New Stude Updates M16

by New Stude Martini

Guys, just wanted to post my status on the truck since I originally posted and get your feedback suggestions etc. (sorry in advance for the length of this email but I am trying to get this project done and if I procrastinate, I wont get it done.)

1. Someone installed 12 volt Aftermarket generic POS battery/ ground cables so I made new 1/0 gauge cables for the ground, battery to switch, switch to starter cables. This helped the truck turn over significantly.

2. All the wiring in the truck was crap and aftermarket to I basically started from scratch. For the purpose of getting it running quick, I disconnected the generator and wired the truck as a negative ground. This was simple, quick and easy.

3. I was able to get the truck running, which was pretty cool and exciting. Good Idle, Good oil pressure, however I immediately noticed the following: A. The water pump needs to be rebuilt B. The radiator is in tough shape C. The fuel pump is almost shot, I believe the diaphragm needs to be replaced. It took about three minutes for it to actually start pumping fuel. Otherwise pretty happy.

4. So this morning I pulled the generator, radiator, water pump and the fuel pump and am going to address them all individually. I talked to Chuck and am sending him the H20 pump in the morning, I am going to call Tom H for the fuel pump rebuild kit and I am also curious if I should investigate the unit with the vacuum advance that was used on the later trucks. Seems like it would be cool if I wanted to add a vacuum accessory later on. Interested to hear some thoughts on that one.

5. While the truck is out I am going to address the wiring for the entire truck, which is easier now that the radiator is out. I will most likely keep the truck as a positive ground system - just because. So I guess all I need to do is flip the 6 volt battery around and hook up the positive to the ground wire and the negative post to the starter switch - correct?

6. Here is what else I am looking for at the moment (advice and parts):

A. Battery Box Top - I am missing the top that actually secures the battery into its box. I think that there was a metal frame that must have tightened down on the battery.
B. Exterior Door Handles
C. I would like to hook up the heater if possible - wondering if anyone has a rebuildable unit.
D. Curious what I should have for a floor mat / sound and heat bearer along the firewall?
E. Horns - I am looking for this and what it should look like etc. I have no idea
F. Once I get the engine running what is the first thing I should address with the drivetrain, I have no idea how the brakes are etc but I am going to guess and say they are probably shot.
G. What do I do to service the hill brake/ emergency brake?

Thanks gents

Posted on Jan 22, 2012, 10:32 PM
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