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by Gary Ash


Unlike some of the V8s, you can't just pull the distributor and spin the oil pump. In the Champion 6 engine, the oil pump is driven from a cam gear, so the engine has to turn to make it work. In the ideal world, you would pull the oil pump and pack it with Vaseline to prime. It's probably not necessary. Many people have just cranked an old engine over after it sat for many years.

However, if you do want to squirt some oil to the main and rod bearings before starting it, a pressurized oiler connected to the oil gallery will enable that. I made one out of some steel pipe, two pipe caps, and a tire valve stem. See the attached photo. What the picture doesn't show is that I added a valve so I could fill the pipe and connect the tube before the oil ran out. I put about 30-40 psi of air into the pipe, connected the tube, and opened the valve. I'd suggest doing this a few times, turning the engine over part of a revolution each time to be sure the oil passages are open.

To get one of the gallery plugs out, place a washer over the square plug head, MIG weld the washer to the head, then weld a 5/16 or 3/8 nut to the washer. Between the heat and the torque on the nut, the plug will come out. Be sure to put the MIG welder ground directly on the block near the plug so you don't burn out anything.

When you do start it, have someone watch the oil pressure gauge to make sure that you get pressure in a few seconds or shut it down.

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