Need some advise about starting my engine after a 4 year vacation

by Keith Mifflin


My engine was purchased used from a member of this site about 4 years ago. It is s 169 6 cyl. The member said it ran great and was only available because another member wanted to get a 245 installed so he shipped it out to me (the integrity of the person who sold me that engine is above reproach so that doeesn't even weight into the senerio)

Ok that is the history

Now my questions - I plan on being ready to start this engine in about 2-3 months so:

My plan is to take out the plugs and put a bit of Mystery Oil in each cylinder now before I try and start it 0r turn the engine over a few times by hand in a month or so.

Next add engine oil and I'm going to use Shell Rotella T non-synthetic as as the engine had been run and is most likely somewhat old. Any issues with the oil I'm using? No filter yet as I can't get oil gallery plugs out.

Do I need to somehow prime the oil system prior to starting the engine or turning it over a few times by hand? If so how best would this be done. All of my oil external passage plugs seem to be stuck in place and I have not been able to remove any of them. Can I put a screw driver in a drill motor and place that down under where the distributor goes and spin the pump?

next turn it over by hand a few times

I will add water to the radiator to begin with then move to antifreeze when I know AI have no leaks or rework to do.

New gas into a repuilt carburator and new fuel pump and filter using a remote gas can until starting and running well in garage then hook up cleaned gastank.

Try starting it for real!

Any other thoughts or advise?

Thanks in advance


Posted on Nov 5, 2016, 2:56 PM
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