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Some folks over on facebook came on and got on my case accusing me of childish behavior in

November 26 2010 at 6:10 AM
John Cornsilk  (Login JohnCornsilk)
John's Place Users

Response to Well folks ole Bill John Baker evidently don't want no questions, all traces of me are

in my reporting of what Bill John Baker (BJB) is

Folks this is serious business and the Cherokee People need to know who to NOT vote for as well as who to vote for...BJB is a politician with about the same number of years as Smith and some of them actually skrewing over the people too, as you can see in the link on what BJB is. As David said BJB been painting himself a new good guy suit over the past few years by helping some high profiled NEEDY folks for the publicity and it always did come with it. I made the following post on face book yesterday about people with their head in the sand not wanting to hear truth.

I said:

An example of Cherokee with head in the sand, a person yesterday accused me of being childish in my informing the people about Bill John:

She said:

(#1)I think y'all crazy with this he said/she said Bullshit You're supposed to be grown people... this isn't high school this is real life with REAL CHEROKEE'S Lives so quit pointing fingers and if you must??? as Bob Marley said make sure your hands are clean JUST SAYING

(#2) Nothing against you personally (making this clear) just saying that if you want to get rid of this so called Chief you can do it like grown people, Talk to the "REAL ELDERS" they know whats going on......

I responded with This:

I am a real Elder, I was born in Adair county 75 years ago, and raised all over the eastern part of the Nation, and I know whats going on, some folks don't want to hear what I know, they want to keep their heads in the sand and tell me I'm just an old man babbling foolishly, leave the snake oil salesman alone and let him have Smiths position, well I can't with a conscience for my Cherokee People, thats why I threw my hat into the ring, I knew the snake oil salesman was coming, and I just could not let him be the only one.

If you know a REAL Cherokee thinking Cherokee kick him/her up to the plate and if they are, and with a plan for the Cherokee Peoples welfare, I have stated before I have no qualms about stepping back!

75 just purty dang close to too dang old, 76 when election comes, to be playing this game, BUT today I can handle it, and the creator willing I could for 4 years making me 80, depending on the will of the creator I might bow out of the game then, but who knows!

David, my Son came with a response about the same time as mine He said:

Brenda, nothing against you personally either. But I get a little tired of the same old BS from some voters who beg to be informed, but when they get what they ask for, they shrink from it. If you want to go to the polls and blindly vote for someone, then go for it, that's your right. But when you get a clone of Chad Smith in office with that kind of voting, don't come crying about it round here.

And please do tell us who these socalled REAL ELDERS are you speak of. Your implication that my dad or any other Cherokee besides yourself is not in touch with other aged and wise Cherokees is arrogant and wrong. My dad speaks to other Cherokees daily; not just his cousins and siblings, but Cherokees from all walks of life, every blood quantum, economic condition and more. He speaks to elders and young ones alike. He hears their cries for a better government and he has stepped up to answer the call.

In order to distinguish himself from the Chad Smiths and Bill John Bakers who have run our government for the past 12 years, he must run on how he is different. The most obvious difference being, John Cornsilk isn't a politician. If he were, he would lie to you. He doesn't want the money. If he did, he wouldn't be offering to use his chiefly salary to hire advisors instead of jetting to Russia on the Cherokee people's dime, as our current chief has done.

Bill John Baker and Chad Smith must run on their record; except for those parts of that record they would rather we not know or remember. My dad has no political record, other than to be one among many who call for change in our government, pointing out why we need it and how he will work to fix things. You have made some suggestions for my dad and they are welcome. I'm sure he will listen to you, because that's how he rolls. My suggestion to you, sit back and listen, pay attention, cause my dad is a Cherokee elder, the real deal. You just might learn something.

David Cornsilk

John "The Elder" Cornsilk

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