Dept, not to be affected, many receive Food stamps a federal program administered by the State Not to be affected...

The absolutely beautiful part and I wish the heck they would hurry up the upper crust of the Smith JUNTA will be affected if not totally wiped out, then maybe the Cherokee People can begin anew!!

The Elder John Cornsilk
A Cherokee Citizen
U.S. Citizen too GO GO Watson and Congress!!

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