One time thing?????...

by Kent


yeah right. You been in a Coma the past two years? You don't even have to watch the Leaf games that CBC seems to cram down our throats year after year. About every 5th game you see his arms in the air on the highlight reels on sportsnet or TSN. If Cujo is getting SOOO abused how come his team never does anything about it? They get scored on......and as his players skate to the bench with their heads down.....meanwhile Cujo's flopping around like an idiot in front of officials........because someone isn't playing fair. Give us a break. Salo has been mauled on occasion too. But he does about 20% of the whining this Suck does.

I agree with Penfan. Cujo has embarrased himself more than once with the "Poor me.......look.....someone touched me"....stuff! He's worse than Pat Quinn.....if you can beleive that. Quinn is the king of whiners. Lights.....Camera.....WHINE!!!! Most of the time Cujo's whining is on marginal plays.

Man did he make a moron of himself last night. I don't endorse the Sens boring style of play, but I would love to see them put it to the Leafs. Shut up all those arrogant fans around here. They are worse than the Edmonton fans during their hey-day. I wasn't a part of that crowd........they made me nauseous on a daily basis. It was tough to cheer for them. Just like it's tough to cheer for the Leafs at any time!

I don't hate Cujo, Mr. A. Just whiners.!!!

Posted on Apr 18, 2000, 10:16 AM
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