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Accidental Post

August 20 2013 at 8:04 AM
John Cornsilk  (Login JohnCornsilk)
John's Place Users

Well folks down below I accidentally made a post, I was using the posting form here to check out a post I was going to make on face book, I was explaining the CNO cards to Donna Stapp...

She and others were talking about the new CNO bullshyt cards that say you are a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, when the Cherokee Nation was wiped out in 1898 like the other Five Civilized Tribes of Oklahoma,and the Rolls closed by the feds in 1906 for Statehood, With no new citizens added since then, so HOW can you be a citizen, of something that doesn't exist??I think it was a good post so I will leave it here!

Speaking of BOGUS Donna Stapp I would like to see one of the BOGUS cards, I wonder does it continue with the truth of the matter as the old blue card, on my old one as you can see here [linked image] it plainly states I am a certified registered member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and I have a registry number as they have no roll, NOT A CITIZEN simply a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma...

Now when the weezle Smith got the BOGUS name change done for the CNO to CN in 99 I got a new card and it looked like this [linked image] as you can see the same certification but has the new BOGUS name of "Cherokee Nation " and I am still a certified member of the BOGUS entity of the Name change to CN and NOT A CITIZEN..I am told there are some that do say certified Cherokee Citizen, issued under the weezle Smith, though mine does not.

And Last year when I left to enroll with the UKB, then came back to CNO and got a new one issued under Chief Bill John Baker see @ [linked image] as you can see every thang is the same as the BOGUS weezle card...with the big LIE of the Name change from Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma to "Cherokee Nation " And It does say I am a certified Citizen, as some say theirs do with Smiths signature!!

Now take out your new BOGUS picture ID card I am sure it has the BOGUS name change to "Cherokee Nation "

Now BJB continues on with the big LIE by the weezle, Smith, I sorta suspect it may now say you be a Certified Citizen of the BOGUS name change, I dont think they would go so far as to change the registry number to a Roll number, but who knows what is one more lil ole lie with the BOGUS CRAP!!

Now people this is all documented and I have shown it to you all many times, this lette at last election tells you quite plainly the constitution the CNO is operating under is not recognized, and also tells you the 1975 ratified by the Cherokee People in June of 76 is the legal recognized Constitution of the Cherokee People of Oklahoma, and if you will click this lin you can see the title of the Document which is natrually the title/name of the entity that is to govern with it, quite simply "Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma", not CHEROKEE NATION.

BTW, Donna Stapp, ya never did tell us what the Chief Joe Crittenden letter says and means to you!!

And NEITHER did you Bill Davis, this be a good time to tells us what the letter to Chief Joe Crittenden says and means to You!

John "The Elder" Cornsilk

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