1949 2R10 Transmission/OD question...

by Rob

Hi all,

Thought I would gather some collected wisdom here.

When I bought my 49 2R10 a year ago, the previous owner had made some alterations, including a different transmission. He told me he had put in an Int'l Harvester transmission so it could be a floor-shift. Turns out, he had installed a tranny with a B-W overdrive... Which he had gotten shipped to him here in CT from someone named Vern (hmmm... how many Studebaker truck guys named Vern can there be out there?).

Both the tranny and the OD have steadily dripped oil since I got the truck. Thinking either they weren't installed properly, or he just re-used old gaskets and seals. Drives fine, just leaks. OD isn't hooked up right now.

OD is stamped R10B-1M (I think - a little hard to read) with a plate affixed that says 12-16.
Transmission is stamped 11 25 (I think - again, hard to read)
Both seem to have been a light green/blue color originally, though hard to say now.

At the least, I need to add gear oil to replace what's been dripping out.
Ideally, I would like to get new gaskets and oil seals in place to try to stop the leak.
Long-term, I have gathered the parts necessary to get the governor-operated OD working with the converted 12V system, but that's going to wait until Jim Turner's six-lug 3/4-ton disk conversion is completed and I can install one - gotta stop before I go faster.
Lastly, right now there's no speedo pinion or cable (or speedometer for that matter - he replaced the original dash when he switched to 12V - original's in a box right now). Just a cork in the pinion hole.

Can anyone provide me guidance on where to look for...
1. What gear oil to use?
2. Where to look for parts like the gaskets and oil seals?
3. What speedo pinion to use on this tranny/OD setup with the 5.8xx Timken (split pumpkin) rear end?

Any and all help appreciated!

(oh - and still looking for two left side reverse-threaded lug nuts)


Posted on Jun 6, 2017, 4:19 PM
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