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November 3 2011 at 11:35 AM
Sylvia Nery Strickland  (no login)

Response to A wannabe...


To all who have written to "defend me" or themselves, may I respectfully ask you to "Stand Down".

John and David are defending the "Cherokee Law". If it feels like a personal attack, let it go...they defend their rights and I've been called a lot worse than a "wannabe".

They have interpreted the true definition of a "Cherokee" by "Cherokee Law". As a Human Rights Representative, I truly understand this and defend their right to do so...I APPRECIATE THE KNOWLEDGE that has been given to me.

I do and will continue to defend their right to express their views, even the words they may seemingly attack me. I respect their position concerning the Cherokee Nation's right to control membership and enforce their laws.

I feel badly for those who cannot find your connection to the Dawes Rolls with proof, but please, accept this and move on. As has been said, what was passed down to you by word of mouth is not law or proof...however, no one can take those memories from you and in reality, which would you rather have, a card or your beautiful memories. Enjoy what has been passed to you and don't call yourself a "Cherokee", or qualify it with, "Not Legal"...haha...this "chat" could go on for years, but the "last word" is and will always be the same...what John and David has said,"prove it".

My appreciation and gratitude to John and David for their knowledge. I have learned. My respect to them for protecting and enforcing their Nation's Law...

Peace to all from a mixed-breed..."Filipino/Spanish", "Cheronhaka Nottoway First Peoples" and "Allegedly a Person of Cherokee Ancestry"... haha... can we acronym that "APOCA"...if "Wannabe" offends anyone...use, love and move on...Sylvia

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  • Just stop - joanntidwell on Nov 3, 2011, 11:33 PM
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