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Wilma and Chads pet wannabee being exposed, and crying about it!!

August 30 2008 at 2:08 PM
John Cornsilk  (Login JohnCornsilk)
John's Place Users

Response to KKKowan

From the Tahlequah Daily Press letter to the Editor.

Murv Jcaob said:

Cherokee Nation Councilor Cara Cowan calls me a fake Indian and a wannabee in press interviews and live broadcasts of tribal council meetings. With 30 or 40 real issues facing Cherokee people, I cant see why she spends much of her time attacking me.

I the Elder Cornsilk says!

Well Murv, it is because you are, a fake Indian, a Wannabee, there are a number of issues, and the simple, fact is you and a few hundred thousand other wannabees are one of the Real issues in the land of CNO, and just maybe something is finally going to be done about it, with all of you vultures of the Cherokee culture, like Duvall, Rorex, and family, Troy Anderson, and a host of others CLICK HERE then scroll down to page 14 and see the real problem of wannabees!

Murv Jacob said:

Record gasoline prices, a plummeting U.S. dollar, food prices, utilities and heating fuel prices through the roof, juvenile and adult-onset diabetes rampant, out-of-control Cherokee obesity, rising bouts of sexual predation, teen depression and pregnancy, racial slurs and attacks on all manner of non-tribal members, the rise of Indian drug gangs are the tip of the iceberg. Amphetamine cooking and crack cocaine are on the rise. Loan sharks, scam artists and religious zealots are targeting poor Cherokees. Growing numbers of Indian casinos abound, and the poverty, divorce, violence, lies, abuse, and neglect not to mention the gambling addiction is touching every community. Hardly a family is escaping this new lifestyle unscathed, and the Cherokee Nation is to blame for plenty of it. I know they are sovereign and we cant stop them; only the U.S. Senate can do that.

I the Elder Cornsilk says!

Inconsequential babble, The Cherokee Nation is to blame for nothing, because it is dormant, it is the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) mankiller and the weezle smith, that has let you culture vultures get away with what you have for years.

Murv Jacob said:

First, Ill go to the question of my Indian-ness; then its only fair I touch on Caras Indian-ness, and a bunch of peoples Indian-ness. On my dads side, Ive got a good bit of Kentucky Cherokee blood, also some German and hillbilly. I never refer to myself as an Indian. I have never said I was a member of any tribe. But I will never, no matter how vicious their attacks, deny my ancestry. Ive met very few folks who are actually Indians. A card doesnt make you Indian.

I the Elder Cornsilk says!

What a Dang CROCK Murv you have no Indian-ness to Question, you have absolutely none, because there is simply no such thing as Kentucky Cherokee, there are many wannabees in Kentuck, that claim but dang well cant prove it, and without documentation any claim is pure BS!! As for Cowan, she can prove the miniscule amount that she is therefore she is a Cherokee by fact of law, just like me, and ALL CNOT members and you aint, and never will be!!

Oh but you do claim to be a member of a tribe and its all over the internet, by implication is just as effective on or with the gullible supposed art connoisseurs, that buy you wannabees BS! Duvalls Bio stating being born an raised in Tahlequah tends to imply she just maybe a Cherokee, or some brand of Indian And your claim of descendant from a non existent Cherokee implies you a dang Cherokee, but you aint, just a plain ole redneck!!


Deborah L. Duvall is an author of books and short stories on Cherokee history and tradition, a singer-songwriter, and a professional in financial management. She was born and continues to live in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, capital of the Cherokee Nation.

Murv Jacob, a descendant of Kentucky Cherokees, is an internationally known artist whose illustrations appear in over seventy book and video projects. He won the 2003 Oklahoma Book Award for Design and Illustration for his drawings in The Great Ball Game of the Birds and Animals.

Murv Jacob said:

Kowans Kulture Komittee removed all my artwork and books from both the Cherokee Nation Heritage Center and the little CN gift shop because I do not have a federal tribal membership card. In her little world, I have become a persona non gratis (even though Ive been painting the Cherokees for 40 years), just as the new law mandates (passed by Chads hand-picked council).

I the Elder Cornsilk says!

Nope Murv, you have NOT become, you have always been a culture vuluture, and most assuredly persona non gratis as a Cherokee, and I will say its about dang time your BS was removed, and you should be prosecuted to boot, maybe thats coming, any where you claim descent from a Cherokee with no proof you are in violation of law!!

Murv Jocob Said:

I was told by a CN gift shop employee that CN has been pulling a lot of books from their shelves. I was also told CN has even pulled items produced by tribal members, if they disagree with them culturally, notably Black Indians, a film produced and directed by the same tribal members who produced the TV commercials that got Chad elected. But Chad said theres no such thing as a black Indian. The employee was afraid to tell me who they are, and with McCarthyist, Cold War mentality prevailing in Chad the Impalers third term, the employee cannot be blamed.

I the Elder Cornsilk says!

Well Murv if that is true, it will eventually come out, and the weezle Smith is known for retaliation, thats nothing newAnd I would certainly hope the Employees are pulling all wannabee BS including Robert Conelys too, coz he aint no more dang Cherokee than you are!

Murv Javcob said:

Cowan, the keeper of Chads most recent sacred fire of racial purity, is a scant 1/256ths Cherokee on her CDIB card. Only in the wacky world of CN does she receive all those tribal benefits, plus a $50,000-per-year salary, plus mileage and expenses, and Cowan, 1/256 Cherokee, attacks me from the impenetrable position of tribal sovereignty.

There are thousands of CN tribal members with such laughable, minimal blood quanta, some as low as 1/2048. White Indians is what they are most often referred to throughout Cherokee history. Youd never guess they were Indians if they didnt have that card. In the United Keetoowah Band, a person must be at least one-quarter Indian to be a member. The Keetoowahs bear the most attacks from the Cherokee Nation and its Southern White Indian Supremacist leadership. But the UKBs membership is growing as more actual Cherokees switch, leaving the CNs DNA spread even thinner.

I believe CN is afraid that if the door is opened for state-recognized tribes, they will grow in status, gain recognition, maybe even open a casino! Hence, CN must shame me and my family. I believe they will be decertified as the blatant frauds they are.

Murv Jacob


I the Elder Cornsilk says!

Once again Murv its not the CN, it is the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma(CNO) and one more time dont make a rats hiney the minuscule drop of blood, and the number is hundreds of thousands not mere thousands, BUT, we are Cherokee By law, with documentation and she and they can document, and you cant; Thus they/she are Cherokee and you aint!

No the CN is not afraid of the wannabee, quite simply because wrong can never prevail, and you are living proof, and if you get prosecuted that will be the icing on the cake, BUT remember, I said there is not a Cherokee Nation in action today only the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, And ONLY you Shame yourself and family with your BOGUS claim of Cherokee descent.

And any mention of the UKB in this babble is inconsequential!!

John "The Elder" Cornsilk

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