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November 2 2011 at 10:44 AM
Rebecca Nery Weaver & Bob Weaver  (no login)

Response to A wannabe...


I am writing in response to the comment that was made about Sylvia Nery Strickland. My sister and I grew up with much prejudice and hatred because of the color of our skin. We were proud and still are of our Native American and Filipino Heritage. I can still see my Grand-Mother with her long braids, dipping snuff and telling me of her Cherokee people and their ways. I also embraced my Father's stories of the Phillipines and the tribal ways of his people. When you carry two ethnicity's you wish to learn much about each as respect to your ancestors and your elders. By carrying on sacred traditions the respect and honor is thus carried on. I had so hoped that in my later years that my sister and I would not have to run into more hatred and bigotry. I am very proud of my sister Sylvia Nery Strickland for having "gutts" to stand up for what she believes in and reaching for her Heritage and holding it dear. We are not "Wanna-be's" but I myself am a "Wanna-Know" I want to know why there is still so much hatred and bigotry in this world when in all actuality under the Creator We Are One!

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