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A once in lifetime love

December 5 2003 at 10:29 AM

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A once in lifetime love Prologue - disclaim

Christmas Eve 2002- NC17

Before Shawn hung his ornament, he reached for Belle, and wrapped her in his loving embrace. ‘’I want you to Help me put this on the tree’’ he told her as he removed the clear glass ornament, that adorned his name, from the box that held them.

He wanted her to help hang his ornament, Belle thought she was going to cry as much as she wanted to, she couldn’t, this was a honor you only receive once part of the family.’’ Shawn I couldn’t’’ she started to protest, when she heard someone cough from behind her.

Belle turned to see, Alice Horton smiling at her the elderly woman had, a twinkle in her eyes she gave Belle a wink that told her to go ahead . Belle simply smiled, and then looked up at Shawn who was grinning knowingly at her. together they took hold of the tiny hook atop the ornament and hung it on the tree together.

‘’Thank you’’ Shawn whispered in her ear softly

Their lip met in a gentle kiss as Belle, Looked up at him, this man whom she loved with all her heart. ’’No thank you Shawn’’ she whispered in a breath after gently braking the kiss

They watched on as Alice hung the last of three ornaments on the tree. Addie, her own, and Tom’s, after completing her tasks. Alice blew a kiss towards the heavens and whispered, ‘’I love you ’’to her beloved Tom and her dear daughter, Addie


They made their way out into the crisp December night, only stopping briefly to share a kiss under the mistletoe right outside the front door of The Horton house

‘’Shawn were are we going’’ Belle asked for the hundredth time since they left the house ‘’and why do I have to wear this’’ she was referring to the blindfold, Shawn placed over her eyes before they pulled out of the driveway

“Patience Isabella, Patience’’ he said in a husky purr

A few minutes later They pulled to A stop, she heard the driver-side door click open. And then the crunching of the snow under Shawn’s feet, her door creaked opened and he took her hand helping her out of the truck. Seconds later the crunching from the snow turned into thumping of wood as they entered someplace warm. With the scent of the vanilla in the air She felt Shawn’s one arm wrap around her, waist as the other remove the blindfold, she gasped at what she saw. There were vanilla-scented candles lit throughout the room and a glow from the fire, as it crackled. The bed was turned-down, adorned in A gold comforter with matching silk golden sheets. and soft Christmas music sounded throughout the cabin

‘’Shawn …’’

‘’Merry Christmas, Isabella’’ his fingers intertwined with hers as, she looked up and met his passion filled dark glare. Love, lust, fear and desire, all read in his eyes. ’’Belle if you’re not rea--

‘’Shhhh, Shawn’’

She put a gentle finger to his lips to hush him, putting her arms around his neck bring her lips to meet his in a long, slow, passionate kiss.’’ I’ve never been more ready for anything Shawn, I love you.’’

Not saying anything else she gripped her duffel, disappearing into the bathroom. She’d came prepared just in case, opening the bag quickly, she pulled out a black lacy-silk teddy when a glimpse of a pink bag with a familiar logo on it caught her eye, removing it from her duffel she also saw a matching pink envelope removing it from the bag she proceeded to open it . Belle smiled as she read the card Merry Christmas, Have a special night, love Hope. She dug through the tissue paper until she found what she was looking for. Belle slipped into an ice blue baby doll slip with a sweetheart neckline and lace trim, falling just above her hip. Showing just a hint of the matching thong panty that she wore underneath, she completed the look with the matching robe tying the sash of the robe at her hip so it fit snuggly around her, showing her shape

Re-entering the main room, Belle’s breath caught in her chest, she stopped in mid-step and her heart was pounding rapidly as she took in the sight before her, the love of her life who lay in a sea of golden silk. She ran the tip of her tongue over her top lip as her eyes roamed slowly over his broad shoulders, hard biceps, down to his well define pecks and over his washboard abs, she let her eyes continue to travel downward following the thick trill of brown hair leading to his hidden treasures. She saw only the waistband of his silk black boxers which were cover by golden silk he took her breath away. ‘’Isabella’’ his husky voice drew her out of her thoughts as her name lingering on his lips, sending chills up her spine. Belle met his intense brown glare, glowing softly in the candlelight. ‘’You look like an angel, my angel’’ he told her in a low raspy whisper.

Shawn lay in the bed backing her closer as he moved his finger seductively back and forth in her direction. She obeyed his silent command moving slowly towards the bed, when she was within an arms length he reach for her pulling her down into the bed, she giggled as she fell on-top of him. Laying her head upon his chest looking up into his firey dark eyes. She drew in a sharp breath as she felt his hard arousal as it pressed gently against her stomach. Belle began to ache with desire for him, she slowly inched her way down his body until her wet core came in contact with his heated manhood, she heard him moan softly with pleasure as he took her lips with his into a slow deep lingering kiss and with one quick motion she was beneath him.

As he broke the intense kiss she felt his hands slip under her robe at the shoulders, the warmth of his touch ran gently down her arms until the robe fell away from her body leaving her in just the ice blue slip. Belle bit on her lower lip in nervousness as she felt his heated glare roam her every curve, she watched an evil smirk form on his lips before he leaned in closer, nibbling at her ear gently causing her to moan his name in want ’’I’ll be back, I have a sweet surprise for you’’ he whispered into her ear low and husky. Belle sighed as she watched his tight muscular behind clothed in black silk as he moved out of the room.

She wondered what he had cooked up for her this time. He promised her this was a December to remember and so far he was living up to that promise. he’d showered her with Surprise after Surprise that made her fall in love, all over again everything from redecorating her room for Christmas, to giving her a stuffed replica of their snow man right down to the ’I LOVE YOU’ heart. He even threw a belated Surprise birthday party and just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, he went and top it off with Christmas eve at Horton cabin. could this get any better she thought with sigh of satisfaction

Just then she saw Shawn return to the room, carrying a silver dinner tray with a lid, he crossed the room and placed it in front of her .’’What’s this?’’ she asked with an arched brow eyeing the tray that Shawn set in front of her. She watched as he removed the lid carefully from the Platter and she licked her lips at the sight of the juicy Chocolate cover strawberries, that lay on the Platter in front of her.

Belle reached out to sample the sweet treat, when Shawn playfully slapped her hand away ‘’You want?’’ he asked a teasing yet sexy grin playing on his lips . Shawn brought the Chocolate covered strawberry just inches from her lips then stopped , ’’Say Please’’ his low husky voice set her insides on fire as he continued to taunt her with the delightfully sweet and juicy strawberry that was covered in a thick luscious Chocolate sauce, she was completely at his mercy

‘’Please’’ she purred

Belle opened her mouth slightly as Shawn brought the strawberry back to her lips, beginning to feed her, Belle moaned with pleasure as she slowly savored the Flavor of sweet strawberries and Chocolate that exploded into her mouth, Belle returned the favor by taking a strawberry off the platter bringing it to his lips and fed him. They continued feeding each other while kissing in between bits until there was only one strawberry left on the platter. ‘’What do you say we share this,’’ Shawn said picking up the last strawberry offering it to her, Belle accepted the strawberry on one end, Shawn took the other end of strawberry they each nibbled at the berry until it was gone and they were engaged in a searing kiss that scent Belle soaring

‘’I want you Shawn…’’

Her words trailed off as Shawn’s lips came crashing down on hers again, his hot touch ran down her sides sending waves of heat through her body. she felt Shawn’s hand as it came up loping his finger around the thin shapes that held her ice blue nightgown on and slid them off her shoulders and peeled the lace that cupped her barest away from her body she watched as he stared at her with pure love and desire in his lust filled dark eyes, his lips moved to her neck as he begins to place wet kisses along her neck he pushed the silk further down to her hips his one hand gently cupped her breast caressing it, as his lips followed in suit as his mouth came down to her other breast. she moaned his name as his tongue flickered over the tip and curled his way around her nipple sucking at it gently. ’’HO… GOD Shawn, please don’t stop’’ she yelled as tingles ran though her body, arching her back slightly she gave him greater access as he repeated this action giving the other breast equal attention

‘’I love you Isabella’’ his voice was laced with want, he trilled hot, wet kisses from the hollow valley between her breasts down to her soft stomach, she felt his hot moist tongue circle around her belly button and nipped at the soft skin just above her belly button making her shiver . His warm hands came up grasping the icy silk that gathered at her hips and with one swift motion the ice blue knighty was gone, leaving her in just the matching silky thong panty. Shawn gently placed Belle arms above her head and she held the wooden headboard as Shawn’s heads lovingly roamed her body, his hand came down lightly caressing her most intimate spot, she gasped at the warmth of his touch. Tingles run through Belle as she teetered the brink of passion, Shawn look at her for reassures. ‘’Are you sure Isabella’’ he asked in a thick raspy voice.

‘’Yes Shawn’’ she whispered breathlessly, Belle arched her hips into his touch aching for more contact with his fingers, he slowly moved them under the rim of her panty, gently tugging them seeking her Permission. ‘’Yes’’ she repeated huskily, with that the silken panties were gone. Replaced by the warmth of his hand as he cupped her heat and begin his sweet torment on her heated wet body, as his fingers found her folds entering her slowly. Belle rose to the brink as he stroked her heat over and over finally sending her to haven as the pleasure waves of her first climax hit, ‘’Oh my god Shaaawwwnnn.’’ Her orgasmic scrams was muffled with his yearning kiss

Never breaking the kiss, Shawn shed the last barrier of clothing his silk black boxers were gone, there was nothing between them now, Bare skin against bare skin, electricity run between them. Belle finally pulled away in need of air she rolled from underneath him and pushed him to his back taking in everything that was Shawn Douglass Brady, Shawn‘s skin glistened with sweat underneath the soft candlelight. Belle rolled on top of him and roes to her knees kneeling above Shawn her knees place firmly on ether side of him .

‘’I want to touch you Shawn’’

‘’Oh baby Please’’

Her hands and lips caressed his hard body, taking in his musky scent . She worked her tongue around each of his nipples leaving him moaning her name. Belle began to trailed baby soft kisses down his chest all the way down to his hard six-pack, drawing little circles at his hard abs causing him to moan her name, Belle brought her mouth down over his belly button and nipped at skin just below it ’’Oh baby’’ he monad gruffly as she continued down to his rock-hard staff. Belle watched his eyes turn from Chocolate brown to smoldering Black as her hand stroked up and down his rock hard heat, her mouth followed this same path and she watched as he climbed to the brink, his face turned hard and she knew he was Cumming close. Wanting to maximize his pleasure Belle let the tip of her tongue grazes the tip of his manhood, she felt him shudder at her action, she slowly glided her tongue up and down his penis before taking him fully into her mouth, using her tongue and lips to pleasure him. Belle heard a groan from Shawn as his desire begin to swell within her mouth, she knew he was going to go over the edge, Belle released him from the wetness of her mouth taking him in her hands again, slowly stroking him over and over

‘’Ho…god….Belle Baby …Please I need you so much ’’ his voice was ragged and cracked with emotion, tears of frustration pooled in his darkened eyes, his body tensed as she crawled her way up towards him, pressing her chest against his hard body. Belle’s body ached with need for him and her breath hitched in her chest as her naked wet core contacted with his bare manhood, he held her tightly against his heard arsenal as her lips fell down upon his in a soft slow lingering kiss. She nibbled at his lower lip in desire to deepen their passionate embrace, their mouths and tongues melted together in a seductive tango. The passionate game of chase continue as their tongues sought out one another, her fingers raked though his thick brown main as she slowly broke the mine-blowing kiss and spoke

‘’I -need you inside me Shawn--Please’’

he rolled over bringing her with him so she was now underneath him, she groaned with need as he begin to place love bite’s down her neck. ‘’Your wish is my commend’’ he whispered, his warm breath lingered over her ear.

Shawn laid wet open-mouth kisses along her body, from her neck down to her stomach, Belle shuttered as she felt the wetness of Shawn’s tongue dart along her belly, leaving a firey trail in it’s weak.. She gasped as his tongue drew circles at the inside of her thigh, Belle groaned as he repeated this action on her other thigh. ’’Oh God…..Shawn’’ she whimpered softly as he gently nibbled at the sensitive flash of her inner thigh, she felted her desire grow as tingles ran through her body and dampness gathers in the folds of her womanhood. She gasped at the feel of Shawn’s breath linger over her heat as his tongue outlining her intimates and nearly lost it as the moistness of his tongue enter her wetness

Belle was lost in a sea of passion as he plunged his tongue in and out of her several time, sending waves of heat rippling though her body. She clenched her virginal muscles tingly then connected as he continued thrusting his tongue into her over and over again, her body tensed as Shawn pulled away ending the sweet pleasure before she could release ‘’No ….Shawn’’ she begged aching for relief

‘’Shhh baby’’ he whispered as he came to lay beside her placing a gentle finger to her lips, she watched as he opened the drew to the nightstand retrieving a condom from the inside, Shawn ripped into the foil wrapper and rolled the condom on his throbbing membrane, his arm’s enveloped her again as he lowered his soiled fame down over her body. Belle held onto his back tightly, wrapping her legs around his waist bracing herself for the next step, her body ached for him. She closed her eyes biting down on her bottom lip, she felt Shawn’s warm touch as his hands cupped her face. ’’Look at me Isabella’’ he said gently stroking her cheeks with his thumps . Belle opened her eyes, to meet Shawn’s warm brown glare looking deeply into hers ’’ I love you Isabella’’ he pulled her into a deep kiss as he slowly entered her for the first time

A Searing burn ripped through Belle as Shawn broke through the barriers of her virginity tears of pain rolled down her cheeks as she bit down heard on her lower lip to keep from scramming ’’It hurts Shawn …Oh god it hurts’’ she cried clinging to him

‘’I know baby, I’m sorry ….I’m so sorry’’ he whispered soothingly wiping tears out of her eyes

She felt Shawn beginning to rock back and fourth within her, slowly her pain started to subsided only to be replaced with pleasure, her body relaxed accepting his fullness into her tightness . Slowly Belle moved her hips in sink with his engaging in an age-old rhythm of lovers.

She went to heaven, as Shawn dove deeper and herder into her, their tongue fell in sink with the rhythm of their bodies. Belle begin to reach new heights of pleasure , just as she felt him approach the edge and together they reach their threshold of passion proclaiming their love for another ’’Oh …God I love you Shawn’’ she screamed with tears in her eyes as the waves of her powerful, mine-blowing orgasm washed over her ‘’I love you too Belle, I love you so much’’ Shawn proclaimed as he release and spilled into her

They lay in the after-glow of their love-making, she was wrapped tightly against his chest in his loving embrace ‘’Merry Christmas Isabella, I love you’’ Shawn whispered as she drifted asleep in his arms

‘’I love you Shawn’’…..

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A once in lifetime love- Chapter 1

December 5 2003, 1:15 PM 

A once in lifetime love - disclaim

Chapter 1

9 years later- Thursday December 17

‘’’Shit,’’ Belle Black awoke with a jolt as the memories of the past washed over her, she remember every detail of that Christmas eve so many years ago up at Horton cabin. every sweet gentle touch, every hungry loving kiss, every mind blowing wave of passion as he took her to heaven and back. The way she felt in his warm loving embrace. She felt special and cherished as his husky voice whispered words of love in her ear. ‘’Merry Christmas Isabella, I love you’’ she recalled the words as if only yesterday..

Two weeks later it all went to hell when he broke up with her for no good reason, ‘‘Be with me tonight, and I promise you, tomorrow, we will fix the world. the next thing she knew . It's me. I'm what's wrong.. I don't want to hurt you . the next day.. Go to Paris, Belle, if you love me, Belle.‘’. A week later she was in Paris ready to study design to start a new without Shawn Douglass Brady. However that wouldn’t last long. She received a call from her brother Brady informing her that Shawn had confessed to killing Colin Murphy… it all became so clear, with in the next heart beat Belle was on the jet home to Salem. ready to stand by him, to fight for him, she went straight to him, to Shawn. When she arrived home she went to the police station for answers, needless to say Shawn was less the thrilled to see her, he ranted and raved about how she shouldn’t be there and that she needed to find someone who was worthy of her, he told her she couldn’t waste her life with him and it was time for her to move on. Belle tried to convince him nothing had changed, she loved him and would stand by him thought out this ordeal…and that’s exactly what she did.

Shawn’s Arraignment, was a horrible experience as she watched the love of her life plead guilty for the murder of Colin Murphy

‘’How does the defendant plead’’ the Judge asked

‘’Guilty your Honor.”

‘’No Shawn you can’t…..‘’

Shawn changed his plea to not Guilty and few nights later Belle was down at the docks trying to take everything in, she was drawn their by some unknown forces, she needed to clear her mined She had just learned earlier that same day that Cassie and Rex Dimera were her half- siblings. The product of her mother and her new Uncle Tony. ….god how she wished things could go back to normal….Belle closed her eyes and wished with all her heart that Shawn was there with her at that very moment ..she sensed someone there watching her, a shiver ran down her spine as she turned and…. there he stood . They had an emotional reunion as they rushed toward one another, he held her in his arms, it felt so good to be that close to him again…there were tears, laughter, joy and love…they shared sweet kisses as they savored just being together. They talked a lot and agreed to take it slow, she loved him, trust was a another issue entirely.

Over the next several weeks he wined and dinned her with dinner and dancing reminding her why she fell in love with him in the first place. There were flowers, candy and anything else he could dream up that would make her delightfully happy. Shawn took her back to Horton cabin for valentine’s weekend, where they showed just how much they loved one another, making love over and over again. They had just gotten back from their weekend in heaven when she received a phone call from her mother. Marlena had asked to meet with both her and Shawn right away, they arrived at her mother’s office to find a crying Cassie wrapped in Marlena’s arms and in the next instant her world came crashing down around her

‘’we’re over Shawn,’’ she said, her voice void of all emotions, looking him straight in the eye while inside her heart was breaking

Belle Black left Salem brokenhearted the next day never looking back, she rarely ever used her name to get anything in life, but with one phone call from her father, she had transferred to Columbia within the next few days. Belle studied hard Graduating with honors, in only two years. Belle then moved to a small town just out side the city, where she also made some new friends and went to work for Basic Black NY as a designer. Within just a few short weeks of living ,there she had been approached by one of her many new friends who happened to be a photographer she was working with. He asked her to step in for a model who had called in sick, she reluctantly agreed. He said she was a natural and asked her to do some tests shots but she refused, he kept hounding her, after a few weeks Belle decided to humor him. She would now be forever grateful to him, she owed him her career, because of him, she was now one of the most sought after model in the industry. Belle, The all American girl, that’s what they called her. She had done every major cover within her six years as a model, along with being a successful designer. But Belle’s life took a tragic turn, as she suffered a major lose. She moved again, this time to Paris, where she worked for Basic Black- Paris. she resided there for the last three years while also continuing her modeling career at her leisure

‘’Damn it’’ Belle cursed as she looked at the clock, she was late, Belle had a busy day ahead of her; first she had a executive meeting then another with her design team, then she had to dash off to a photo shoot. She was VP of the company and head of the design department, Belle Black had made a name for herself in the world of fashion

Hours later Belle made her way to the on location shoot, she went straight to wardrobe, changing quickly, before meeting with the photographer

‘’Your late miss Belle’’ a voice teased from behind her

‘’I know I’m so sorry …‘’ she turned to face a tell man with light brown hair, his mischievous blue eyes danced with happiness, Belle was utterly completely speechless.’’ ..Oh …my …god….’’ is all she could say

‘’Surprise ‘’ he said with a sly smirk ‘’Ready to get started ’’ he asked as if he saw her everyday, she hadn’t seen him in the last three years, and that’s all he wanted to know, while she’d teach him a thing or two, she went straight for the hair …’’ No Belle not the hair…aww your such a brat you know that ’’ he chuckled pulling her into a hug

‘’Take’s one to know one Spencer’’ she retorted smugly

he lifted her off the ground swinging her around with delight, seeing her old friend gave Belle a sudden burst of energy. The photographer snapped way with his camera in hand as the photo shoot got underway, she was truly a natural beauty, he move toward her removing the clip from her hair, sending her blonde curls tumbling down around her shudders, the snow begin to fall softly around them creating an ideal setting for the perfect shot, the wee hours of the morning were now beginning to creep in as he took that last shot. ’’ That’s a rap’’ he yelled and turned to Belle and smiled wearily. ‘’Late dinner’ he asked, she readily agreed excepting his invitation, Belle linked her arm though his as they made their way to his car, being a true gentlemen he open the door for her letting her slip inside first. starting the car he turned to Belle and asked ‘’What would the leady like too eat’’

‘’Italian‘’. they said as one

On the way to the restaurant they shard Smalltalk over old friends, these people became like family to her, in that crazy town they once lived in together. He told her everyone missed her. Belle told him she highly doubted that. He laughed and told her that it wasn’t the same without her. when she asked if he had someone special in his life, he simply held up his left hand showing her the gold wedding band that adored his lift ring finger

‘’Oh my god, who’’ she asked excitedly

‘’Who do you think?’’ he gives her a sly grin

that was all she needed , she knew right then who he’d married, it was written over his face. In the years Belle lived in that town she’d hear many stories of the many people past and present that lived there but nothing tugged at her heartstring quiet like theirs, they were high school sweethearts torn apart by circumstances beyond there control and then fell out of love with one another, but still remain close. And It seemed that they finally came to their senses and wised up but before she had a chance to question him further, her cell phone rang. Belle reached into her purse and answered her call ‘’Hello…oh hey Brady what’s up‘’ she asked surprised by her bother’s late call ’’No…I’m not doing that …..WHY you know why Brady ….look I will not argue with you…’’ she sighed in annoyance ‘’No it out of the question ….no I will not consider…..Ok fine…..yeah love you to…. see you tomorrow.’’ She had been defeated

By the time Belle crawled into bed an hour and a half later, the clock beside her nightstand flashed 3:00 am

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A once in lifetime love - Chapter 2

December 6 2003, 3:09 PM 

A once in lifetime love -

Chapter 2
Thursday December 17- 3:00pm USA time

Brady came bouncing in the door ‘’I’M HOME’’ he yelled ‘’BABY ARE YOU HERE’’ he yelled. Again when he got no response a second time he figured that she had gone out. Brady made his way upstairs, when he reached the bedroom door he saw his beautiful sleeping wife curled up in bed. he slowly crept his way towards the bed. ‘’Hey diva’’ he whispered kissing her awake brushing the free strands of hair away from her face. ‘’God your beautiful’’ he gently kissed her once more

Chloe’s sighed sleepily with a dreamy smile ‘’Hmmmm Hi baby, I missed you’’

‘’I missed you,’’ six months is way too long’’, Brady said as he claimed into bad next to her slugging up too her, with her head laying on his chest telling her about his day. Brady was beaming with excitement as he told her the good news ‘’Belle is coming home for Christmas ’’he laughed as she squealed in excitement then proceeded to quiz him on how he managed to swig that one, he simply told her …..‘’ I bagged and pleaded until she agreed.’’ Chloe smiled Yes this is turning out to be a wonderful Christmas she sighed in happiness

Chloe had been on the road the last six months touring around Europe after Brady offered to put his life on hold and go on tour with her, Chloe was thrilled to say the least. however that dream came to a screeching holt when madam Marin, told her it was out of the question. They fought back and forth about her decision, she wouldn’t leave her family or him, that was until Brady made her decision for her. he told it was over whether she stayed in Salem or not and as much as it killed him he knew he had to let her go so she could follow her dreams .

During the years they were apart they each found success, after Brady found out what victor had manipulated he convened John to start a music division of Basic-Black which he headed, he dated Nicola Walker for a year before her ex Eric Brady came back to town. And told her he would give her one last chance. Nicola jumped at the opportunity , leaving Brady in the dust. Not really broken-hearted by the loss, he went on working The same could be said for Chloe, while she was very successful in her singing Career. She was lonely and even though Brady hurt her terribly she came to realize he let her go so she could fulfill her dream . She loved him for that, she had traveled the globe singing in all greatest Opera houses, New York, Italy, Paris, Rome, Milan. None of that would mean anything unless there was someone to share it with, he taught her that

On a business trip to Rome, Brady was site seeing he didn’t have a meeting scheduled for that day and he didn’t want to stay at the hotel ,so he went for a walk and found himself drawn to the docks just away’s down from where he was, and before he could stop himself, He was on the pier looking out at water. She was just having a bad day and needed to be alone to think.. That was her favorite spot to be alone, memories of that night clouded his mind, the night they didn‘t say goodbye. ‘’I will always love you Chloe’’, he hadn’t realized he said it out loud.

She looked up when she heard his voice, it couldn’t be. ‘’Brady?’’

‘’Chloe?’’ in all of the city’s, in all the world, of all place’s, what were the chance’s?

Time seemed to stand still as they overcame their shock. God she more beautiful then I remember. Oh how I’ve missed him, they said nothing for several minutes as they stared into each others eyes. Finally she spoke ‘’Thank you Brady’’ she said. ‘’Thank you , for loving me enough to let me go, ’’ she wanted him to know just how grateful she was that he didn’t let her give up on her dreams

He reached out and wiped her tears away from her eyes ‘’Coffee?’’ he offered her his hand trying his best not to let his emotions get the better of him

They had spend the day together, talking, laughing, just being together they’d each forgotten what it felt like to feel this good. They had went to dinner and he got her caught up on the latest happing’s in Salem, she was shocked to hear the truth behind Shawn and Belle’s breakup and thrilled about Phillip and Mimi’s good news. afterwards they went back to Brady’s hotel, where he invited her in, they spent the night talking and listening to music. It was getting, late or early, ’’I should really get going’’ she said, knowing she didn’t want to go anywhere.

‘’I’ll walk you out’’ he told her, knowing this might be the last time they saw each other for awhile, if ever again. ‘’Well I guess this is goodnight then.’’ not able to resisted she nodded and lend in kissing him for the first time in four years. he responded by deepening the kiss, she tasted so good , he knew then and there he couldn’t….no wouldn’t lose her again. He pulled back looking deeply. into her eyes ‘’Marry me’’ he blared out

‘’WHAT?’’ she couldn’t have heard him right

‘’Do you love me??’’

‘’You know I do Brady!!

Then marry me Chloe, right here, right now, tonight.

And before her head could say no, her heart spoke. ’’Yes!’’

An hour later Chloe and Brady stood at the alter, of a small church in Rome with only glow of soft candlelight around them, reseating words of love form long ago. He grasped her hands and spoke form his heart. ‘’The one thing I can’t live with is regret, so weather I say it or not, the way I feel is not gong to change. I love you Chloe, I will always love you ’’ he’d said in a choked voice trying to keep his tears at bay as he slipped the ring on her left hand. Her heart fill with love for him, more love then she ever thought possible. Chloe looked into the depths of his blue eyes and also spoke the words of love from years pasted. ’’Brady you are the man I waited my entire life for, you’ve showed me strength and courage that I never even knew I had, you helped me stop counting the days of my life so I could be fee to live them, I will never love anyone the way that I love you.’’ Chloe counted her vows with these words as She slipped a ring on his lifted hand as well.

For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you I'll be forever thankful Brady
You're the one who held me up
Never let me fall You're the one who saw me through, through it all

the priest announced, them husband an wife and with that their lips met in a soft slow, sweet kiss he pulled back looking deep into her eyes. ‘’Happy Halloween Chloe’’ he whispered as he took her lips with his once more

‘’Happy Halloween Brady’’ she mumbled against his sweet lips

Chloe smiled she couldn’t believe that had been five years ago, that first year and half was tough because she was on the road for most of that time only seeing Brady on the assonantal spar of the moment trip home. She was lucky he was so understanding, now she only toured six mouths out the year she just retuned home in late November to spend thanksgiving with her family and the man she loved. If thing went the way she suspected they would she wouldn’t be going back out on the road for sometime, glazing at the clock at the side of the bed she suddenly jumped out of Brady’s arms ‘’Damn it I’m late’’ she exclaimed as she run around looking for her keys and purse

‘’What’s wrong diva’’ Brady sat up in bed

‘’Nothing baby’’ Chloe said giving him a quick kiss then ran out the door leaving Brady to wonder


Belle couldn’t believe she let Brady talk her into going home. Belle flopped on her bed with a heavy sigh as memories of past came flowing back to her. Tears filled Belle eyes as she thought of him and how he hurt her so terribly that she couldn’t even returned home without reservation. Belle fought the urge to cry she had shed too many tears over him already she refuse to cry anymore. He had broken her heart and she’d be dammed if she would shed another single tear over Shawn Douglas Brady. Wiping away the last of her remaining tears Belle went back to her previous task of packing for her trip home. Belle was now roaming throw her closet for her favorite pair of shoes, when she came across something she hadn’t seen year

Belle brought a small wooden box down from her closet, her hart skipped a beat when she read the carving in the lid it read -S&B FOREVER with a red carved heart surrounding the inscription. Belle’s knees weaken from under her, so she let herself clap’s to the bed. As Belle’s fingers slowly linger over the carving of lid she felt the tears that were forming in her eyes, Belle closed her eyes trying to stop the tears from falling .after pushing back the lump in her throat Belle took a deep breath as she slowly lifted the lid.. Belle saw three small items that had so much meaning in her life , she removed them from the box one by one . The first was a small stuffed bear, her buddy bear she held her old stuffed animal and gave it a gentle squeeze noticing a silver ring on the bears right paw, she carefully removed it and held it between her fingers. Belle’s mine drifted back to that night

‘close your eye’ Shawn said as he helped Belle out of his dad old truck. ‘ k’ she answered back Shawn then guided Belle a few feet away form the snowmen they built earlier that night. ‘Ready’ Belle asked when they came to a stop, Ready he replied. Belle open her eyes and saw the red and white heart that read I LOVE YOU Belle didn’t say anything for a moment Shawn then turned to her and said ‘it’s telling you the truth Belle I do love you’ he said without hesitation. Belle wrapped her arms around her boyfriends neck and kiss him passionately for several minutes before baking the kiss and said ‘ Shawn you once told me your parents getting married was the best Christmas gift well she continues this is mine those three words suddenly made the grate gift I got you seem not so grate Shawn looked into her eyes and said with all sincerely ‘those three wards mean the same to me that they do to you ‘’ Shawn’’…. Belle said in a shaky voice then turned her back towards him with teary eyes. Shawn saw this and said ‘’Belle c’mon you can’t cry there no crying in snowmen making it’ll melt’’ he joked. She then turned to face him again. ‘’Ok’’ Shawn said ‘’I gota asked you to do this you gota take your glove just one glove just …for one second’’ he asked . After Belle removed it Shawn laid a silver ring in the palm of her hand ‘’your class ring’’ she asked. ‘Yeah he said I..I went you to wear it although…I.. I mean you don’t have I mean I know it big and clunky’. ‘are you kidding ‘she asked , ‘I don’t know I mean it’s just something you know People do when there goin out.’ I mean I don’t even understand it cause I know you have your own, ‘your not kidding’ she said ‘Shawn this ring symbolizes who you are basketball, baseball, honor society’ ……‘blue stone’ ….like your eyes Shawn said in a whisper. ‘It’s perfect ‘ she said ‘I just wanted to give you something special’ he answered. ‘Specials you and everything including this’ Belle said with a tear filled vice. Shawn takes Belles hand in his and says ‘when you give somebody a ring it’s suppose to be like a promise… it suppose to mean something, I …I don’t want you to think that I’m trying to announce to everyone at Salem high that I’m claming you as my girlfriend …….Belle cuts in and says no…no Shawn I want everyone to know how much we mean to each other, not just look how grate my boyfriend is but I’m taken, I ‘m happy Belle quickly glazed back at the snowmen…. he loves me she finished with tears slowly rolling down her cheeks .

As Belle came out of her memories she felt the tears that were threatening spill out. Belle quickly wiped the tears in her eyes and slipped the ring back on the bears paw. Belle placed the bear beside her when
Another ring at the bottom of the box caught her eye . Packing it up to get a closer look at it she then recognized it as her engagement ring . Belle’s hart ached as more painful memories hit her, memories she would rather forget memories that hunted Belle with every breath in her body and soul, memories of a man that help Belle thought one of the toughest time in her life. A man that gave her the greatest gift , but that gift was taken in one night for reasons still unknown Not able to take yet another lose she left without so much a goodbye, she knew she’d hurt him trebly by doing it that way, but she didn’t want to cause him anymore unnecessary pain. Belle loved him deeply but she loved him in a much deferent way then she loved Shawn she would never let him see her weaknesses, she wouldn’t let him, see her cry. She was careful not to get to close for fear of getting her heart broken yet again.. she left in the dark of the night, asking one of her best friends to meet her outside one their favorite restrains. Handing her and envelop

He was the first men to get her smile since, Shawn broke her heart but she never devolved that information and he didn’t pry, he was more the strong silent type. They became friends after a few week, he intruded her too his friends. She was more then shock when she found out what he did for a living, who his family was….who his .boss. was. They they’d be came fest friends and lover. She wouldn’t tread her time with him for anything and she Hoped one day he’d be able to forgive her


At Salem University hospital, Chloe sat silently in the waiting area for Dr. Bader office A million thoughts ran through her mine Could she really be pregnant, were she and Brady ready to be parents. What if Brady doesn’t want kids just yet. , oh.god what if their baby was sick, a nervous feeling came over Chloe, what were the changes that she had passed her illness onto their child Could they watch their own child suffer much like she had years ago? Could she really put another human life through something that she wasn’t willing to go through herself much less her own child ? maybe it would be better if-she- NO Chloe dismissed that thought. Brady would never forgive her, she would never forgive herself. Then all worries Chloe had were gone as and image entered her mind, the sight of Brady holding their newborn baby.

Chloe knew, if she was in-fact pregnant, that the baby would be a girl, she just had a feeling She could see it already, Brady and his baby girl. God he is going to spoil our child. Chloe was laughing at the thought , when she was pulled from her thoughts by someone tapping her on the shoulder. Chloe was relieved when she saw who it was

Chloe smiled when she saw her friend as he sat down next to her ’’ how are you ’’ he asked

‘’I’m fine thank you ‘’ she gave a warm smile, she knew what was coming next

‘’Are your doing everything your supposed to’’ he arched a questioning brow at her ‘’Eating right, drinking milk, resting, not over doing It, I hope’’ he lectured

Chloe sighed and rolled her eyes he was spending way to much time with her father, in this place ‘’ Yes I‘m being good, How did you know I was here anyway?’’ Mimi

‘’I have my ways’’ he smirked

‘’ AND’’ Chloe smile urging him to continue

‘’And Mimi called." he started "She asked me to tell you that her meeting ran late and she can’t make it, but she sends her love. She said to call her tonight’’ he paused taking a sip of his coffee ‘’so here I am’’ he smiled knowingly at her.

I knew it Chloe closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to find the courage to ask the question that had been burning her bran since she took the pregnancy test a week before. ’’I’m going to ask you something, And I need an honest answer’’, she tried to hide the fear in her voice .

‘’Of cause Chloe’’ he already knew want she was going to ask

‘’ If I am pregnant, what are the chances that…’’

‘’Slim Chloe VERY SLIM’’ he told her with a reassuring smile. He decided it was time to change the subjected , keep her mined on other thing ‘’have you told Brady yet’’

‘’No I want to make sure everything ok first, are you going to The Brady Pub Christmas Eve party this year right?’’ Her mine had been working over time since Brady told her Belle was come home. It was time for her stubborn sister in-law to lean the truth and Chloe knew how to Lauer Belle to the party and hopefully fate would take care of the rest

’Of cause’’ like he’d miss that ‘’why? ’’

‘’No reason, just curiosity’’ but the wheels were turning in her head Note to self call Meems

song creted- Because You Loved me
Celine Dion -wedding vows and 'i love you' sceen creted the witer of dool

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A once in lifetime love -Chapter 3

December 8 2003, 1:04 PM 

A once in lifetime love - disclaim
Chapter 3

Mimi Kiriakis finally got home at 9:00pm that night, she was working on a new ad campaign for Titan. She worked late every night that week and all she wanted to do was see her daughter Reagan. Mimi went to the bedroom door and peeked in on her. Mimi smiled, when she saw the sleeping angel, she slowly crept to the bed and leaned down kissing her forehead . Mimi couldn’t believe how much Reagan reminded her of her father. It brought tears of joy to her eyes. Mimi was finally happy, she had a wonderful daughter and a loving husband ,something that Mimi Lockhart thought she’d never have…. a family. During college Mimi became lonely due to the fact that her best friend left. She was extremely happy for Belle ,but at the same time felt like she was losing her best friend ,so Mimi turned to Philip for support and friendship. Throughout the years Mimi and Philip had been close, but during this time they found themselves becoming even closer. their growing relationship was turning into much more then either thought possible early in their junor year of college in one night of love and passion there lives were changed forever, but Mimi never regretted a moment, in-fact Mimi won’t have it any other way. To her surprise Phillip was nothing but happy. He propose on the spot without a second thought and was there every step of the way. Philip went to every Lamaze class , Doctor appointment and would even get up at 2am just to get rocky road ice cream, if she would get a craving for it. Mimi sat in the rocking chair on the right side of the bed thinking of that day five years ago when Reagan was born She laughed to herself as thoughts of how frantic Philip was that day came back to her

Mimi and Phillip were enjoying a quiet afternoon at home, after Mimi found out she was pregnant she and Phillip moved out of the dorm and in to there own apartment. Victor had offer to help, but Phillip had refused he was detriment to make it with out his fathers help. so now he was going to school three day a week while working at Titan the rest of the week. They finally were alone after weeks of crazy, hectic schedules finals, and the baby due any day they wouldn’t have many more quiet days like this

They were nested together on the loveseat , Mimi’s feet resting comfortably on Phillip lap as he rubbed them. ’’What’s wrong babe’’ he asked as he witch her twits and turn, Phillip knew that thing were heard on Mimi these days, with her hormones all over the place, he just wanted to make as thing easies as possible for her, he finger the easier thing were on her the easier for him in the long run

‘’Nothing just a little pinching in my back’’

‘’While let’s see what I can do about that shell we’’ his dimples were in fall forces. Phillip re-adjusted himself so he had accesses to her back, ’’Better?’’ he asked as he ran his strong hands over her back to sooth her tight achy muscles

‘’Mmmm, much’’ she sighed in contentment as she let her head fall back against his shoulder. Mimi smiled as she felt him begin to place small sweet kisses on her neck.’’ Phillip’’ she giggled ’’Stop that…that tickles ’’ she tried to squirm away

‘’And where do you think your going?’’ Phillip asked as he wrapped his arms around her rounded tummy

A few hours later they laying in the exact same position, when Mimi monad in pain. Phillip looked down in concern ’’ You okay Meems?’’

‘’Phil…I think it’s time….oooooh’’ she monad again as the pains became stronger

‘’IT’S TIME? NOW?/’’ he jumped off the couch, and helped her to sit up ’’ where’s the….

....‘’Bedroom’’ Mimi giggled as she watched her frantic fiancé, ran around their apartment, in a tizzy, Phillip came out of the room a few seconds later with her overnight bag in hand

‘’And the’’… Mimi simply reached over, picking up his car keys that were on the coffee table, and held them out to him ‘’thanks babe’’ he kissed her on the cheek and ran out the door before Mimi could say anything

Mimi just shook her head, and stood up a few minutes later the door re-opened and there stood Phillip with a sheepish grin on his face. ’’Sorry babe’’ he apologized as he guided her out the door to the car


Six and half hours later, ‘’PILLIP KIRRKAIS,YOU WILL NEVER TOUCH ME AGIN, Mimi screamed as Dr. Bader told her to push

‘’that’s it Meens you can do it’’ Phillip encouraged as he pressed the damp cloth over her forehead and gave her hand a squeeze for support ’’ Come on Meems PUSH, PUSH‘’!! he fed her ice chips and continued to give her support

‘’I….can’t…to ….tiered‘’ Mimi said breathless as she fell back against the pillow

‘’COME ON, Mimi on the count of three’’ Dr. Bader said, ‘’1...2...3’’ she counted off

‘’No…I can’t …do it ’’ Mimi cried, tears streaming down her face

‘’Yes, YES YOU CAN MEEMS’’ Philip encouraged firmly as he braced her back with his arm, helping her to push ’’Come on Mimi, you can do this. I know you can because l love you’’ he said kissing her forehead gently

‘’THAT’S IT, ONE BIG PUSH’’ Dr. Bader yelled ‘’oh I see a head, this is it, PUSH’’

‘’AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!’’ Mimi let out a cry of sweet-agony as their baby was born in to the world

And Reagan Kiriakis was born, May 1, 8:35pm, 206

Six week later on Jun 16, Phillip and Mimi were married in an evening ceremony in Salem park. The whole park was decorated in white twinkle lights as they joined hand at the alter and declared their love and devotion for one anther

Mimi came out of her blissfully happy thoughts when the door to Reagan’s room creaked open and Philip tip-toed his way over to the bed and kissed his baby girl lightly on the cheek. Philip sat at the foot of the bed with his back facing Mimi, speaking softly to their daughter. Philip did this every night, when he got home from work. Philip and Mimi both worked for Titan. After college they were offered full time positions at the company, Mimi wanted to stay home at first, so she could be with Reagan. Philip on the other hand was more then happy to take the offer. Now Philip was head of customer relations. When Reagan was four, Mimi went to work for the advertising department at Titan. Even though they were both busy with work Mimi and Philip always made time for Reagan. Philip and Reagan would even play hooky from time to time so they could spend the day together, as much as Mimi protested to this, she had to admit she did it herself every once an a while

Mimi took notice of the clock on the well, it was 9:45, she decided it was time for her to retreat to the living room. She crept her way to the door, closing it softly behind her as she left the room. Mimi made her way to the couch making herself comfortable, drifting back in to her thoughts. Mimi couldn’t believe how much things had changed over the years. Her and Philip were married with a child, Brady and Chloe might be expecting soon. Mimi smiled when she thought of how Brady was going to spoil this kid. It saddened her to think of Belle, she knew that Belle still loved Shawn , and for that reason Belle would never come home. Part of Mimi still blamed Shawn for what happened. Mimi loved Shawn but he was to damm trusting and that’s how he feel into that little tramps trap she scuffed at the thought


Shawn Brady finally entered his apartment around 11:00 that night . He had worked a double shift at the hospital and all he’d wanted to do was sleep, But she was there again haunting his thoughts in his memories and his dreams. Shawn sighed heavily as he thought of how he hurt her, he will never forgive himself for that. How could I have fallen for her lies. Shawn thought as he made himself a drink from the bar . I was stupid, that how, , he answered himself, but his thoughts soon drafted back to his Isabella . Shawn hasn’t seen or spoken to her in years. it pained him to think about that day when he had told her what he had done. that was the day he knew he had broken her heart, he had never heard so much pain in a voice, her voice , God help him for what he had done.

He barely remembered anything from the events of that night , the night that cost him his true love. A. night that Shawn Brady would regret for the rest of his life. The bait was thrown the night she confronted him about killing Colin and after Belle left she claimed to be concerned about him and she said she only wanted to help……he fell for her lies Hook, Line and Sinker….Tea and all, god he was stupid

he was charged with the murder of Colin Murphy.. And hours later Belle was back in Salem. She asked if this was the reason he broke it off, he told her yes and it was time for her to move on Instead Belle stood by him though it all. She was their for his Arraignment, he remember her tearful outburst in the courtroom causing him to change his plea to not guilty! Only to be released days later due to lack of evidence and the fact that Larry Welch confessed. That night they reunited on the docks and vowed to work thing out between them, no more secretes or lies. They were beginning to talk things out and take it slow. He had pulled out all the stops, and begin courting her with flowers, candy and a weekend at Horton cabin, with everything that happened, they hadn’t had any real alone time since Christmas eve. so that valentines day They went back to the Horton cabin, to rediscover each other.

They had just returned from their valentine weekend of pure bliss, Only to have it destroyed with the news that stunned and shocked him beyond belief and with one look into her sad, angry eye he new it was over for good this time, he couldn’t believe he was that stupid

‘’we’re over Shawn‘’, she said as her eyes flashed with hurt, her voice was ice

And that was the last time he‘s spoke to Belle, he had tried to contact her after he discovered the truth. But Shawn knew as well as anyone, when Isabella Black did not want to be found she was not found. . God how he missed her, if there was someway, anyway to get her back he would try anything. for she was the love of his life and even though they were miles apart, Shawn knew that she still loved him to….. She just had to, he thought As Shawn sat in his spacious loft apartment, Shawn thought about all the good life has given him, he had a wonderful job he loved, he had good friends and a family that loved him. Still Shawn Brady was not as happy as he could be, because without her he felt like a part was missing, she made him complete and without his Isabella Shawn Brady was not whole..

For almost a year after Belle left, Shawn withdrew in to himself, he let his studies slide, he quit the baseball teem which was something he loved, But after everything that happen he didn’t see the point. He was moody and snapped at everyone. Some days he barely made it out of bed. No matter what anyone said or did, it didn’t help, he was to much like his father at least that’s what his mother told him

And then one morning a phone call from his mother changed everything

Hope’s words rolled around in his head as if it was only yesterday ’’I’m sorry Shawn, he’s gone, JT gone.’’ Shawn’s eyes welled up with tears, his heart broke all over again, he had been though a lot of pain and lost over the years. But that was his braking point, first he lost Belle because of his own stupidity then to lose JT so suddenly. At only the age of five, JT Brady-Ribver lost his life due to hart failure. After that Shawn gained a knew perspective on life, and did a total 360 immersing himself into his study’s , with a little guldens from his great gran, Shawn Brady decided to take the path his great grandfather had so many years before him

Everyone was utterly shocked when Shawn said he was going pre med, they also new he had his reasons. After Graduating, in the top ten present of his class at, Salem University, Shawn was excepted into, Northwestern medical program. He worked hard in med school. Because he wanted make a difference and knew it would be wrath all the work in the end. There were two thing that kept him driven, the first was JT he wanted to help kids like his bother to give them the chance at life a chance which was taken from JT all too soon And the second was, a talk he had with Alice about, faith love and loyalty. When Shawn Graduated, he credited his accomplishments to his great grandfather and to his little brother, the late John Thomas Brady and Dr. Tom Horton

Shawn was now in his second year of a four year meds-peds residency at Salem University hospital. Not able to decide on Pediatrics or Internal Medicine, Shawn chose to do both, he truly loved what he did, especially with the kids. He loved when he got them to laugh or smile, it made them fell better and brightened his day. After all wasn’t laughter the best Medicine. His colleagues were all amazed at how well Children respond to him. The Young doctor was liked among everyone, he was one of the most respected doctors at University hospital. The hospital staff often compared him with the likes of Bill, Mike or even Tom Horton, three men who he looked upon with great admiration and respect but Shawn was making his own legacy. Shawn Brady, voted Salem most eligible bachelor by Salem today magazine and awarded most valued employee by his colleagues. He could have any woman he wanted in Salem that wasn’t related to him in one way or another. That was the problem, he didn’t want just any woman he wanted her; his blue eyed angel. The women he loved since birth, his Isabella. How could I have been that stupid ? Shawn sighed, that question was answered as his eyes caught sight of the little brown diary that told the truth, that one little book held the secrets and lies that ruined his relationship with Belle and nearly ruined his life.

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A once in lifetime love -Chapter 4

January 12 2004, 1:41 PM 

A once in lifetime love - disclaim
Chapter 4

Friday December 18 -7:00am

The sun rose over Salem the next morning, a fresh blanket of snow covered the ground, the feel of Christmas was in the air, Brady Black drove down the snowy streets of his home town taking in the sight of the season. There was nothing better then Salem at Christmas time while almost nothing. he smiled as he pulled into the parking lot of Salem airport, he made his way though the busy terminal buzzing with holiday travelers. Sighing Brady scanned the crowd for any sign of Belle, her flight should’ve been here by now and he was starting to worry, she was flying in on her private jet she used for Basic-Black business. ‘’Hey stranger looking for me,’’ came her sweet voice from behind him

’’Tink! ’’ Brady exclaimed as he turned to face his sister, he took her in his arms breathing a sigh of relief. ’’ I was beginning to think I had been stood up, ’’ he teased as he let go of her. She was a beauty to behold, with a smile that could light up a room and he could see why she was so successful in her modeling career but her eyes held a hint of sadness and her smile didn’t reach her soul anymore

Belle realized just much she missed her hometown of Salem, her family and friends, all doubts she had were gone as soon as she saw her bothers’ smiling face ’’ I’ve missed you Brady’’

‘’I’ve missed you to Tink,’’ Brady wrapped and arm around her shoulder and headed for baggage claim

‘’I Still don’t know how I let you talk me into this,’’ she replied as they retrieved her bags and headed for Brady’s Jeep

‘’That ’s simple,’’ he said as they traipsed their way though the heavy snow with her bags in hand too his jeep ‘’You missed me of coarse,’’ he smirked as she rolled her eyes. ‘’Jeez Tink what do you have in here, rocks, ’’ Brady complained loading her luggage in the trunk .

‘’Oh don’t complain,‘’ she warned, ‘’You’re the one who begged me to come home in the first place’’ she pointed out playfully, settling herself into the passenger seat

‘’Yes but I didn’t tell you to bring ALL your closet with you,’’ he teased as he got in and started the engine. They rode down the streets of Salem, taking it all in, Belle smiled at the familiarity of it all, nothing had changed

‘’I’m glad your home Belle’’ Brady said looking over at her to find she was staring out the window

‘’Me to Brady, me to’ ’she sighed

Brady pulled into the parking lot of the Brady Pub a few minuses later, Belle chewed her bottom lip nervously as they made their way to the entrance, it had been so long since she had any of Caroline’s home cooked food …She just wasn’t sure how her presence would be received, she also wasn’t sure if she ready to face him, just yet; without wanting to haul off and slap him, pushing those thoughts aside Belle made her way inside as Brady held the door open causing the familiar sound of a bell ringing above the door.

Chloe Blacks’ head shot up at the sound of someone entering the Pub with the ring of a bell, she unconsciously breathed a sight of relief as her husband came strolling in the door. She was fuming he told her he had a quick errand to run then he’d meet her at the pub for breakfast, she had been waiting for him and hour and a half now….and he damn well better have a good reason for being late. From across the room, Brady Black cringed as he saw his wife’s piercing blue stare go straight through him, he’d have to do some sweet talking to weasel his way out of this one, that shouldn’t be to hard considering why he was late

‘’Hey diva, sorry I’m late’’ Brady slid into the booth grinning like the Cheshire cat quickly apologizing trying to appease his angry wife, Chloe folded her arms over her chest trying desperately to stay mad with her tardy husband but all hope of that was lost when he declared ‘’I have a good reason ’’

‘’Let’s hear it Black’’ Chloe said her arms still folded she smiled, she was never able to stay angry with him for long

‘’Well…’’ Brady motioned towards the door to where his sister stood very much trying to remain out of sight ’’See for your self’’ Chloe followed her husband’s glare to the door and saw her sister-an law standing there

‘’Belle? Oh my god is that really you?’’ She asked in disbelieve, she shot from the booth and ran to her best friend and long lost sister-an law

As the two friends reunited there were hugs, tears, and laughter, Brady chuckled it was like they hadn’t seen each other in a thousand years, when the truth of the matter was the three saw each other back in July, when Chloe was performing at the met in madam butterfly, and after the show they all went to dinner, then after ward they abandoned him for a late night shopping spree.

The two re-joined Brady at the booth and set on ether side of him he smiled and wrapped an arm around each of them ’’My girls’’ he exclaimed proudly, the two woman rolled there eyes and laughed kissing him on each cheek. Belle then proceeded to sigh and began to complain about how tiresome and long her flight was, she explained that she had to leave Paris 12:00 am Paris time to get here at 7:00am their time, it was Brady ’s turn to roll his eyes as she exclaimed it was all his fault

‘’Oh you love me and you know it’’ he replied ginning

‘’An only god knows why’’ his wife and sister exclaimed in unison

A few Seconds later a smiling Caroline Brady appeared at their table ready to take their orders, she was amazed, to see whom was seated at the booth with two of her best customers ’’ Belle? Sweetheart it’s so good to see you, we’ve missed you around here sweetie‘’ she hugged Belle tightly, ‘’Now what will it be… on the house’’ she told them

‘’Thanks Ms Brady I’ve missed it here’’ Belle told her sincerely, they placed their meal request with Belle ordering a short stack of pancakes, beacon, eggs, and sausage ’’Jeez Tink hungry much’’ Brady teased earning him a slap on the arm from his wife

‘’Twelve hour flight Brady Twelve hours‘’ Belle reminded her Brother

The threesome finished their meal a short while later and were just about ready to leave, Brady tried to pay for breakfast but Caroline would have non of it, she refused and told him she meant what she said about it being on the house just as they approached the door Caroline called out to her ’’ Belle sweetie it’s really good to have you home and you should stop in on Bo and Hope they‘ll be thrilled to see you’’ she said in all honesty

‘’Ok I will, thanks Ms Brady’’ Belle smiled

Belle set back and listened as Chloe and Brady fought over who got her for the day, Chloe wanted to take her shopping and spend the day catching her up on the residences of Salem, Belle laughed to herself as Brady pointedly told his wife they could gossip later, Brady won the argument so Belle told Chloe she meet up with her later, after she went to the Salem Inn and unpacked her things

‘’The Salem Inn??’’ Brady asked as if surprised even a little hurt by his sister assumption ’’Belle I thought you would want --’’

‘’To stay with us’’ Chloe interjected finishing her husbands’ thought

‘’Oh you guys that’s very sweet to offer but I couldn’t impose’’ she told them

‘’impose? Who would you be imposing upon excitedly? We’d love to have you’’ Chloe told her in all sincerely ’’in-fact we insist’’ Chloe looked over at Brady to see him nodding in complete agreement

‘’Absolutely,’’ Brady also agreed

Belle smiled she hadn’t been home in so long she’d almost forgotten what it truly meant to be loved, the realization of being home for the holidays set in as a song on the radio began to play…..

I'm dreamin' tonight of a place I love
Even more then I usually do
And although I know it's a long road back
I promise you

I'll be home for Christmas
You can count on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents under the tree

Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love light beams
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams

I'll be home for Christmas
You can count on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents under the tree

Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love light beams
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams
If only in my dreams

The memories over ridded her, Christmas eve at the Brady Pub, being surrounded by love-ones. .A warm feeling came over her, purer utter joy filled her heart. Belle sang along with the timeless words and smiled there was no other place she’d rather be but here in Salem at home for Christmas the snowy city wiz passed, a smile spread across Belle’s face as they drove into downtown Salem, they made a quick stop drooping Chloe off at the consorted hall that Victor had billed in memory of his dear departed Isabella. ‘’Does he know?’’ Belle asked as they pulled up to the Basic Black buildings a few minutes

‘’Nope.’’ was Brady’s only response

12:00 noon

John Black was buried in a mountain of paperwork, he was looking over a proposal for a new line from a new up and coming designer. She wanted his backing they had been friends for sometime and from what John saw she had and incredible talent, he would call Belle tomorrow and make the necessary arrangements to put Belle on this project personally as requested,. John knew she would be thrilled and jump at this opportunity to work with her old friend again as a matter of fact he was pretty sure if he didn’t assign Belle to this business venture there’d be hell to pay. his thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door .’’Come in ’’ he called out never bothering to look from his work.

Belle stood in the doorway with tears in her eyes she hadn’t seen her father in what felt like forever, she heard him call out never looking up she smiled and moved into the offers but John never stirred from his work. Belle stared at her father with utter amazement as she took in the sight of him, he looked as if he hadn’t aged at all except of the light dusting of gray that was visible throughout his still full head of hair, her heart ached to be in the loving arms of her father, it had been so long. She took a deep breath trying to stop the tears that were ready to spill. ’’ Daddy’’ she managed in a tear streaked voice

Johns’ head snapped up and he latterly let out a gasp of breath, as he looked into the blue eyes of his baby girl ‘’Isabella?’’ he asked in complete disbelieve, he didn’t wait for a response he made his way around his disk and took her into his arms swaging her around with delight as his joyful laugh filled the room, ’’Oh Izzy b I’ve missed you so much.’’ John exclaimed with tears of pure love and joy in his eyes

‘’Hi daddy.’’ Belle said though a delighted giggle her arms hanging loosely around his neck as he lowered her feet back to the grown, his arms encircled her small frame taking her into a deep hug. ’’I love you Daddy and I’ve missed you,’’ she told her father though own her tears.

‘’I’ve missed you to Isabella, more then you will ever know.’’ Johns’ voice held a hint of sadness as he spoke

Belle felt a small ache in her heart, at time lost with her father, after everything that happened Belle left feeling hurt and betrayed by her mother and cut off contact with Marlena after a big fallout they had just before she had left town, as a result she hardly spoke with her beloved father and for that she was truly regretful. John looked down at his daughter and smiled. ’’How did you sneak into town without me knowing Izzy?’’ he asked in amusement as his eye brow arched half and inch .

John laughed heartily as Belle told him how Brady called the night before pleading with her to come home, telling her that it was his one and only wish for his tink to be home in Salem for Christmas. She explained in the same pathetic whiney voice Brady used, she agreed on the conation that no-one knew. .John told her he was very prod of the strong and successful women that stood before him. Truth be told Belle didn’t feel that way it was all and act as far as she was concerned , she never let people see how miserable she really was. There were Very few people that knew the real Belle Black.

John was showing Belle the new proposal and just as he thought she was beyond thrilled, she told him would get started on this tonight. John snatched the folder back and quickly reminded her that she was on vacation and he wanted her to enjoy it.

‘’How about lunch.‘’ John offered glancing between Belle and Brady the two siblings looked at each other sharing the same thought and then back at their father. They declined and agreed to dinner at Tuscany instead .

‘’I love you daddy.’’ Belle kissed her fathers’ cheek gently, ‘’See you tonight,’’ she said with a bit of hesitancy laced in her voice. Belle knew her mother would be there and she wasn’t quite ready to see Marlena, nonetheless she just couldn’t disappoint her father especially not when he was so happy.


Hours later Belle and Chloe were getting ready to go to dinner at Tuscany, running back and forth between the bathroom as they finished their makeup and hair together. Brady was taking it all in stride as he watched the madness unfold before him, he buttoned his crisp white dress shirt then went in search of his tie. Meanwhile the women did one last makeup and hair check with every hair in place and flawless makeup they were ready to face the world.

‘’Hey Chloe well you zip me up please?’’ Belle asked as she turned around and lifted her hair up so Chloe would be able to close the back of her dress

‘’Sure ’’ she smiled and zipped Belles’ dress for her. Chloe was happy to have Belle home, they decided to forgo their shopping trip and they spent most the afternoon reminiscing and drinking eggnog.. Chloe wanted Belle to open up to her, as it seemed over the past few years Belle closed herself off more and more so she was glad to have this time to be with her sister-an law.

Belle of-course retuned the favor zipping Chloe’s’ dress.’’ How do I look’’ they asked in unison as the two woman tuned to face one another

‘’You two look gorgeous.’’ Brady said from just outside the open doorway as he was trying unsuccessfully to knot his tie. ’’ But we have to go or we’re going to be late,’’ he sighed tapping his wrist watch to make his point, they just rolled their eyes at him and continued to prep. Brady walk away with a chuckle still fussing over his tie.

A few minutes later the two women re-appeared to find Brady seated on the couch, waiting for them with his undone tie still hanging loosely around his neck. He watched his wife and sister as they entered the foyer that led into the living room, they were both breathtakingly beautiful in their own way. Chloe wore a drake roil blue off the shoulders dress, with black ruffles at her arms holding the curve hugging dress in place, a black shawl was draped around her with a black clutch in hand, her makeup was on the more dramatic side and her hair was in an upsweep. Wear as Belle went the opposite root with a simple black dress, soft corals framing her face, lighter makeup with a more smoky eye. Brady let out a loud whistle showing his approval, ’’Are you ladies ready to go,’’ He asked as he stood up to make his way across the room to them

Chloe didn’t replay as she was busy knotting Brady’s ’ neck-tie for him. ’’Yes dear,’’ she teased as she finished up his tie, seconds later they were out the door and headed for dinner at Tuscany.

That night Brady walked into Tuscany with a beautiful women on each arm, his wife on one and his sister on the other, Maggie Horton happily greeted them as they entered the restaurant, hugs and kisses were passed between the women as they greeted one another. Maggie showed them to their table and told them their party should be arriving shortly.

The conversion was light as they waited for everyone to arrive, Brady could see the worry in his sister eyes. She wasn’t ready to face Marlena, he couldn’t say he blamed her. Belle had told him all about what had happened and it broke his heart because he knew Marlana now regretted what she’d said and did to both Shawn and Belle, he also knew at the time she thought she was doing the right thing for all parties involved.

John and Marlena Evens Black entered though the doors of Tuscany and were greeted by an always cheerful Maggie Horton, they were told there party was waiting and were shown to their table. As they approached the table, John heard his wife gasp in shock, he told her he had a surprises but she hadn’t expected this, she was speechless and didn’t know what to say to her estranged daughter.

Noticing her parents had finally arrived, Belle stood up greeting her father with open arms. ’’Hi Daddy,’’ she welcomed his warm embrace. ‘’Hi mom,’’ Belle excepted her mothers’ embrace as well, even though no matter how much time had past, they would never be able to bridge the gap that stood between them. Belle sill held resentment towards Marlena, that trust they once shared as mother and daughter was forever broken amongst the two woman.

‘’Hi sweet girl, it so good to have you home.’’ Marlena cringed at the way Belles’ eyes iced over and she watched as those walls of protection went up. She had lost her daughters’ faith and trust , all because of her blinders when it came to her other ‘daughter.’ At the time she thought she was right considering the circumstances. And she hadn’t realized just how much Belle was hurting, her main concern had been for Cassie’s welfare. ’’ I’m sorry for the way -- ’’

‘’Don’t mom please don’t,’’ Belle stated dryly. Marlena’s apology had fallen on deaf ears, she wasn’t in the mood to go drudging up the past and that just were it would stay along with Shawn Douglass Brady. Belle shivered at the thought of him and his deep brown eyes as they filled with love for her, she could sill feel his touch and taste his kiss, hear the sound his of low husky voice as her name fell from his lips as they made love . She blinked away these images as they flooded her mined, no he was more to blame for their fate then her mother and as furious as she was with Marlena, she was ten folds that with Shawn.

Another image entered her mind, one she had been trying to erase for years, one that disgusted and sicken her beyond believe, with a shudder Belle pushed the thought out of her mind vowing not to let the past get to her.

She was enjoying this time with her family, including, Eric and Jennie his new wife. Mike, Carrie, and Greta, who had surprised everyone by showing up with Austin Reed; her new husband. Belle was stunned as she learned that Gina, had kept a secret from John for years; Greta was his daughter. The night progressed and she listened as Mike and Carrie told of their adventures in Africa and their three Children, same with Austin and Greta as they told of their world-win romance and wedding. Austin’s eyes filled with pride as he spoke of his little Gina, named after Greta’s mother. Eric talked about his big move to Chicago and life as a newly married man. Belle welcomed all new members of the family in and teased Austin by saying he’d finally managed to work his way into this family after all, they all had a good laugh and agreed. She noted that one very important member was MIA where was Sami at. A chorus of I don’t knows and shrugs went around the table.

Belle just shook her head. No-one knows where Sami is, will something’s never change? Awhile later dinner was over and everybody was leaving, they all said their goodbyes as hugs and kisses where passed around, It’s good to be home. Belle thought in a sigh as they made their way back to Brady and Chloe’s’ that night.

song credit-lonestar's -I'll be home for Christmas

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A once in lifetime love- Chapter 5

May 28 2004, 11:59 AM 

A once in lifetime love - disclaim
Chapter 5

Saturday December 19- 7:35 am

The little feet padded their way across the carpet without a sound as sunshine spilled through the quiet cozy home in Salem, she silently crept her way to the master bedroom to find her parents still sleeping. She rubbed her sleepy hazel eyes, moving to one side of the king-sized bed and yanked at the comforter. She giggled as she heard her father groan as he awoke. ‘’Morning Daddy’’ she smiled brightly at her father as he turned over, looking down at her with tired blue eye.

To him there was no better way of waking up on a Saturday morning, he smiled and run a hand through his dirty blond hair. Phillip looked down to see his five years old daughter smiling up at him. ‘’Morning peanut’’ he replied glaring at the clock and saw the time on the clock read 7:38; Reagan Kiriakis was a precocious child who inherited her fathers’ charm, dimples and adventurous nature with her mother’s gift for gab, spunk and zest for life, with the Kiriakis determination. ‘’Isn’t it a little early peanut?’’ Phillip asked his voice still raspy with sleep.

Reagan ginned flashing her dimples at him, reaching out to her father.’’ I want to watched cartoons with you’’ she requested sweetly, Phillip’s heart was bursting with love she and her Mother where his entire world and Phillip loved them with all his heart, he scooped his little daughter up as she smiled at him. She was the mini version of Mimi, right down to her hazel eyes and mousy brown hair. He settled her next to him as she snuggled under the covers

‘’Comfy?’’ he asked looking down at her.


She nodded as he picked up the remote and flipped through the channels, turning to the classic cartoon station, father and daughter settled in for a Saturday morning of classic cartoons

When Mimi woke later that morning, she rolled over and saw Phillip sleeping with Reagan nestled against his chest, Mimi smiled as she thought about how lucky she was to have these two here with her right now, she love them with everything in her. Yes they started out a bit early, but she wouldn’t change a thing. Mimi watched as her family slept soundly in their king-sized bed and sighed, she had the life most woman only dreamt about she was, Mrs. Phillip Kiriakis; Mimi rose from the bed and made her way around to where her husband and daughter slept peacefully, she planted a kiss on her daughter’s forehead and then moved to the love of her life, kissing him sweetly on the lips. ‘’I love you Mr. Kiriakis,‘’ she whispered softly in his ear so only he can hear.

She then left the room, closeting the door gently behind her, Mimi made her way to the kitchen to make breakfast for her family, she turn on the radio and begin to gather the ingredients she would need to make flapjacks, beacon and eggs. Mimi swaged to the beat of her new favorite Christmas song as she cooked

Ooooo, don't you think it's a pretty good plan?
All I want for christmas is a real good tan..

All I want for Christmas is a real good tan,
take me to the Islands put my feet in the sand,
rockin' to and fro with the rhythm of the ocean.
singin Silent Night with the palm trees blowin'..,

Mimi sang along happily off key while she prepared breakfast for her loved ones, who where still sleeping soundly in the bedroom, she loved to cook there was just something about it that made her feel good . She didn’t get to cook much these days with her demanding job and schedule, yes she loved what she did although she sometime wonder if her time wasn’t better spent at home with Reagan but when she really thought about it she had the best of both worlds her schedule was fixable depending on her workload, she was very grateful to Victor for his understanding, although it was partly due to the fact Reagan was his only granddaughter

She counted to mix the batter as the small of beacon and eggs, wafted through the small house. she felt a strong pair of arms enclosed her waist and pulled her angst his chest ’’I love you to Mrs. Kiriakis’’ Phillip whispered while nabbing gently at her ear causing her to moan softly, she cocked her head sidelong to smile up at him pulling him into passionate kiss

‘’Hmmmmm mornin’ you’’ Mimi said lazily as she got lost in thoughts baby blues of his briefly forgetting the food cooking on the stove.

Ooooo, don't you think it's a pretty good plan?
All I want for christmas is a real good tan..

Well, if you're thinkin' bout getting me a present this year,
let me put a bug in your cute little ear

‘’Should I take that as a hint Meems?’’ Phillip asked jokingly, referring to the words of song as she swaged to the music, singing along.

‘’Couldn’t hurt’’ she replied simply with an innocent
smile continuing to sing along with the words

How bout 2 tickets to a tropical shore,
where we don't have to wear these winter clothes anymore,
instead of turkey we'll have Mahai, Mahai grill,
and Pina Coladas in the blender chillin'..

‘’Oh really’’ he trawled her in his arms to face him, flashing her that irresistible boyish grin. ’’Well have you been a good girl all year?‘’ he asked in a low seductive voice that made her toes coral and her heartbeat speed reapply

‘’Hmmmmm’’ All thoughts of breakfast were forgotten as she was still lost in those baby blues of his, he pulled her closer as they engaged in a seductive rhythm getting lost in their own world, she rested her head on her husbands shoulder as he wrapped an arm around her waste ’’Not really you see I’ve been very ….very naughty’’ she husked in his ear

‘’Oh…well why don’t you show me just how naughty you can be’’ he gave her a suggestive wink

‘’My pleasure Mr. Kiriakis’’ her solute low voice held the promise of more then a dance and he was more then willing to please her in everyway, his lips met her and the world seem to fade away ’’Later…’’

All I want for Christmas is a real good tan,
take me to the Islands put my feet in the sand,
rockin' to and fro with the rhythm of the ocean,
singin Silent Night with the palm trees blowin'..

Ooooo, don't you think it's a pretty good plan?
All I want for christmas is a real good tan..

They danced their way around the kitchen, their foreheads touched as they gazed adoringly in each other eyes, in misted of the magic spell the holidays seem caste on everyone. Philip was awed by her simple beauty, he often wonder why he hadn’t seen what was in front of him the hole time.

The way she would look at him when she thought he wasn’t paying attend…. The way she lit up as she laughed at his dumb jokes….. The way she always eat her mint chocolate chipper ice came with potato chippers … The way her giggle could brighten his day…… Her endless mine-numbing chit-chat ….The way she curled her body up to his as he claimed into bad each night……

He loved everything about her

Well everybody's praying for a Christmas so white,
come to think about it, that'd be alright,
as long as it's sand and not snow on the ground,
and everyday our skin gets a little more brown,
We'll string some lights in a coconut tree,
I'll rub some oil on you, and you can rub some on me..

She was everything he ever wanted and never knew

All I want for Christmas is a real good tan,
I can see us baby on the beach hand in hand,
rockin' to and fro with the rhythm of the ocean..
Baby won't you say you and me we'll be going?
Ooooo, I can almost feel my toes in the sand,
All I want for Christmas is a real good tan..

Don't worry baby, we'll celebrate plenty,
I'll buy you some shades and a brand new bikini..
We won't have to worry about the holiday rush,
it'll be you and me fallin' deeper in love.

‘’I love you Miriam Lockhart- Kiriakis’’‘Phillip whisper as his eyes blazed with love and desire

‘‘’I love you Phillip Robert -Kiriakis‘’ she breathed

Ooooo, don't you think it's a pretty good plan?
All I want for christmas is a real good tan..

All I want for christmas is a real good tan..

The song ended but they were to lost in one another to notice, Phillip laid a hand on her cheek and smiled god he loved her ….This women right hear in his arms and their little girl more then life it’s self. Their lips met for a tender kiss that quickly deepen into a more passionate embrace. His hands begin to Rome her body, his hand creped under her t-shirt and he started nipping at her neck causing her to moan gently. Phillip groaned as he heard the muffle sound of soft a giggle coming from the doorway, he turn his head slightly to find their daughter peeking around the doorframe. ‘’Looks like we’ve got company’’ he mumbled before he stole one last kiss then made his way to the door, scooping Reagan up prompting her up on his hip

‘’Morning mommy, what’s for breakfast’’ she asked rather innocently

Phillip and Mimi exchange a knowing stare he gave Mimi a devilish grin and responded ’’Mommy burnt breakfast do you believe that’’ he chuckle with mirth.

‘’Only because Daddy distracted me’’ Mimi rebuffed as she snapped the dishtowel that she retrieved form the fridge handle agents the back of Phillips’ head

‘’Can I help you cook breakfast mommy?’’

’’Yes cutie-face you can’’ Mimi answered with a smile and took Reagan from her fathers arms into her own, taking her over to the counter and setting her on-top of it as Mimi grabbed the eggs and beacon form the fridge and pancake mix from the cabinet

‘’But what’s daddy gonna do, he can’t cook’’ Reagan giggled at her father who simply rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue out at her

Mimi put the plastic mixing blow on the counter, pouring pancake mix into it then reach up opening the cabinet. ‘’While he can set the table’’ Mimi responded as she retrieved the plate’s from the cabinet handing them to Phillip, Mimi watch as Reagan mixed the batter and smiled with pride, she knew she could have breakfast ready in half the time but she was bond and determined to give Reagan the childhood she never had, Mimi wanted to give Reagan a sense security and self-wreath that she never had growing up. ‘’Done?’’ Mimi asked as she took the blow, taking over stirring duties from her little girl

‘’Yeah’’ Reagan replied with a nod

‘’Good, then go get cleaned up please’’

As Mimi finished cooking breakfast, Reagan went to get washed up and Phillip decided to pick up were they left off before they were interrupted….he came up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist and softly nuzzled his nose in the crock of her neck he pressed a tender kiss there. ‘’Oh… no Not this time mister,‘’ Mimi scolded as she continued the task at hand; Breakfast was soon on the table and the small Kiriakis clan gather to enjoy this rare family time together.

After breakfast, the Kiriakis family settle in for an afternoon of movie watching it was the perfect way to spend a quite Saturday afternoon. Phillip and Mimi set snuggling on the couch with Reagan nestled in between them, they were all engrossed in the middle of The Wizard Of Oz. When the doorbell sounded however neither Mimi nor Reagan made a move for the door. Phillip rose from the couch and made his way towards the door to answered it ‘’Coming’’ he yelled as the doorbell pinged again


Belle and Chloe stood on the porch of the Kiriakis home, they decided to spend the day at Salem place shopping and wanted Mimi to join them. As the door opened, Belle smiled as she watch the shock and surprised wash over his face, she hadn’t scene Phillip, Mimi or Reagan in three years ’’Hey Phil….’’ Belle said on a giggle as he pulled into a brotherly huge. ’’How are you? How’s Meems, and Reagan?’’ she asked with a bright smile as he released her

‘’Belle?? What in the world…..’’ he picked her up spinning her around ’’How ….where ….when…..’’ Phillip Kiriakis was completely utterly speechless as he realized just who was at his door, Philip put Belle down and ushered them both into the house out of the cold.

‘’Phil who at the door…’’ Mimi’s words trilled away as she come to stand just behind her husband, ’’Belle?‘’ she gasped in disbelieve at the sight of best friend, ‘’Oh my god…Ohmigod…how did you…when did you….?’’ Mimi question tears streaming down her face. ‘’Oh my god, BELLE!!’’ Mimi exclaimed as the two woman fell into a tearful embrace. ‘’I’ve missed you Belle’’ Mimi sniffled

‘’I’ve missed you too Meems, I’ve missed you so much,’’ Belle felt a ping of guilt tug at her heart, the events of the last few years caused Belle to pull away from all her friends and it was time to make amends. ‘’I’m sorry Meems,’’ Belle apologized for her sudden distance over the last few years.‘’ So do you what to come shopping with us?’’ she asked whipping the tear a way

‘’Absolutely, we’ve got a lot of time to makeup for missy’’ Mimi knew she was just as much to blame for their friendship falling by waste sided over the years and she wouldn’t let Belle bear that guilt alone, she wasn’t sure of the events that took place over the last few years because Belle closed herself off and wasn’t as welling to open up, she did however note the changes in her friend there was an unspoken pain and sadness in her eyes.

Phillip caught Mimi by the waist and wrapped her up in his arms causing her to let out a playful sheik as she wiggled against his hold trying to escape his hands tickling her side ’’Are you leavening me Meems’’ he asked with a pout

‘’Yes but we promise to bring her back to you in one piece, ’’ Chloe teased as she pulled Mimi to her side helping her break away from Phillip’s ticklish fingers ‘’Hey Reagan!’’ she called out walking into the living room ’’Mom, aunt Belle and I going shopping want to come?’’

‘’Yeah!!!’’ she disappear down the hall into her room, retrieving her navy blue bulky winter coat, her hat and one of her gloves ‘’MOM! I CAN’T FIND MY GLOVE.’’ she yelled after she made a quick sweep of her bedroom

Mimi sighed ‘’Coming’’ she yelled as she rolled her eyes, Mimi made her way down the hall to her daughter’s room to help Reagan look for the missing glove, they retuned to the living room a few moments later after recovering the missing glove, which was stuffed inside one of Reagan’s ice-skate’s. Reagan donned her heavy winter wear ready to brave the harsh winter weather for a day of shopping at Salem place with her mother and two aunts.

‘’Are we ready to go?’’ Chloe asked, she wanted to get her plan underway

“Excuse me but what I’m suppose to do while you ladies are out gallivanting Salem?’’ Phillip griped with his arms folded over his chest pouting.

‘’Don’t worry Phil I’ve gotcha cover’’ Brady stood just inside the door frame as he leaned up against the wooden frame, motioning with one hand to the videogame unit that was tucked under his other arm, raising one eyebrow in a silent challenge. ‘’Ready to lose Uncle Phil,’’ Brady challenged further, nevertheless there was no bad blood between the two, Phillip and Brady were finally able to lay the past to rest the same day Phillip kirikais leaned the meaning of true love, the day his daughter Reagan kirikais made her entrance into this world, marring her mother six week later and he’s been happy ever since

‘’In your dreams Black,’’ Phillip retorted, the two grown men raced over to television, hooking up the videogame unit in no time flat and were now intensely immersed in the game. The three woman looked on in amusement and shook their heads at the men they loved

’’Buy peanut, I love you ’’ Phillip hugged Reagan, then turned to his wife ’’And we’ll pick up were we left off later Mrs. Krikais,’’ he whispered in her ear sending a wink her way

‘’Buy Daddy, love you too’’

‘’Now you boys play nice’’ Chloe teased leaning just inside the opened doorway

‘’Yes no blood shed you two’’ Mimi further mimicked as she grapped her keys and purse, taking Reagan hand following Chloe out the door

‘’Buy boys…have fun’’ Belle laughed as she closed the door behind them

Several hours later all four were in Barren’s department store rummaging though racks and racks of clothing as they searched out new entities for their wardrobes, although both Chloe and Mimi had another agenda, they were on a mission to get Belle to attend the Brady Pub Christmas eve party, that was their quest for this week anyway.

Belle rolled her eyes once again as she listened to her friends dropping subtle hints about the Brady pub Christmas eve party, she had instantly caught on to what they were doing, it was growing old and fast. She waited patiently for Chloe and Mimi to come out of the dressing rooms, she let a loud gasp pass from her lips as her friends exited the fitting room in their selected party attire, both women were absolutely stunning Belle stared in absolute amazement of her two best friends and told them how gorgeous they looked, they soon paid for their purchases and left the department store

‘’What about my dress mommy’’ Reagan Krikais would be the first to tell you she was a self proclaimed tomboy, she cold climb trees, make mud pies or swing a bat just as good or even better then most of the boys which made her father very proud, but even so when her mother told her she could attend the Brady pub Christmas party with her parents this year, she could hardly wait to pick out a party dress and get all dressed up like she’d seen her mother do time and time again.

Mimi smiled down at her young daughter ‘’You’ll get your dress sweetie,’’ she promised as they made their way though the hustle and bushel, taking in the sighs and sounds of the holiday season they continued down the snowy, lace sidewalk. They saw the store windows were decorated to the nines in white lights, the scène within the windows was a magical winter-wonderland that had all four of them mesmerized as the little figures skated around the winter scène and the snow fall around them

They made their way towards Java Café, and then took a seat at the outdoor Coffee shop, taking in all the seasonal decoration. Winter was Belles’ Favorite time of year, to her it was a magical time where anything was possible she look around at the picturesque town that was Salem Illinois, the white twinkle lights that were wrapped around the tree branches, colorful twinkle lights that trimmed each store window and rooftops the holiday shoppers as they rushed around trying to finishes their Christmas shopping, she was brought back to reality as Mimi returned to the table with their hot beverages ‘’Two double mocha lattés and two hot chocolates,’’ she confirmed as she passed everyone their drinks.

They were at a lose for their plans for the rest of the day and were trying to decide where to go from here when Reagan piped up with her suggestion, ’’Can we go ice-skating?’’ She asked sweetly her hazel green eyes danced with mischief hoping they would go along with her idea

‘’Oh I don’t known Reagan…..’’


‘’Eeeeekkkkkk!!!! Chloe help me’’ Mimi squealed slipping and sliding her way across the slick ice trying to regain her sense of balance.

‘’Help you, sorry Meems but I can barely stand on my own skates, AHHHHH!!!!!‘’ Chloe screeched in a fit of laughter as Mimi grabbed on to her arm looking for an achier.

The two friends held hands as they tripped and stumbled their way off the ice but somehow they found their way back to solid ground and off the slippery smooth surfaces, Chloe and Mimi had two more lattés in hand and were now watching Belle and Reagan skating effortlessly across the ice.

Fourthly-five mines later, Belle and Reagan were still making loops around the ice as Chloe and Mimi watched in amusement from the sidelines and decided to set this round out, while on the ice Belle was attempting to teach Reagan how to make a figure-eight, after a few tries she seemed to be getting the hang of it and was simply delighted with the fact that it was her aunt Belle who taught her how, Belle was in the middle of another figure-eight when she lost her balance twisting her ankle and scraping her knee as she fell. Chloe, Mimi, and Reagan were all at her side in moments making sure she was alright, they deiced to call it a night and head for dinner, helping her to the car they were soon making their way to The Brady Pub for dinner.

Twenty-five mines later the foursome made their way though the entrance of the homey Pub, they settle in the back booth along the wall, Chloe and Mimi were seated so they had a clear view of the door as customers came and went, Belle departed to the ladies room to tend to her injury’s just as the bell above the door jingled signaling someone entering the Pub, they waited on bated breath as he walked into the family restaurant clung in a leather jacket and an old faded pair of levies, he came to the pub every night around this time for his usual order of a Brady burger and clam chowder to go, Shawn Brady sat at the bar taking with his grandmother Caroline as he waited for his food

She slowly limped her way back to the table, baring to much weight on her sore foot, she inhaled sharply as an intense pain shot straight though her sore ankle causing her to stumble, losing her balance, falling backwards right into a strong pair of arms, he caught her small waist in his strong hold as his warm brown eyes swept over her face and he was left breathless at the sight of her, his angel had just fallen back into his arms his eye finally lock on hers. Almost instantly she felt a sense of warmth that was all too familiar as a gentle hand caught her middle. Belle relished in the warm embrace that sent quivers though her entire body, her Crystal blue glare connected to the passionate hazelnut eyes of her past, ‘’Shawn?’’ she gasped

‘’Isabella,’’ he breathed her name in a quiet prayer, she was more beautiful then he remembered, her radiant angelic features had matured, any traces of childhood were now gone, an amazingly beautiful women left in it’s place, her hair was like spun golden silk as it framed her face in soft luscious corals. As her blue eyes lock on his, Shawn watched a flicker of sadness pass though her eyes it’s was quickly replaced by anger and hurt, her eyes then iced over reveling coldness and hatred, he closed his eye sighing in despair, she had every right to hate him after everything that happened. ‘’Are you alright’’ he asked in great concern as he helped to steady her onto her feet again.

She felt the warmth of his hand still at her back, ’’Yes! Thank you’’ she all but sneered as she hastily tried to moved away from him cringing as her foot throbbed in pain she turned away not able to stand the sight of him, the man that shattered her heart to pieces, betraying her trust once again, this time in the worst way possible . She pushed memories of her painful past out of her mined as she continued to hobble away

‘’Are you sure your alright?’’ he asked once more as he saw the way she was limping and felt the need to land a head, she struggled against his hold in protest as he caught her gently slipping an arm around her waist supporting her bodyweight. ‘’What happen to your foot ’’ he observed as he helped her back to the booth where Mimi and Chloe were seated with Reagan

‘’I twisted it ice-skating. It’s fin…’’

Before she could finish her sentence, he had her seated telling her to stay put as he disappeared, and after a quick conversation with Caroline he came back armed and dangerous; so to speak with a first aide kit in hand Belle was stunned speechless as he rolled up her pant leg to tend to her foot without a word Shawn removed her shoe and sock to assess the sprain better, looking up at her as he applied slight pressure to her swollen foot watching with a keen eye as her teeth worried her bottom lip ‘’Any pain?’’ he questioned already knowing the answer by the expression on her face.

‘’No.’’ she lied though her gritted teeth, he simply shrugged and wrapped her foot in an ace bandage and then he skimped her leg gently looking for any other injury’s, she flinched as he came upon her skinned knee, rolling up her pant leg further above her knee to assess and clan the wound with peroxide, she jumped slightly in anticipation of the sting from the medicine.

‘’It won’t burn,’’ Shawn chuckled softly as he began to clean and dress the wound, as he finished his task as the soft vibration of his pager caught his attention, ‘’Damn’’ he cursed as he checked his beeper he was on call and being summoned to the hospital. Shawn thought about his vow from a few nights before he would do almost anything, to get her back ’’I’ve missed you Isabella’’ he whispered bushing a soft butterfly kiss to her cheek, Shawn made his way to the exit pausing briefly. And I love you, still he thought as he caught her glare across the room before exiting the pub with his usual order to go

Song Credits: All I want for christmas is a real good tan

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A once in lifetime love Chapter 6

October 8 2004, 3:25 PM 

A once in lifetime love - disclaim
Chapter 6 -nc17 teaser

Sunday December 20th- 10am

Sami sat in deep thought over how much had changed in her life how much she had changed and the almost deadly consequents finally causing her to get a big douse of reality, her accident at the Dimera mansions was one of those factors that set in motion a life changing curse of events that no one saw coming least of all Sami herself. Her recovery time was slow coming she literally couldn’t speak, forcing her deepened on someone else for the first time in a longtime. Once Sami was forced to just shut up she found the love and support that she thirsted for in the last place she’d ever expected to fine it, her one time best friend and father of her son will, Lucas Roberts. Lucas help her though her very painful recovery process and Slowly but surely they begin to rebuild their friendship and she found herself opening up emotionally to him witch was something she was very anxious about doing for fear of being hurt again, nether Austin nor Brenda could accepted or love her for who she was and so she was leery of any relationship but with Lucas she could just be Sami, over the long recovery pried he was there when she was in need of a friend, and he seemed to be in tune with her wants, needs, desirers and fears.

During the long-drawn-out painful recovery process both emotionally and physically Sami began to suffer from depression, witch took a toll on her emotional stability to mask the pain she felt over her past Sami become depended on her prescription demurral pills, she hid her addiction to the pain killers for almost a year before Lucas became suspicions, they had one of their massive blowouts and she broke down becoming hysterical and attacked Lucas spewing spiteful words in every which way after he took the prescription away then dragged her to University hospital, kicking and screaming telling her that it was for her own good and so she began hole different type of recovery process, Lucas stood by her though her time in the hospital as did her family. Her six weeks in rehab were life changing she began to talk to a psychiatrist who helped her work though and deal with her hatred towards her step-father and her issues with both of her parents. Sami was finally forced to deal with her feeling head on, everything from her feeling of guilt and abandonment when it came to John, and her parents to her fear of never being truly love by a man and even her growing feeling for Lucas Roberts.

After six weeks Sami returned home with a hole new outlook on life, she was honestly welling to make a fresh start with everyone including Lucas, suddenly six months had past and Lucas had been there when she felt on edge or needed to talk, she found it was easer to converse with Lucas because he had been there, he brought her down off the ledge more then once, he held her when she cried and for the first time he made her feel as if she wasn’t alone. Sami decided to attended Salem university and she earned a bachelor degree in business an marketing, she and Lucas had also begun to date however they had agreed to take thing slowly, after a year of sobriety Lucas took her out to celebrity with a nigh out at the penthouse grill, where Sami got the surprises of a lifetime when Lucas not only told Sami that he loved her but then got down one knee and asked for her hand in marriage…..

Lucas and Sami had enter the penthouse grill that night surrounded with family and friends, he had been secretive all night she knew something was up because Lucas just couldn’t keep his lopsided smirk to himself.

‘’Lucas, where have you been?‘’

‘’Wasn't it you who said you can't rush romance? Come on, I got a surprise for you.’’


‘’On the dance floor, front and center. Come on.‘’. He replied taking her hand leading her to the center of the dance floor. ‘’Thank you‘’ Lucas respond to the man who handed him a microphone.

‘’Oh, my gosh, Lucas, what have you done?’’ She asked flustered.

‘’Relax, relax‘’ he assured her with a lopsided smirk, ‘’Excuse me, everyone. May I have your attention, please?’’ Once he had everyone’s attention he nervously continued on ’’ I, uh, I apologize. I don't mean to interrupt your beautiful evening, but... I'd like you all to share in an incredible moment as I ask the most beautiful woman in the world to be my wife.‘’ A collative gasp was shared by everyone around the room ‘’That's right. Now, I know, to most of you, this comes as a surprise. Sami and I haven't always gotten along too well. In fact, we've... dedicated most of our lives to making each other miserable. But we've managed to call a truce for the sake of our son. If you ask me, I think it happened at the perfect time. As you all are aware, it's been a very, very difficult year for us. And I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but... somehow, these former enemies turned to each other and relied on each other. And in the process, they... they fell in love. ‘’ Lucas’s’ eyes locked on her as if she was the only one he could see, as if he was speaking to her and her alone. ‘’Maybe we saw a side to each other that we never saw before. I know I saw a person who hurt and loved more deeply than anyone I have ever seen in my life. Yes she is reluctant to marry me, Yes she is reluctant to trust me. And I'm hoping this will change her mind.’’ The lights were lowered as spot light fell upon the two of them as their glairs lock on one another again and Lucas began to sing ….

When a man
loves a woman
he can't keep his mind
on nothing else
he'll trade the world
for the good thing
he's found

if she's bad
he can't see it
she can do no wrong
turn his back
on his best friend
if he put her down

when a man loves a woman
down deep in his soul
she can bring him
such misery
yeah, if she's playing him
for a fool
he's the very last one
to know

lovin' eyes
don't ever see
so this man says
do you love me?

will you give me everything
the earth has?
Trying to hold on
to my precious one
crying, baby
baby, please
don't treat me so bad

when a man loves a woman
he can do no wrong
he'd never hold
another girl
oh, you tell me
that you love me
you gonna hold me tight
ooh, ooh

When a man
loves a woman
that's the way
it ought to be

Dropping to one knee he looked up into her eyes and spoke straight from his heart. ‘’Samantha Jean Brady, the mother of my son and the true love of my life, will you make me the happiest man in the world? Will you marry me?’’ Lucas asked as he opened the ring box anther gasp was heard throughout the room as they waited on bated breath for her answer, she was so stunned and overcome with emotions she couldn’t speak, what seemingly felt like seconds to her was in all actuality the longest five minutes of Lucas Roberts life ‘’So... will you accept my proposal, or are you gonna leave me down here all night?’’ he asked nervously.

‘’Lucas, of course I'll marry you,‘’ she finally answered him as tears of joy ran down her face. Applause exploded though the penthouse grill as he slipped the Princess-Cut Three-Stone Platinum ring onto her finger, two waiters appeared with a dozen roses and a box of Chocolates, he pulled her into a deep passionate kiss, one that spoke of abiding love and trust it seemed after everything they had been through together for better or worse Lucas and Sami were finally going to get their happy-ending, little did they know it was only the beginning of something beautiful.


Sami was being twirled around the dance floor by her fiancé, Lucas Roberts he pulled her back towards him and give her that lopsided smirk once again. ’’I have one last surprises for you’’ he whispered so only she could hear, before she could respond Lucas spun her around on her heels and she gasped in shock

‘’Eric!?’’ she exclaimed happily throwing her arms around her twin bother.

‘’May I cut in’’ Eric asked as his eyes shined with brotherly pried, Lucas stepped aside so Eric could take his place she moved into the familiarity of her bother arms ’’Congratulations!!’’ he offered proudly as they moved around the dance floor with eases.

Looking up meeting her bother eyes, Sami sensed his uneasiness as they continued to move around the dance floor, she knew Eric felt guilty about not being there in her time of need, truth be told he was ’there’ when ever she needed him to be, she felt his love and support even if he wasn’t physically there he still was in only a way he could be. ‘’I love you Eric,’’ she said her vice braking a bit with emotions.

‘’I love you to Sami.’’

Eric breathed a sigh of relief knowing she understood however that silent understanding was left unsaid as she met his eyes once more ’’I need a favor Eric.’’ She asked almost timidly, he eyed her curiously then smiled encouraging her to continue. ‘’Will you walk me down the ail.’’

‘’It would be my honor Samantha Jean.’’

And so that fall they made it official and tied the knot in September of 2005, with just their closeted friends and family present and yes much to Sami’s dismay that included her future Mother- in law Kate Roberts- Brady, since Kate had married her father Roman the previous new years eve. As promised Eric walked her down the ail, she’d never forget the awe-struck look on Lucas’s face as she walked towards him down the ail. The moment their eyes connected she knew this was forever.

Soon there after, Sami was offered a executive level position at Basic Black, for once Sami decided to put her scheming way to good uses and became one of the most feared yet respected corporate Rater in the country. Sami went up ageist some of the most powerful men in the country without blinking an eye, she was always the top of her game seeing as it’s what she did best. Sami Brady-Roberts was a force to be whickered with and she loved it. The door bell rang bringing her mine out of her thoughts as she looked down at her paperwork and groaned, she had to sing off on this deal with the new B&B cosmetics and with a flick of her golden ballpoint pen a another takeover was complete.

Finally Sami pulled herself away form the last of her paperwork and went to answer the door as the bell pealed again.


Belle stood nervously on the other side of that same door, hopping that Sami wouldn’t slam it right back in her face, she knew about the accident Sami had been in and she also knew about her battle with addiction to prescription pain pill. Belle was raddled with guilt, she felt horrible about not being there for her sister when she had needed her the most; Belle was mad, mad at herself for not being able to sum up enough emotional strength to come home and be there for Sami, mad at her mother and Shawn for betraying her trust the way they had, mad at the world for being such a cruel place, she learned that the heard way.

As Sami opened the door a surprised expression crossed her face, she was beyond thrilled to fined her sister Belle on the opponent side of the door. ‘’Belle?’’ Sami instantly pulled the younger woman into a huge

‘’Hi Sami’’ Belle retuned her sisters’ warm embrace. ‘’It so good to see you,’’ she said, breathing a sigh of relief. ‘’I was wondering if you wanted to go out to brunch and catch up’’ she asked sweetly.

‘’Sure sweetie, I’ll be right back ok’’ Sami scrabbled a note to Lucas letting him know she’d be back later, they then left making there way to the pub for brunch.

Belle listened intensely as Sami told her of all her trials and tribulations from her fall through the glass doors at the Dimera mansions, to her long and painful recovery process which ultimately led her to a battle with depression and prescription pain killers. Sami explained about her short stay in rehab and how it helped her to heal emotionally from the scares of her past and make amends with loved ones, ‘’Even John’’ Sami stated proudly. She then proceeded to tell Belle how she attended Salem U and had earned a business degree and that she now worked for Basic Black. Sami intern try to get Belle to open up about her life but just as she had expected it was to no avail, the shadowed hurt and pain was still visible in her sister eyes and Sami had a feeling it ran deeper then anyone knew.

Belle sat in completely awe of her big sisters’ story it seemed that Sami had done just fine all by herself, although Belle knew of Sami’s struggles she hadn’t known just how strong her sister could be ’’I’m proud of you Sami, I mean look at you, all grown up’’ Belle said in all seriousness.

‘’Your not the only one.’’ Came a deep voice from behind Sami as two hands covered her eyes, Belle watched in shocked amusement as Lucas continued to tease her sister, he should really know better then that. ‘’Guess who? ’’ he asked

‘’Now Brandon, you know we can’t be seen together I’m a married woman’’ she just loved to mass with her husband, he promptly pulled her out of the booth into his arms taking possession of his wife’s mouth with his own into a heated embrace.

‘’I’m sorry sweetheart, your just going to have to call Brandon and conceal.’’ Lucas whispered huskily as he wrapped her tightly in his arms. ‘’I’ve got plans for us tonight’’ he send her a wink as a lopsided smirked spread across his lips.

‘’Brandon who?’’ she asked innocently as her big blue eyes batted up at him sweetly.

‘’You know what I think Sami’’ his voice raised slightly as he pulled back and gave her relatively stern look, Sami immediately regretted massing with him and she gave him her best sorry eyes, his drake blazing eyes met hers as if to say your not getting off the hook this time sweetheart, ‘’I think I love you that’s what ’’ he replied planting a loving kiss to her forehead, his mouth found hers again in a playful yet intense kiss.

“Excuse me I do really hate to intruded but ………..WHAT DA HELL?’’ Belle Black stood in disbelieve with her arms flooded and her eyebrow raised slightly as she looked between her sister and Lucas Roberts awaiting their answerer. this au to be entertaining, funny though I don’t remember reading anything about apocalyptic events in the paper this morning.

After a moment of silence Sami spoke, ’’Belle Lucas and I are… marred’’ she beamed happily, proudly showing off her engagement ring to her sister.

‘’Oh my gosh Sami that’s Absolutely…’’ strangely insanely Wonderfully crazy. ‘’Incredible I’m so happy for you.’’ Belle hugged them both all three then sat down and had brunch together. Where they were each grilled by Belle with million and one questions which they readily answered. Belle listened eagerly as Sami talked about Will and how was he eighteen and a freshmen in collage, she learned of her niece Erica who was six and a parentally, just like her mother

Lucas dramatically dropped his head into his hands ‘’Lord help me another Simi’’ he groaned which earned him a annoyed glace and slap on the arm from his wife, he just gave her a cocky smirk raising his eyebrow’s silently challenging her to disputed him, she just shook her head and smiled in accordance at her husband, soon afterward all three said their goodbyes and went their separated ways.


‘’Hello anyone home??’’ Belle called out as she retuned to Brady and Chloe’s penthouse later that afternoon, she found Chloe asleep in bed and decided it was best not to disturb her, Brady was still at the office so Belle decided to indulge in one of her favorite past times a vanilla bubble bath and romantic novel, the warm water engulfed her body as Belle began to lost herself in the heated love scène….

She sunk further down into crowfoot tub letting, wreath of the water envelop her body, closing her eyes she relaxed taking in the aroma of the bath, the bathroom door opened and a tall dark handsome man with a well defined body walked in wearing nothing but a silk black robe, a shudder past through her body as she felt his presences surround her. He took advection of the slightly tilled angle of her head, nuzzling and kissing the sensitive spot in the creek of her neck, she moaned in pleasure as she opened her eyes and was engulfed by warm Chocolate Brown eyes looking deeply into her blue ones, She caught her breath as he went back to feasting on the tender spot at her neck. ‘’May I join you’’ he husked while nibbling at her ear without anther word he drooped the silk black rode to the floor, she gasped as his naked body was reveled to her hungry eyes.

Her blue eyes run over every taut and tone mussel as they budged, rippled and flexed as he lowered himself into the crowfoot tub. Belle caught a short breath as he took her lips with his into a heated kiss, their tongues dueled together in a sensual tango that she got lost in, before she knew what was happening, Shawn was straddling her hips pressing his hardness into her softness’ making her moan with pleasure his heads cupped her breasts gently caressing them with tender strokes and touches, a fire was ignited within her as he caught her damp rose bud nipple in-between his teeth, moaning with pleasure as his hot moist mouth surrounded her nipple; fire and water a deadly combination.

His hand made waves across water while dancing along her soft stomach to the very core of her flame, with one… two… three… lingering strokes her body exploded into full orgasm, his name fall from her lips in a pained moan as she reached the height of pure bliss and they were finally joined as one causing another blissful wave of ecstasy to pass all the way through her.

The water was tepid as she came out of her daydream, Belle groaned in frustration as she closed the novel letting the now chilly waters of the bath wash over her heated body as she dammed Shawn Brady for making his way into her in-pure thoughts once again. Belle then proceeded to retreated for the tub and dried herself off and dressed in an old t -shirt and pair of comfy familiar sweats, she tied her hair into pony -tail atop her head, Belle made her way to the connecting bedroom and set on her bed going to work on her sketch pad.

Downstairs Brady Black entered his penthouse and went searching out his wife, he found her in the bedroom sleeping again, Sighing with worry Brady was becoming very concerned for her overall heath and well-being, he noticed she was tiring a lot more easily she also was more irritable and sensitive, as well as her lose of appetite. He decided enough was enough and placed a call to Dr. Robinson Chloe’s oncologist’s and made her an appointment for 10:30 Tomorrow morning, whether she liked it or not.

During dinner Brady told Chloe about her appointment for Tomorrow morning, she had been surprisingly agreeable to the hole thing, saying that she was planning to accompany Mimi and Reagan to hospital anyways. Ok that was way to easy something’s up big time Brady thought as he eyed his wife suspiciously

Chloe tuned to her sister avoiding her husbands skeptical eyes ‘’That reminds me, Belle Meems wanted you to call her.’’ Belle nodded as she cheek her voicemail and smiled as she heard Mimi voice coming over the line, she was asking for a favor and Belle was more then welling to help. Belle Clicked off her phone then called Basic Black and arranged everything for Sometime Tomorrow afternoon. She then returned Mimi’s call. ‘’Hey Meems it me, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. Everything is all set for Tomorrow afternoon…..whenever you guys are done……no it wasn’t any trouble…..don’t be silly Meems, this is my job it’s what I do best besides sometimes being the boss has it’s perks. Love you too… Chloe and I will meet you at the hospital in the morning then. Bye Meems.’’ Belle detached the call, filling Chloe in on the plan for the next day before she bid them each goodnight and headed for bed

Crated The luimi proposal to Days and their writing staff- song Crated When a man
loves a woman Percy Sledge

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A once in lifetime love - Chapter 7

November 19 2004, 3:04 PM 

A once in lifetime love - disclaim
Chapter 7

Monday December 21-9:45 am

Today was the day Reagan Kiriakis had silently dreaded all weekend, she sat at the table playing with her half eaten blow of cereal she wasn’t real hungry and anyways she was to nervous to eat, Mimi was watching her daughter intensely as she got ready and sighed ‘’Reagan honey, please try and eat something’’ she pleaded

‘’Not hungry,’’ she responded flatly.

‘’Are you sure?’’ Mimi asked when Reagan only nodded, she took the blow away and Reagan went to finished getting ready, a few minutes later Mimi found her daughter, quietly reading a Nancy Drew book in her bedroom. ‘’Time to go Reagan ’’ she said softly

‘’Yeah, ok’’ Reagan mumbled, she milled around her room for a short while putting on her shoes and coat, she was putting up a brave front that her mother could see right through. The ride to the hospital was quiet as Reagan continued to read her book in silence, Mimi checked on her daughter though the rearview mirror she knew Reagan was anxious about her physical today which meant her yearly immunizations and Reagan wasn‘t to keen with the idea of needle‘s, Mimi wish there was something she could do to allay her little girls’ worries

They pulled into the parking lot and made their way into the building as they met Chloe and Belle just inside the front entrance. ‘’Hey guys’’ Mimi greeted

‘’Hey Reagan, Meems’’ Chloe Greeted both with a smile. ’’I wish I could stay but I've got a doctor’s appointment of my owe to make.

‘’Let me guess Brady finally got to you huh’’ Mimi laughed

‘’Yap,’’ she sighed with a dramatic roll of her eyes, ‘’Chin up kido it won’t be so bad’’ Chloe smiled reassuringly at Reagan nudging her under the chin in attempt to cheer her up a bit but it to no avail.

‘’Chloe are You sure you don’t want me to come with you?’’ Belle questioned.

‘’No Belle you stay here, cheer Miss Reagan up’’ Chloe whispered the last segment of her séance, casting a little glance towards the chair where Reagan set .

‘’I think I can do that’’ Belle answered back in a low voice, Chloe headed upstairs to her appointment and Belle made her way to the waiting area setting next to her niece. ‘’Hey Reagan, would you look at this magazine and tell me what you think of these dresses?’’ Belle asked as she handed her the B&B for girls magazine, Reagan smiled as she went through the glossy catalog and looked at all the gorgeous holiday dresses in her size.

‘’Gosh aunt Belle there all so nice’’ Reagan became more at ease as Belle explained that she was a designer and made dresses like these, they continued to look though the glossy magazine, Belle asked if Reagan would like come to her job at Basic Black one day and see for herself. Reagan of course eagerly agreed then bit her bottom lip in thought ’’I Have to ask my mom first’’ she said sheepishly.

‘’Ask me what?’’ Mimi and Belle exchanged knowing winks as Mimi set down next to her daughter.

‘’If I can go to aunt Belles’ job one day?’’ Reagan enthusiastically explained.

‘’Hmmmm, I’ll see what we can arrange‘’ Mimi voice held a teasing note as she spoke.

‘’Really mommy you mean it, really?‘’ Reagan beamed excitedly as Mimi just nodded laughing glad to see her daughters’ enthusiasm retuning, full force. Belle turned her attention to Reagan and asked if she’d seen anything she liked in particular she saw the little girls’ green eyes light up with a childlike wonder as her eyes landed on the most gorgeous dress she’d ever seen. ‘’This one aunt Belle’’ she replied breathlessly, but then she suddenly tensed up at the sound of her name being called.

Mimi and Belle each took a hand as they followed the nurse to one of the exam rooms, the kind nurse told them the doctor be with them shortly as she left the room, the door opened moments later but it was only Chloe ’’Hey guys’’ she said quietly as she entered the room.

‘’How everything go Chloe?’’ Mimi asked looking up to meet her friends eyes.

‘’Everything went just fine Meems’’ Chloe smiled softly, she then turned her attention on Reagan ’’I’ve got something I want to show you ‘’ she rolled up her sleeves showing Reagan the spot where they just given her the needle. ‘’I got stuck to. ’’

‘’Did it hurt much aunt Chloe?’’ Reagan asked timidly.

‘’No just a little sting.’’ Chloe assured her honestly as she took a seat next to her mother.

When the door opened again Reagan nearly jumped out her skin, she set stock still with her head bowed down not to even daring to breath as tears that she had been holding in all morning finally leaked out and rundown her cheeks as her teeth wrench her bottom lip in fear.

Belle set quietly in the chair on the other side of Mimi falling-out paperwork for important order she had to fill for a certain littlie girl, she suddenly felt him enter the room as a shiver coursed though her spine she didn’t even have to look up to know it was him but she couldn’t resisted the urge, a small gasp passed her lips as she saw his strong muscular form clothed in those god offal blue subs that clung snugly to his well- defined physique, looking over the chat as a long pace of dark hair fell into his eyes, stethoscope slugged around his broad shoulders. And damnit all to hell if he still wasn’t the sexiest man alive. She felt her breath come out with a soft swoosh as his dark eyes met her blue ones as if he sensed her watching and he smiled, she quickly broke eye contacted first as she went back to her paperwork. Shawn turned his attention to Mimi and gave her reassuring smile ‘’She’ll be fine‘’ he mouthed

‘’ Hey there miss Reagan’’ came a warm familiar voice as Shawn brought his hand under her chin coaxing her to raise her head up until she met his eyes. ‘’What’s wrong, what’s with all these tears?’’ he asked frowning, her teary green eyes widen in surprise as she met her Uncle Shawn’s warm brown eyes, she worried her bottom lip and cast her eyes downward in shame. ‘’Oh no you don’t missy, look at me.’’ Shawn order gently, plopping down next to her at the edge of the exam-table.

She didn’t look up or speak, Shawn reached for Reagan setting his little niece into his comforting lap, lifting her chin again looking at her firmly. ’’I’m sacred’’ she finally admitted in a small voice

‘’Of me?’’ he asked in mock shock . ’’Good ol’ Shawn Brady?’’ he gave her his famous Brady grin

‘’No, the shot…I don’t wanna get stuck’’ she mumbled timidly avoiding his eyes

‘’Oh‘’ he mouthed with raise eyebrows, ‘’Well I’ll make you a deal’’ he smiled down at her ’’How about we don’t worry that right now, we’ll worry about all the other stuff first and then we can worry about that icky shot later, okay do we have a deal little miss Kiriakis?’’ he asked

‘’Deal, Dr. Brady.’’ she replayed with a giggle smiling as they shook on it

‘’Now that’s more like it’’ Shawn said getting a smile out of her , he donned his stethoscope putting it into his ears ’’ Big Deep breaths for me ’’ he instructed as he listened to her lugs ’’Once more’’ Dr. Brady asked, she took a few more deep breaths, he switched to the front so he could listened to her heart, his brow frowned as he listened intensely to her heartbeat and made a few notions his chart

‘’Now what, Shawn’’ she asked Smiling up at him from ear to ear

‘’ Now I’m going to look at those ears and you can tell me everything you want Santa to bring you’’ Shawn laughed, a devilishly playful smirk crossed his lips as Mimi groaned and Reagan’s eyes lit up as she went into a long list of games, books, toys and other goodies she expected under the tree Christmas morning. She jumped slightly as she felt a smell puff of air that blow into her ear as he check her one ear ’’ Well aren’t we jumpy this morning, maybe that’s because I saw some jumping beans in there?’’ Shawn teased

She looked up at him inquisitively and cocked her head to the side ‘’Don’t be silly Shawn’’ she giggled sweetly as he move to the other side to check the other ear and the same happened as she jumped again

‘’I’m tellin’ ya it’s those darn jumping beans’’ he chuckled as he got a good look at her throat, Shawn stepped away and smiled down at her ’’It’s time to see how much taller you’ve grown miss Reagan’’ Shawn helped her down off the exam-table and she beat him to the scale. ‘’Stand up tall and no cheating missy’’ Shawn said as he looked down to catch her sanding on her tiptoes.

‘’I wasn’t’’ she gave him the innocent act.

‘’Yeah, yeah likely story missy, likely story.’’ he responded jokily as Reagan came down to stand flat on her heels, he brought the marker down atop her head to measure her height growth and then her weight. ‘’Well your a hole inch and a half taller miss Reagan’’ Shawn told her as she beamed with pride

Mimi silently watched the way Shawn interacted with her daughter and smiled, she was in complete amazement of his nature ability when it came to Children, Mimi had known about Dr. Brady spectacular reputation he was the most sought after Predication in Salem and she know understood why. He had a way of talking to Children she had seen it just now with very her own daughter, Mimi had her qualms about this arrangement at first, when their Predication move a way and recommend Shawn to them, Mimi was concerned that it might be strange, on the contrary he had worked his Brady magic and made Reagan at eases and quickly allayed her fears as the mother.

As Shawn prepared the injection he watched as Reagan grow quiet, worrying that bottom lip again. ’’Hey ..hey no tears, I thought we had a deal?’’ he questioned narrowing his eyes as he approached her slowly, she looked away as tears filled her eyes, Shawn would have non of that nonsense, he cupped her face gently forcing her to look at him ‘’Can you do something for your Uncle Shawn, trust me?’’ he requested of his niece.

Reagan only nodded and mumbled a hushed ‘’Yes.’’ she took a shaky breath as he rolled up her sleeve, she gasped flinching slightly as she felt the cold alcohol rub on her arm, she then heard Shawn’s gentle voice urging her to relax, she let out a little whine as she felt the small pinch of the needle as he administered the shot

‘’Come ‘mere,’’ Shawn drew Reagan into his comforting lap after he was through, calming her down a bit, ’’You did so well Reagan, I’m very proud of you sweetie’’ he smiled down at her. ’’As a matter a fact you did so good I’m going to make a very special recommendation to your mom,’’ his eyes caught Mimi’s briefly and he smiled. ‘’A double scoop Sunday with extra hot-fudge and whipped crème on top’’ he watched Reagan’s eyes light up in delight.

‘’You heard the men….let’s go!!!’’ Reagan spirited for the door.

‘’You guys go ahead I have to stay and talk to Shawn,’’ Mimi told them as the others made their way out into the hall. After they had left Mimi turn back to Shawn ’’So she’s okay?’’ Mimi couldn’t help but worry about her little girl.

‘’Perfectly healthy,‘’ he assured her ‘’More and more like her mom everyday’’ Shawn chuckled heartily.

‘’Thank you!’’ Mimi stated proudly.

As Reagan saw her mother come out she made a beeline for her ‘’MOMMY, mommy come on, where gonna go to the nursery and see the babies…..come on….come no, let’s go!!!’’ she exclaimed excitedly pulling her mother along, she suddenly stopped when she realized someone was missing . ’’Aren’t you coming to aunt Belle’’ Reagan asked.

‘’No sweetie I’m not’’ Belle answered softy as she turned away quickly, the hurt was just to much.

Belle made her way onto the cold and snowy tierce digging around in her purse for her cigarettes, putting the long thin stem between her lips she lit up inhaling deeply, she was still trying to absorb her knew found knowledge. Shawn Douglass Brady a doctor, her Shawn, she was sure he would’ve went into some type of law enforcement, what made him chose this path, she wonder in a moment of quit reflection. Belle took Anther puff of the cigarette letting it eases her still shaken nerves pushing all thoughts running through her mine away.

His deep brown eyes watched her with intensity as he made his way onto the tierce , Belle tensed inhaling sharply as she felt his heated glare on her, clenching her cigarette as she felt him drawing closer and closer with every nervous breath she took. Belle slowly puffed on her cigarette as those familiar chills ran down her spine, he was just behind her now. ’’Isabella‘’ he drawled huskily ‘’Do you have any idea how bad those things are for you’’ Dr. Brady scolded

‘’ So I’ve heard Dr. Brady…I’m impressed’’ Belle hid her smile as she took another slow puff

Shawn’s eyes slowly lingered over her womanly covers and back up meeting her eyes. ’’So am I Isabella, so am I ’’ he winked at her with a grin as he come to sand beside her. ‘’And I really like what you’ve done with your hair’’ he didn’t bother hiding his boyish smirk.

‘’Buh-bye Shawn’’ her blue eyes flashed as she shot him and annoyed glance walking away with a flip of her thick golden locks, because no matter how much time had past or how old they got there were just something’s that would never change.

‘’So how’s that ankle?’’ Shawn questioned in his most doctor like tone of voice as he reached out laying a strong hand on her shoulder before she could rush off.

‘’Just fine’’ she answered with much distain

Her standoffish attitude did not go unnoticed by Shawn as he watched her intensely, his hand reached out towards her bushing the softness of her cheek, she closed her eyes and leaned into the familiar gentle roughness of his touch ’’Isabella’’ his smooth voice washed over her ‘’Why do you hate me?’’ he instantly regretted those words as soon as they were out of his mouth. Belle’s eyes opened as she was taken aback by his question, blue eyes met brown ones as she held his glare for a long silent moment, how dear he ask her such a thing after all the heartache and pain he put her through, after everything that happed between them all his lies and deceit, how dear he have such gal to stand there and ask her that.- that question didn’t even deserver a response. The look of utter disgust on her face said it all, he read her thoughts in her eyes and sighed in regret, If only she knew the truth, if only he could say what was in his heart ….how much he loved her, if only thing had been different…. if only. ’’I’m sorry Belle’’ Shawn whispered painfully

‘’It to late for apologizes Shawn, it’s just too late’’ Belle turned and walked briskly inside down the hall moving further an farther away from him, she made it all the way to the elevator and slammed up against the wall next to it taking deep breathes, regaining her composures Danm him, NOW he’s sorry, Now she felt angry tears mist over in her Crystal blue eyes, no she could and wouldn’t let him get to her like this again. She forced a fake smile as she saw Mimi, Reagan and Chloe all headed her way


He enter the Brady pub that afternoon his blue eyes sought out his girls, Phillip smiled as he saw his sweet daughter knee deep in an ice-cream Sunday, he snuck up behind Reagan who was happily diving her way into the middle of her Sunday, ’’Are you going to finish that all by yourself or would you like some help?’’ Phillip asked as he set down next to her.

Reagan turned up her face to look at him ’’Daddy!!!’’ she exclaimed happily as her bight green eyes smiled at him as she lunged towards her father, Phillip caught her in his arms and set her on his lap ‘’What are you doing here?’’ she asked him as he hugged her closes.

‘’I got a call from a certain nephew of mine who insisted I head to the Pub and see if my favorite girl would share her well deserved Sunday with me,’’ Phillip smiled meaningfully at her as he helped himself digging into her ice-cream Sunday

‘’Sure’’ Reagan replied as she also went in for another scoop as well

‘’So how’d the checkup go peanut’’ he inquired, although he’d already been told it was a big success ’’Did you like that new doctor?’’ he asked with a grin as he took another spoonful.

‘’You knew didn’t you!!!’’ she beamed gleefully.

‘’Of course don’t you know by now that I know everything,’’ Phillip teased as Reagan rolled her eyes at him .’’But don’t blame me, this was your moms idea,’’ he said as he glanced over at Mimi smirking mischievously at his wife as she smacked his upper arm and shot him the look, he knew all to well.

‘’Why didn’t you tell me,’’ Reagan turned to look at her mother with questioning eyes.

‘’Because I wanted you to see for yourself that it wouldn’t be that bad, I knew you were anxious about your checkup today and I also knew that once you saw Uncle Shawn you’d be alright, plus I was never one to spoil a good surprise.’’ Mimi said in sarcasm

‘’Yeah riiighttt Meems’’ her husband replied.

‘’Oh you hush’’ she shot back teasingly with a dismissive wave of her hand ‘’Don’t you have to go back to work or something’’ she asked in mock annoyances

’’Actually I do’’ Phillip said as he glanced down at his watch, ‘’But I’ll be home in time to tuck both my girls in.’’ he told them as he kissed Reagan then leaned in panting teasing kiss to Mimi’s lips, leaving her wanting more. ‘’You ladies have a good today’’ he rose from the table and started to leave, before exiting the Pub he look back over his shoulder and smiled ’’I’ll see you tonight, I love you both‘’

Across town at Basic Black- 1:30

The Basic Black offices were empty Everyone was off for the upcoming holiday everyone excepted Belle Black that is Belle and her assisted were working non-stop, she had a client coming in for a private screening of dresses, and their was no one she’d rather do this for, Belle turned to her younger assisted Julian and asked if they had a particular dress that she designed herself ’’Yes I’ll get it Miss Black’’

‘’No, no that’s alright Julian you go home.’’ Belle insisted as she pointed her to the door. ‘’I’ve already, imposed upon you and your holiday enough, thank you for your help.’’ Belle was very grateful to Julian for coming in on such short notice to help her set up for this viewing, after her vacation had started non the less. ‘‘I’ll handled it from here, and you can expected a little bones in your paycheck ’’ she assured

‘’Thanks, I could sure use it’’ Julian replied smiling at her boss, Belle smiled in kind as Julian herald her backpack over shoulder leaving the office. Belle went back to the task at hand as she went to retrieved the dress she was looking for, she retuned to her office and hid it behind her desk, Belle put the finishing touches on room by putting out hot -Chocolate, coffee and sugar cookies.

‘’Need some help’’ Chloe asked as she appeared in the opened doorway

‘’Nope Everything’s pretty much dune’’ Belle smiled at her sister, very much aware that she was snooping for clues as to what was transpiercing here today but she wasn’t budging, not until it was time and they should be arriving any minute now

‘’Were are we going Mommy?’’ Reagan asked her big green eyes looking up at her mother as they entered the huge building, Belle had called a few minutes ago and told Mimi that she was all set, she couldn’t wait to see the look on her daughter’s face when she saw her surprise, Reagan had once again asked about her dress last night and Mimi promised they go some time today -she just had no idea that’s why they were here or that she would have her pick of dresses to chose form they approached Belle’s closed office door and knocked. The door swung open, Belle quickly ushered Mimi and Reagan inside her office as she happily greeted them as she offered cookies and hot -Chocolate.

’’So what this I hear about dress shopping’’ Belle smiled, After Mimi and Reagan were settled on the plush lather couch in her office, Belle watched carefully as Reagan bit her bottom lip afraid that if she brought it again Mimi would be mad but she really wanted to get a dress, Mimi instantly picked up on her daughter’s uneasiness and looked down at with questioning eyes

‘’Don’t you still want a dress honey’’ her mother asked

‘’Well……yes but…..I didn’t want to you bother with it’’ Reagan told her timidly ’’I was afraid you’d get mad at me if I asked again’’ she admitted as tears welled in her eyes and her voice creaked slightly

‘’Mad at you, why would I be mad that’s why we’re here’’

‘’It is?’’ Reagan asked in wide eyed shock, Mimi just nodded with a smile she wanted it to be a surprise, she wanted to do this because this was fun, deferent and Mimi thought Reagan had earned the right to Something special today, that why she set it up for after her doctors appointment, Mimi knew something had upset her little girl earlier deciding to it let go for now as she didn’t want to ruin her daughter’s afternoon but tonight she and Philip would fined out exactly what was going on in their daughter’s head; And so the rest of the afternoon was spent eating cookies, drinking coffee and or hot -Chocolate while dress shopping.

Reagan tried on dress after, dress in every color and fine fabric imaginable; royal blue, satin crimson, golden, silk, and so on. Finally after a few hours, Reagan had tried on almost every single dress. Mimi, Chloe and Belle Patiently awaited as she made her final decision ‘’This one‘’ Reagan declared as she came out in a royal blue satin party dress with a matching bow in the back and smiled at them.

‘’Are you sure?’’ Mimi asked

‘’Yes’’ she responded

‘’Actually I have one more dress I want you to look at’’ Belle told Reagan as she ignored the looks of near contemptment she received from both Chloe and Mimi, Belle moved behind her desk and retrieved her surprise for Reagan. The evergreen satin dress was trimmed in a golden silk and had a matching bow at the back. Reagan eyes brighten at the sight of the very dress she saw in the magazine ‘’Well do you want to try it on ?‘’ Belle asked with a smile, Reagan thanked her aunt Belle hugging her tightly, Belle felt love tug at her heart What I wouldn’t give. Belle sighed deeply as a bitter ache filled her heart,. Never ganna happen, she push that thought to the back of her mine along with the tears she hoped they didn’t see.

Mimi looked on with tears as Reagan came out in the green satin dress with gold trimming, she saw the light come back into her daughter’s eyes and smiled ’’Can I have this one instead mommy ’’ she asked sweetly, and so it had been decided, Reagan Kiriakis finally got a dress for the Brady pub Christmas party- and let’s not forget the traditional ornament hanging at the Horton house they had invites to both ’’Are you coming to the party to aunt Belle?’’ Reagan asked innocently, Belle however know better this had Mimi and Chloe written all over it.

This time it was Belle who was shooting the looks of contemptment their way as they set inconspicuously avoiding eye contacted. ’’I’ll think about it ok’’ Belle replied as she sent them a meaningful stare across the room.


Reagan was lost in her thoughts as she got ready for Bed, she want though her nightly routine and slipped in beneath the familiar comfort of her sheets as she waited for her father to join her, this was their father-daughter time, she couldn’t wait to shear all the details of her day with him. ’’Hey peanut’’ Philip said quietly as he enter her bedroom for their usual bedtime talk, he sat on the side of her bed and listened as she told him about her day, he could tell their was something bothering her tonight.

‘’Ok peanut, I know something’s wrong, talk to me’’

Philip saw the hesitation and saddens in her eyes as she avoid his glare and his hart tour at her next words ‘’Daddy, Do you want me? Do you love me and mommy?’’ her eyes filled with tear and her voice cracked with emotion

Phillips’ own eyes filled with tears at his five year old daughter’s questions he wonder where they were coming from and why, he took her into a hug trying to gather all his strength. ‘’Of course I want you, of course I love you and your mom more then anything in this world!!!!’’ he pulled back and looked into her eyes. ‘’Why would you even think other whys?’’ he asked gently tucking his fingers underneath her chin coxing her head up to meet his eyes

‘’Because I was an accident’’

‘’No my love you were not an accident, a surprise maybe but nothing as special as you could ever be an accident. ’’ Phillip said with such sincerity and love he had tears in his eyes, Phillip wiped the tears out of her eyes and tucked her into to bed. ‘’I love you Reagan ’’ he said gently infusing all the love he felt for her into his words, as he looked down at her with his hart shining in his eyes and kissed her cheek softly

‘’Love you to daddy,’’ she replied drifting off to sleep. Phillip sighed deeply he knew they were going to have to talk more about this, he didn’t want Reagan feeling the same way he had growing up like she wasn’t good enough or that she was a burden, he knew this issue was better dealt with sooner rather then later.

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A once in lifetime love -Chapter 8

July 24 2005, 4:43 PM 

A once in lifetime love - disclaim
Chapter 8

Thursday December 24-10:00 am

‘’You have to come tonight please Belle’’ Chloe bagged her sister- in law over the phone, she was planning to tell Brady the good news at the party tonight and wanted Belle to be the with them. Belle sighed in defeated she heard how much this meant to Chloe, Belle was sure she was actually on the verge of tears if she didn’t agree to attended the Christmas party tonight

‘’Ok you win, I’ll go.’’ Belle reluctantly agreed as she pulled into the driveway said goodbye to Chloe and detached the call, Belle took a nerves breath as she made her way to the door and rang the bell.

Inside Hope Brady was becoming restless as she busied herself with chores and laundry, she knew she should heed her overbearing -well meaning son’s advice, she was getting over the flu and her first borne ordered her to bed . Didn’t that used to be my job, she thought in amusement as she made her way to the door as the bell sounded

As Hope opened the door she received the most welcome surprise in a long time ’’Belle?’’ Hope said in astonishment as she wrapped her in a warm embrace. ‘’It’s so good to see you’’ Hope invited her inside

‘’It’s good to see you to Hope, I’ve missed you’’ she smiled slightly relieved ‘’To be honest I was afraid to come here, I was afraid I might not be welcome’’ Belle admitted

‘’What? that’s nonsense, come ‘mere you,’’ Hope pulled her into another tight hug ’’Would you like some tea…..Breakfast?’’

‘’Yes…but only if you let me help’’ Belle replied graciously, Hope agreed as they made their way to the kitchen, baking blueberry muffins and enjoying tea and some good ol’ girl talk. It had bed such a long time since ether of them had a heart to heart with one another. Belle humbly apologized for leaving the way she had, Hope assured her that she didn’t blame her one bit for leaving knowing the kind of emotional heartache that Belle had suffered though all to well. The two women continued their conversation everything from careers; Hope congregation her on making people magazines 50 most beautiful number two spot. Hope was in complete amazement of Belle as she was completely unfazed by it all even seemed to shy away from it, Belle was more interested in want she had been up to all these years, Hope smiled and told Belle she was now second in commended at Salem PD she explained that Abe had decided to run for Mayer and won by a landside; Roman had retired shortly after laving Bo commended and chief..

’’And you know the old saying; behind every grate man there lays an even grater woman’’ Hope laughed

The two clink their cups together in a toast ‘’No truer words have ever been spoken’’ Belle replied giggling along with her, their afternoon processed as they set on the living room couch going through old photo albums and memories . Hope suddenly became distracted as she found herself lost in thoughts of the past as they came across old pictures of the little boy she’d loved and lost not once but twice, she held back the tears that burnt the back of her eyelids blinking them away rapidly. Belle was lost in her own thoughts of a time she’d never forget two impetuous teenagers in love, a family secret… the Dimera mansions…a secret annex and a baby. She looked up to fine Hope sobbing and realized how difficult this must be her, Belle squeezed her hand comfortingly. ‘’I’m sorry I know how much you must still miss him….love him’’

Hope lifted her head meeting Belle’s compassionate stare and her heart broke a little more as she came to the realization that she was going to have to be the one to tell Belle ’’Yes I do love and miss JT Very much…Belle sweetie there something you should know….. JT he died of hart failure’’ Hope broke the news gently. The two woman sobbed in their grief together, Belle felt like her heart had just been ripped out of her chest, and even though she was lost in her own grievances of the past and the pain hit her heard, her first thought was for him she was sobbing so heavily that she wasn’t aware of Hope arms around her rocking her back and fourth or the fact that a third party had just enter the room

Shawn enter though the back way he’d come by to check on his Mom who wasn’t feeling well he stopped dead in the kitchen doorway; he heard her voice before he saw her ’’I’m so sorry Hope -- if I had known I would came home to be here for you and especially Shawn, he adored that little guy so much.’’ she suddenly came to strong revaluation, ‘’This is why isn’t Hope? He couldn’t save JT so he’ll save the world instated?’’ Belle said softly though a deep painful sob, she closed her eyes as those painful memories came fowling back to her as if only yesterday, the news of JT death had invoked the all to familiar feeling of lose she had been tying to bury for three years now, Hope squeezed her hand gently as if she knew. Belle shuddered slightly not wanting to let her emotions get the best of her, ‘‘I should get going I’m sorr-’’ she lost her voice as she saw him leaning in the doorjamb ’’Feel better Hope.’’ Belle said softly as she hugged Hope and then rose from the couch hurrying her way to the door, the memories and emotions overwhelmed her as she felt a dizzy spell come on she tried with all her might to suppress it but she blacked out …

Shawn caught her and scoop her up angst him into his arms ’’Belle….. Belle honey I need you to open your eyes ’’ he urged as he lay her out gently on the sofa ‘’Come ‘on baby open your eyes for me’’ Shawn stroked her cheek lovingly coaxing her to wake up. She felt his gentle touch, heard the familiar sweet urging’s in his tone as she came back into awareness ‘’That’s my girl,’’ he said as her Crystal blue eyes fluttered open, the earth shattering grief and sorrow that lay behind the depths of her blue eyes frighten him.

Belle quickly blinked away the hurt that she knew shadow her eyes and move to get up ’’ I’ll be fine Shawn,’’ she assured him.

Shawn wasn’t having it ’’I don’t think so Isabella you just black out ’’ he said firmly as he held her down gently in place. His mind quickly switched over into doctor Brady mode as he felt the strongest need to take care of her in the depths of his very soul whether she hated him or not. ’’Look at me’’ he order gently, slowly tilting her chin up as he held his pointer finger out at eye level ‘’Follow my finger with your eyes, ’’ Shawn instructed moving his finger up, down and side to side checking for any abnormalities, as to which Belle rolled her eyes in protested but did as he asked anyway.

‘’Shawn would it be aright if I spoke to Belle alone for a moment’’ Hope asked quietly, after Shawn lifted the room, Hope made her way over to Belle and simply wrapped her arms around her letting her cry, Hope’s motherly and womanly instincts told her that there was much more to Belle’s emotional reactions then she was letting on. She cried for JT, Shawn and the entire Brady family, She cried out of lose and longing for the one thing she wanted most but knew she’d never have.

Shawn run a shaky hand through his long brown hair as he sensed her anguish and heartache, her heart wars breaking and so was his, he felt her longing and lose it was as if his feelings were intertwined with hers, Shawn felt an overwhelming sensed of sadness as an uneasiness settled over him. Shawn suddenly struggled to catch a breath as
her tears trickled down his cheeks, he instinctively knew it was her and immediately rushed out to help her. He found her sobbing hystericaly wrapped protectively in his mothers’ loving arms struggling to breath, his mothers’ eyes met his as she gave him a worried glace.

Belles body wretched in sobs as she felt his warm arms surround her like a warm portative cloak from the winters better chill Shawn’s’ arms came around holding her angst his chest rocking her until her sobs lessened and her breathing evened out. ’’Would you like to talk about it’’ Shawn breathed softly into her ear.

‘’No thank you,’’ Belle smiled but her heart just wasn’t in it, she pulled away form Shawn’s warm embrace leaving her cold and empty inside, she made her way over to Hope thanking her for everything and sheepishly apologized for falling apart at the seems the way she did, Hope hugged Belle tightly and told her if she ever needed to talk she was here, Belle smiled sadly and nodded. ’’Shawn’’ she turned to face him ‘’I want you to know how proud I am of you.’’ she said with the utter most sincerity as unshed tears shone in her eyes, ’’Hope I’ll you see at the Brady pub, tonight… you to Shawn. Merry Christmas,’’ That being said she left wondering just want Christmas would bring this year.


Later that afternoon Belle awoke from a much needed nap, still in the softness of her bed she looked over at the clock display that red; 5:00 Belle sighed as she pulled the covers back and made her way across the hardwood floor on bear feet to the bathroom. Belle tuned on the shower and stepped under the warm spray letting the relaxing warmth of the water wash over her body. After finishing her shower Belle wrapped herself in a soft terrycloth robe and searched her closet for something to wear. She pulled out a white garment bag and unzipped it putting the dress on the inside of the bathroom door. Wondering how exactly she let her dear bother and sister in-law talk her into this, Belle shook her head as a smile spread across her face as she move in front of the mirror. ’’She really wants to see you, she asked that you come tonight‘’ was her bothers’ plea ’’You wouldn’t disappoint Mrs. Horton would you Belle?’’ Chloe asked sweetly guilt pure and simple guilt!!!


One hour later Belle stood nervously on the stars of Alice Horton’s home fatling with the black handbag in her grasp, Chloe and Brady on ether side of her once again wondering How did I get talked into this she suddenly felt the strongest need for a cigarette but resisted, her blonde heir in a mass of ringlet curls held in place by sliver heir-clip castigating down below her shoulders, to her mid-back a few ringlets dropped over her forehead, she ware a Red silk wide crisscross backless halter strap cocktail dress and a pare of simple diamond tear drop earrings dinging down refluxing off the moonlight, a pare of Red three inch Manolos that could kill on her delicate feet and a layer of ruby Red gloss highlight her full lips as she smiled at the person answering the door.

‘’Well….well …well if isn’t the lovely miss Black and company,’’ Jack jovially exclaimed as he answered the door in a Santa suit, ‘’Ho…ho ….ho Marry Christmas, come one come all and enjoy the calibration,’’ he said in his best Santa voice.

‘’Merry Christmas Santa.’’ Belle laughed as she hugged him warmly, ‘’You to Mrs. Clause.’’ she teased as she saw Jennifer come up behind them, no explanation was needed for the Santa suit everybody in Salem knew of Jack and his legendary Santa proposal..

The Horton house was a buzz of activity full of relatives, friends and neighbors comprising what looked like half of the Salem population all there to rejoice in the spirit of Christmas. Belle suddenly felt at home, at pace for the first time in a long time, she stood quietly off to the side in the foyer, hopping agent hope that no one noticed she was standing there facing the living room, observing the action within. She watched as Doug and Julie circuited the room talking laughing and being sociable, Mackey and Maggie in a lovers embrace, as well as Carrie, Mike, Lucas and Sami engaging in what seemed to be a rather cavil converse her parents were there in the company of Bo and Hope she was glad they hadn’t notices her; the last thing she wanted at the moment was a cavil quarrel with her mother. Her bother and Chloe had joined Eric, Jennie, an Austin and Greta.

‘‘Hi aunt Belle!!’’ came a familiar childish giggles, Belle smiled as she saw Mimi and Philip, headed in her direction, Philip carried his peanut tucked protectively under his right arm as they approached ‘’Merry Christmas’’ Reagan chimed in a sing- song voice

’’Merry Christmas Reagan, and doesn’t that dress look beautiful on you’’ Belle complimented as Reagan trawled showing off her evergreen and gold trim dress, she giggled sweetly as Belle picked her up and kissed her on the nose. ’’And what do you want Santa to bring you’’ Belle whispered into her ear so only she could hear, Reagan’s’ hazel-green eyes brighten to a vivid emerald green dancing in joy and anticipation like that of a child on Christmas as she whispered her answer back to her aunt Belle

A dimpled smile crossed Philips’ face as Mimi leaned in towards him ’’Don’t even think about it mister your not buying her a pony’’ she whispered as if reading his mind How dose she knew everything, Philip shook his head baffled at his wife’s uncanny ability read his mind. Brady and Chloe soon joined them as they were all engaged in conversation and hadn’t notice Belle’s quite dispatcher from the group, she didn’t feel much like socializing at the moment

Belle was no longer able to resist the her sweet tooth as she had found herself by the refreshment table relishing the tasted of Mrs. Horton fresh baked doughnuts and juice, it had been some years since she’d indulge in the pleasures of Alice Horton’s famous doughnuts and it was one she missed most when she was away as Belle enjoyed her first real tasted of home she felt a slight tagging at her sleeve

‘’May I have one aunt Belle’’ Reagan asked sweetly

‘’Yes you may’’ Belle replied as she kneeled down to Reagan’s eye level offering her a doughnut

The entire town of Salem came together at the home of it’s meteoric one Alice Horton, Talk and laughter rang throughout the warm household as relatives reunited …friends and neighbors mangled happily rejoicing in the midst of in the Christmas season. The smell of homemade food drifted throughout the house as those love ones eat and drank enjoying the warmth of the party waiting for annual Horton ornament hanging to begin as guessed gathered around the tree. Belle guided Reagan over to her parents and stood quietly off to the side as Brady and Chloe joined them, Brady notice his sister off to the side by herself and pulled her to the warm circle of friends. ‘’Merry Christmas tink’’ Brady said smiling down at his sister tucking her protectively close to his side

’’Merry Christmas Brady’’ she smiled up at him

The door to the Horton house opened as Shawn walked in and was welcomed home by the warmth of his family and friends as they gathered around the Horton Christmas tree for the annual ornament hanging, being here in this loving place with those he loved it restored his faith in the hanuman spirit, especially tonight he had been on call and saw just how tragic the holidays could be; two family were in mourning tonight over the lose of a child and it was nights like this one were he seriously reconsider his line of work.

‘’Shawn Douglass’’ Alice Horton said softly as her great grandson appeared in her bedroom door way, he was to be her escort for the evening.

‘’Hi gran, sorry I’m late’’ he leaned in kissing her on the cheek

Alice immediately sense something wrong, and sighed to many years of experience told her exactly what was bothering him, she watched him closely as he doubted in himself and his abilities as a doctor ‘’Rough day Dr. Brady’’ she inquired as he looked at her helplessly seeking answers, a loving thoughtful look graced her face ‘’Medicine, the only profession that labors incessantly to destroy the reason for its own existence.’’ she replied reflectively with a reassuring smile.
--James Bryce

‘’Thank you gran’’ Shawn said with quiet gratitude as he found comfort and solos in her wise words of wisdom ’’Shell we go downstairs and join the party?’’ he offered her an arm, Alice linked her arm though his as he escorted her down to the annual Horton ornament hanging, ‘’Marry Christmas gran.’’ he said as they entered the main living room arm an arm.

‘’Marry Christmas Shawn Douglass’’ Alice scanned the room with sharp blue-gray eyes spotting her special guessed and smiled as her grandson also instantly sought out and connected to his soul mate

Brady noticed his sister sudden distant look as a deep sadness enter her eyes, he nudged her slightly bring her out of her thoughts and asked if she was alright. Belle pasted a fake smile on her face and nodded as she tried to hide her unshorn tears in her eyes . From across the room she saw John and Marlena approaching, and her defenses immediately want up ’’Is something wrong Tink’’ Brady whispered noticing the distressing pained look in the depths of his baby sisters’ deep blue eyes, she closed her eyes against the pounding heartache and shook her head in the negative

‘’Marry Christmas Izzy’’ she smiled sighing in relief at her father jovially voce as he wrapped her up in a warm fatherly huge from behind. John saw the hided grief lingering behind her baby blue eyes, he realized that there was only one man that could take away the pain and put that light back into her eyes, Marlena felt a massive amounted guilt at the deep saddens in her daughters’ eyes It was her fault she had play right into their little game and brought Shawn with her, into their web of deceit and lies, hurting her daughter terribly and decided it was time to try and make amends

Marlena watched her youngest daughter carefully as she approached, ‘’Belle?’’ it made her heart ache to see the distain and hurt flashed in Belles’ eyes as she looked up. ’’Will you conceder coming to Christmas dinner tomorrow night?’’ Belle flinched slightly and bit her bottom lip in thought as she looked back at her bother an sighed, she didn’t really like to celebrate the holidays anymore they depressed her greatly.

Belle pasted a fake smile on and agreed, ‘’Yes I’ll be there, Thank you for inviting me….Marry Christmas mom,’’ she’d promised Brady she’d go..

’’Marry Christmas Belle,’’ her mother smiled softly, wanting nothing more then to reach out and take the pain from her daughters’ very soul she saw the lost in her daughters’ eyes and the emptiness that lay behind all the hurt, she sighed deeply wishing she could right her wrongs but that wasn’t her place, that choice belong to Shawn and him alone, it was after all his story to tell…

Alice’s frowned her brow worriedly ‘’What is it Shawn Douglass’’ she asked as he got that faraway dazed look, his brown eyes tell it so; ‘’Ah of course, Isabella,‘’ she smiled sweetly at him

‘’Huh?? Sorry gran- what did you say?‘’ Shawn asked as he finally tore his eyes away from his beautiful Belle across the room as he came back to reality

‘’You should tell her the truth Shawn Douglass’’ Alice told him wisely

‘’I can’t’’ he said in a tortures whisper full of shame and sorrow ‘’I just can’t.’’

Alice saw his inner battle as he look away from her hiding the tears that misted over in his eyes, she wouldn’t push him into anything he wasn’t emotionally ready to handle, the events of his past had taken a told on his psyche, losing his beloved Isabella had only been the beginning.

Chloe smiled as she felt Brady’s’ arms slip easily around her waist, she fought to keep her eyes open as she leaned into her husbands broad chest ‘’Hey diva you alright.’’ Beady asked, concern lacing his husky whisper in her ear.

‘’I’m fine’’ she sighed, her eyes closed, she jumped awake suddenly and fled to the bathroom as her stomach flipped in nausea, she was grateful for Mimi as she felt her friend holed her hair back while she continually heaved into the toilet for a good five minutes. ‘’You’re a true friend Meems’’ Chloe replied gratefully as she finished up washing her face and mouth out.

‘’Yes I know’’ Mimi said cheekily helping her friend clean up with great care, Mimi felt Chloe’s forehead seeing that she looked flushed, clammy and feverish. ’’Chloe your burning up, are you sure your alright,’’ she asked motherly as her brow frowned in worry.

‘’Yeah, But I can’t take this nausea anymore Meems,’’ Chloe complained tiresomely.

‘’I know it’s a killer.‘’ Mimi smiled sympathetically at her friend, diverting her attention across the room Mimi’s eyes fall upon Phillip and their baby girl as he playfully tickled her along with Brady and she giggled loudly. ‘’It’s all worth it in the end,’’ she sighed contentedly, happy with her life

Chloe fallowed her line of vision and smiled easily at the playful interaction between her husband and their niece, He’s going to be a wonderful father she sighed happily

‘’Isabella’’ a small smile curled at the corners of her lips as Alice Horton looked up to see the lovely young woman, her angelical baby face features still stunningly beautiful but her expressive blue eyes empty and sad, the light that once shone so brightly in her crystal blue eyes was now gone. ‘’How are you, dear.’’ Alice grasped Belles’ hand comfortingly smiling up at her with wise and loving eyes.

Belle leaned in kissing Alice on the cheek ’’Marry Christmas Mrs. Horton’’ she said as she sat down beside her on the couch.

‘’It good to have you home dear, we’ve all miss you so much Belle’’ Alice smiled at her with tinkle in her eye and a slight arch of her wrinkled brow.

‘’I’ve miss this too, it almost feels like I’m finally home’’ Belle sighed in relief, nothing had felt so right in a long time. Her blue eyes automatically found his deep chocolate brown ones as if by a force beyond her conscious mind and out of her control.

‘’Belle sweetie I’m so glad you made it, Marry Christmas’’ Hope pulled her into a warm motherly hug ’’How are you feeling.‘’ she whispered arching her brow in question, Belle simply nodded and smiled sadly at her.

His strong firm hold hugged her warmly, she relished the familiar fatherly embrace, sighing deeply. ’’What about me don’t I get a hug little lady’’ the rich smooth tones of Bo Brady’s voice song low in her ear as he held her delicate small frame protectively close to his chest.

‘’Alright everyone it’s time’’ Mickey Horton called everyone’s attention ‘’Are you ready Mom’’ he asked presenting her with the famous Horton ornaments.

‘’Yes I am darling, just don’t let Shawn anywhere near them he might try to set on them again’’ Alice teased with a twinkle in her blue gray eyes as family and friends alike had a good laugh at the memory that had fallowed him for years now.

‘’Well I ever live that down’’ Shawn groaned.

‘’NO.’’ everyone chimed in laughter.

As they all gathered around the Horton Christmas tree as the age old family ornaments were hung on the tree each went up with loving and care, , Mickey and Maggie were first and hung Melissa as well… with thoughts of many Christmas past and hopefully many more to came. Dug and Julie hung there’s then shared in a rather passionate lovers embrace Abby, Jack and Jen and little Jack all hung there’s . Lara and Bill’s went up making their family complete as did Sami, Lucas, Will and Erica Carrie, Mike and the kids. Bo and Hope hung theirs with loving and care, as they watched Shawn and Zach hang theirs together alongside each others as Shawn placed JT‘s on the tree as well.

A Moment of silence was shared for all love one’s lost, their ornaments placed on the tree with love. And with a kiss to the havens Alice hung Addie‘s, Tom’s and at very last her own.


The winter nigh was bitter as snow begin to fall down around her, Belle took a heavy breath trying to calm her overwhelmed nervous, she really hated the holidays, she needed something anything to take the edge off. Tears misted over her dull lifeless eyes and she shook away the horrid feeling of grief that consumed her soul as she wept silently. Belle reached into her purse for her bad habit satisfying her nasty cigarette craving as she took a slow easy puff raveling in the sensation.

Belle gasp as she felt the familiar warmth of an old leather jacket wrap around her small frame, ’’It’s cold out here tonight you should really have a coat on’’ Shawn’s’ husky voice breathed softly in her ear.

‘’Thank you’’ she didn’t dare turn around he’d see right through her, Belle inhaled heavy on the long stem once again letting it relax her overwhelmed nervous as she continue puffing on her enjoyable cigarette.

‘’Tisk tisk Isabella still smoking I see.’’

‘’Oh pleases spare me the lecher Shawn, why should you care anyway!!?’’ she said snidely.

He hovered scarily close over her ear ’’Would you really like me to answer that question Isabella?’’ he husked breathlessly on a threading note.

‘’Yes,’’ she challenged quietly.

Shawn gently grasped her shoulders and turned her to face him, she gasped at just how close they were, her hart raced as Shawn’s, hand brushed her cheek gently. Belle knew it was coming, she closed her eyes and took in a breath of cold night air, time seemed to slowed as he cupped her face softly, she look up into his intense dark stare and his hart thumped loudly in his ears, he hadn’t kiss her in so long he was nervous he craved the taste of her sweet strawberry lips. Shawn let his lips dance over her mouth tenderly. Soft and slow savoring the moment as the snow fell softly around them. Shawn run his tongue slowly over her bottom strawberry laced lip, her mouth parted on a gasp, his kiss so warm and tender, just as Belle drew his tongue in Shawn painfully broke the sweet sensual embrace.

‘’Merry Christmas Isabella,’’ Shawn whispered huskily as he pointed to the mistletoe above them, then he was gone.

The taste and feel of his kiss still lingered on her lips, Belle closed her eyes to regain her senses. Damn him, after all these years how dare he still have that effaced on me.

Belle approached the enters tentatively taking a shaking breath before drawing the door to the Brady Pub open, Get a grip girl these are the Brady’s, hells belles you practically related to half the clan yourself. A sudden whirl of activity surrounded Belle as she enter the cozy pub, food was being served, Clem chowder flowed like water being consumed by the masses. The party was swinging with excitement, family and friends filled the homey pub with Christmas cheer people talking, and laughing…the familiar smells of fired chicken….and turkey. Green bean casserole and all sorts of other delicious home made foods filled the Brady Pub in a sea of friendly faces.

Sami smile as she spotted her sister usually the social butterfly at any event seated in a quite corner of the pub all by herself and she wonder what had brought about that change, she joined her sister at the table. ’’Hey Belle, what are you doing way over here, the party’s out there come on.’’ Sami didn’t give much choice in the matter and pull her into the hart of the party, soon Belle forgot her brooding and was once again being sociable.

This is it-this what it’s all about. Chloe thought as she watched the childishly amusing antics of the Brady/Black siblings, she shook her head as Brady playfully taunted his baby sister by massing her perfectly curled hair and laughed as he got what he deserved.. She turn at the sound of the ring of the bell and saw her parents enter, she knew it was time

‘’You are so dead, Brady Victor Black.’’ Belle screamed at him, growing irritated but slightly amused, there were just something’s that would never change even as they all grew up. ’’Stop it Brady do you know how long it took me too-ooh--Brady’’ she shrieked as he purposely continued to play with her curls simply because he missed being able to piss her off it gave him an odd sense of satisfaction, that was confirmed further as Belle swatted him at the back of his head.

And he whined right on cue, ‘’Ouch Tink that HURT.’’

‘’Good.’’ Belle stated with a giggle, ’’Now, STOP IT.’’ she yelled in his ear to get her point across clearly, he did.

Sami mimicked her sisters’ actions as her twin brother taunted her continuously.

‘’Ouch Sami that dose HURT.’’

The two sisters high fiveed each other laughing.

‘’Let’s get ‘em’’ the bothers exclaimed in unison and lurched for their sisters.

The bell above the door jingled as the small Kiriakis family entered the warm family pub out of the cool night air. Reagan giggled happily in her fathers arms as he had his Beautiful loving Mimi tucked under his arm. Christmas eve in Salem at the Brady pub there was no other way to spend it, at that moment Phillip Kiriakis deemed himself the most bless man on earth simply because he was truly happy and he only hoped his girls knew how much he loved them both…..with his hole heart.

They were given a warm greeting by the welcoming Brady clan, ’’Hey littlie bro’’ Bo said inviting, his little Brother and family warmly into the fold ’’How’s life…work and such,’’ he asked.

‘’Oh you know same old same old,’’ Phillip responded mundanely. ’’Except for my girls of course’’ he said truthfully as he lovely wrapped his arm around Mimi, Planting a sweet kiss to the top of her head.

Mimi beamed back at him as she jumped happily into her husbands arms bring her lips to his softly in a tender lovers embrace .

‘’What was that for,’’ Phillip gave her that dimpled boyish grin.

‘’Just for being you.’’ she answered giggling as Phillip fingers crept her sides tickling her mercilessly, Chloe hurried towards them whispering something into Mimi ear dewing her away from her husbands lap. Phillip groaned in protest wrapping his arms tighten around her waist holding her in place on his lap. ’’Phillip I have to help Chloe…let me up’’ she said on a playful laugh.

Chloe and Mimi enter the ladies restroom moments later and poor Chloe just made it in time as her body betrayed her again

‘’You okay Chloe? You really don’t look too good.’’ Mimi asked as Chloe joined her in front of the mirror.

‘’Gee thanks a lot Meems.’’ Chloe slashed some cold water on her face and then fixed her hair, she turned to face her friend ‘’It’s time’’ she replied simply as she took a deep breath to calm herself down.

‘’Are you ready,’’ Mimi asked.

‘’As I’ll ever be.’’ she sighed happily.

A few minutes later they rejoined the party, Mimi looked over to fined her daughter in the arms of and older man ,13 year older Zach Brady who resonantly retuned of up stairs, . It seems like my Baby has her Brady crush . she laughed slightly nudging Chloe’s side, as she looked up Chloe had the very same thought and smiled.

‘’Don’t break her heart Zach,’’ Mimi warned teasingly.

‘’Me, no’’ Zach grinned.

Phillip slipped his arms around Mimi’s waist from behind in a warm lovely embrace, drawing her into a quite cozy corner of the pub, ’I have your Christmas present’’ he whispered as he nipped her ear lob playfully.. ’’Do you want it now,’’ he taunted in a low throaty voice.

‘’Phillip please where in public,’’ she gigged scolding in jest..

‘’Then I guess this will just have to do,’’ his blue eyes danced in pure delight as he handed her a brightly wrapped box as her face light up with joy he lived for that look when her eyes shined with absolute happiness

‘’What ‘s this?’’ she asked

‘’While I talked to Santa and he’s thinks that you deserve this for just being you’’ Phillip took her hand in his kissing it lightly ’’Go on open it,’’ he coxed, she heard Chloe voice calling for everyone’s attention and knew it was time for the big announcement

Excuse me for just a minute everyone, I hate to interpret your evening but I have something I’d like to share with all of you my family, my friends. ’’Brady I just wanted tell you what a wonderful husband I think you are and now you’ll make a wonderful father.’’ Chloe looked up at him lovely, her deep blue eyes shined with tears of joy

It took a few minutes for realization to set in as Brady went through an emotional roller coaster and was suddenly over come with pure love and utter fear all rolled into one. ‘’I’m going to be a father.’’ he asked in hushed amazement, she simply nodded as he lifted her into his arms off the ground spinning her around. ‘’.I’m going to be a father,’’ he exclaimed laughing gleefully as they kissed deeply. ‘’I love you Diva’’ Brady whispered against her ear. There was no time for Chloe’s response, everyone swirled around the happy couple as hugs…kisses and congratulation were exchanged among friends and family alike.

Two sets of overjoyed grandparents approached and more hugs, kisses and tears of joy were exchanged.

Belle shed a million tears as she half -heartily hugged her bother tightly, congratulating her beloved bother and one of her very best friends yet wanting to fall apart, she was happy for Brady and Chloe, attest she wanted to be, she smiled pretending everything was fine but inside her heart broke a little bit more. Happiness guilt sorrow and grief all overwhelmed her senses. And she slipped away back into her lonely corner of the world. Belle watched all the happiness going on around her, Brady and Chloe rejoicing in love, Mimi opening her Christmas gift and cried out in excitement jumping into Philip arms as he kissed her lovely.

As he enter out of the cold December night his intense dark stare sought out her blue one but his heart found her before his eyes, she looked so beautifully lonely in that corner as if by magic the perfect song began to play…

There were nights when the wind was so cold
That my body froze in bed
If I just listened to it
Right outside the window….

Belle closed her eyes as the song begin.. She felt his soul searching eyes on her, his all consuming presences. Belle looked up in blurt vision and their eyes connected as he hold his hand out to her while holding her blue gaze. And she placed her hand in his silently expecting his offer ….

There were days when the sun was so cruel
That all the tears turned to dust
And I just knew my eyes were
Drying up forever.

Before she knew it was even happing he led her to the middle of the pub as he held her in his arms, in that moment it was just the two of them, and it felt so right …in his eyes she saw everything she ever wanted or needed, she saw the past that she long to forget and a future that would never be….

I finished crying in the instant that you left
And I can’t remember where or when or how
And I banished every memory you and I had ever made.

A void in his broken heart started to heeled just by holding her in his arm, she filled his senses surrounding him her perfume…soft musk mixed with sweet vanilla…he couldn’t help but stare deep into her Crystal blue eyes seeking truth that only he could see.. There in the depths of her soul he saw it.


But when you touch me like this

It was just so easy to be with him like this dancing it felt so natural…so familiar….so right

And you hold me like that
I just have to admit
That it’s all coming back to me
When I touch you like this
And I hold you like that
It’s so hard to believe but
It’s all coming back to me
(it’s all coming back, it’s all coming back to me now)

It was all coming back to her, it was all there refluxing back at her in his eyes, that hot summers night on a moonlit beach in Puerto Rico, discovering what it was like to be so close…the feelings. the intensity of it all….. the ocean and stars. Or a cold December night much like this one up at look out point were they built their snowmen in a sweet confession of love with an I love you heart…both a promise of forever, she was home… he was her home, right here in his arms. Was forever…

There were moments of gold
And there were flashes of light
There were things I’d never do again
But then they’d always seemed right
There were nights of endless pleasure
It was more than any laws allow
Baby baby

She felt his all consuming glarer on hers and their eyes connected, he saw the pain of the past as it flashed before him in her baby blues, he read the unspoken question hidden beneath all the pain in the depth of her blue eyes, his heart desperately reached out to hers through his eye …..

Do you still love me.

Yes Isabella.

If I kiss you like this
And if you whisper like that
It was lost long ago
But it’s all coming back to me
If you want me like this

Then why!?

Isabella you don’t understand !!! I‘m sorry.

I love you .

And if you need me like that
It was dead long ago
But it’s all coming back to me
It’s so hard to resist
And it’s all coming back to me
I can barely recall
But it’s all coming back to me now
But it’s all coming back

He held on to her tightly as she shivered in his arms and tears and heartache pooled in their eyes, where had forever gone; They wondered.. She gasped when she saw the tears that misted over in his eyes as his forehand touch hers, their mouths just inches apart hovering over one another, she looked into his dark eyes and she saw the truth, his heartache his pain ..tears

His regret.

There were those empty threats and hollow lies
And whenever you tried to hurt me
I just hurt you even worse
And so much deeper

He pulled her closer their bodies so close lags arms intertwined as they move effortlessly together as one, he softy caressed his hand gently over her back, her skin baby soft, he missed touching her holding, her kissing her and simply loving her she shivered in his arm as she felt the heated gentleness’ of his touch move over her bare shoulders…she saw the deep intensity in his dark eyes as they hooded over slightly…

There were hours that just went on for days
When alone at last we’d count up all the chances
That were lost to us forever

But you were history with the slamming of the door
And I made myself so strong again somehow
And I never wasted any of my time on you since then

Electricity run through her body, no men had ever made her feel this way…so erotic so alive she tingled all over . she wanted him…to feel his seductive touch on her, to taste his sensual kiss once more she craved only him. She wanted his thickness buried deep within her warmth ….his hand run slowly down her cravers as she moaned softly .

But if I touch you like this
And if you kiss me like that
It was so long ago
But it’s all coming back to me
If you touch me like this
And if I kiss you like that
It was gone with the wind
But it’s all coming back to me
(it’s all coming back, it’s all coming back to me now)

Their eyes lock and read the others thoughts, he saw desire, she saw passion …

There were moments of gold
And there were flashes of light
There were things we’d never do again
But then they’d always seemed right
There were nights of endless pleasure
It was more than all your laws allow
Baby, baby, baby

When you touch me like this
And when you hold me like that
It was gone with the wind
But it’s all coming back to me
When you see me like this
And when I see you like that
Then we see what we want to see
All coming back to me
The flesh and the fantasies
All coming back to me
I can barely recall
But it’s all coming back to me now

I want you their eyes spoke, blue on brown

If you forgive me all this
If I forgive you all that
We forgive and forget
And it’s all coming back to me
When you see me like this
And when I see you like that
We see just what we want to see
All coming back to me
The flesh and the fantasies
All coming back to me
I can barely recall but it’s all coming back to me now

Her breath caught in her chest as she felt him pulled her closer and their bodies collided, She gasped as he angled his hips over hers. They were so close…her core was damp and her entire body tingled with desire. She couldn’t resist as she run her fingers through his hair…so soft like silk, she had a power over him like no other, he moaned softly as he felt her hand playing with the her at the nap of his neck, his eyes darken as he felt the heat rising in his groin and groaned deep in his throat….

(it’s all coming back to me now)
And when you kiss me like this
(it’s all coming back to me now)
And when I touch you like that
(it’s all coming back to me now)
If you do it like this
(it’s all coming back to me now)
And if we...



Song credit- Celine Dion-It's All Coming Back To Me Now

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A once in lifetime love Chapter 9

April 6 2007, 2:29 PM 

A once in lifetime love - disclaim
Chapter 9 - Very NC17

Thursday December 24- 11:30pm

Still in a sexual haze they were lost in one another, Shawn silently took her hand leading her into the cold December night, she braced herself against the cold brick well outside of the Brady Pub as his tongue swept her mouth in a passionate toe- curling heated embrace that was like nothing shed ever felt, he sucked her sweet tongue into his mouth, she tasted of cherrys... she let out a low moan, he tasted so sinfully, delicious ... sugar and spice. their lips and tongues danced in sink as they got lost in one another and the intensity of the kiss.


They were still kissing several minutes later in front of Shawns loft apartment, neither knew how they got there and neither cared. Belle braced herself up angst the sliding door as Shawn kissed her fiercely his farm hand held the back of her head as his hips pressed into hers. Shawns warm tongue swept into her mouth and deepened the kiss further, forcing her mouth open wider. Belle nearly died as she responded to his demanding kiss, she moaned as she felt his hips pressed firmly into hers, her body was wet and ached in need.

I ache Shawn she husked

Shawn finally broke the kiss as his smoldering dark eyes burned into her, his moist lips pressed to her ear. Show me where Baby, I promise to make it all better, Shawn promised huskily as he back her into his loft apartment, swooping her up into his arms carrying her to his bedroom.

He lay her gently on his bed and released her curly blonde hair from the sliver clip, her golden curls fanning over the pillow like an angels halo, untying the silky red halter reveling her lacy black bra and parked breast to his vision as the rest of the silky red fabric fall to her waist, all Shawn could do was stare she was still a pure vision of perfection as she lie there prompted against the pillows, his firm hand gently caressed her supple generous curves over the black lacy bra, she let out a little whimper as the pads of his thumps teased her puckered nipples softly. Shawn continued to cresses her soft supple breast and his forehead rested angst hers kissing her tenderly, his lips were soft like pillows as his warm silky tongue danced with hers tenderly, she relished in his special brand of kiss and touch, meant only for her. .

Belle let a low moan escape her throat as his luscious lips nuzzled the tender spot on her sweet delicate neck. You like that dont you baby? his voice was horse and erotic, as Shawn used his mouth and tongue gently kissing suckling and nibbling at her neck sending a heat wave all the way though her body from the tips of her toes to the top of her head, his hand gently moved to un-clasp her bra and slipped the black lace off her beautiful breast, softly he kissed the top of each breast caressing them gently. Shawn knew exactly how to dive her crazy, using his tongue drawing slow circular motions around her perked nipple taking the hard rose bud into his mouth causing her to gasp in pleasure.

It hurts Shawn please? He smiled down at her wickedly as she arch her back slightly sweeping his wet tongue over her hard budded nipple, Belle gasped as his hand moved in between her legs brushing her thigh so close to her aching bud and nearly cry when he didnt touch her.

Patience Isabella Im going to be very thorough with you, he hushed thickly, without another word he stripped the rest of her dress from her petite body and flipped her over gently, rubbing lotion into his hands and begin a deep tissue massage on her back. Belle sighed deeply, wondering just how thorough Dr. Bradys examination would be. as she felt Shawns warm mouth and tongue slowly run along her spine, she felt his little nibbles up her back and his moist tongue at every curve of her spine as he hit all of her pressure and pleasure points, shuddering at the spine tingling sensation, she nearly died; it was more then the massage it was all in the special way he touch or kissed her in just the right spot. You are so tenses, inhale for me baby Shawn commanded gently, he felt her take a slow deep breath as he worked his strong yet gentle hands alongside her spine and up her back relieving more stress How long has it been Isabella? her name rolled off his tongue like sweet honey, so low and erotic.

Far to long Shawn, she moaned softy, relishing in his sensual touch as his fingers skimmed under the lacey waist band of her panties diving her slowly insane

Mmmm, lets take care of that right now. Shawn husked low against her ear. Im going to take off your panties. And he slowly removed her last piece of clothing, her lacey black panties.

Are you trying to seduces me Dr. Brady? she asked seductively.

Yes I am!! How are you feeling miss. Black? Shawn answered just as seductively, continuing a full deep tissue body massage, pushing his pumps upwards over her back and out along her arms and back down as he gently worked the knots out of her lower back, bare buttocks and thighs down to her legs until he felt all that stress and tension leave as her body melted under his touch. Shawn turned her over so he could continue on her front laying soft lingering kisses along the way as he worked over her legs and thighs, she spread her legs open a little for him as he stroked her inner thigh very close to her aching center but not yet giving her what he knew she needed as he moved up to her flat tummy and curvaceous breast gently tweaking her hardened nipples a bit

Tell me what you need..tell me where it hurts baby!!

Belle silently took his hand in her tiny one meeting his passionate dark eyes and drew his thump into her moist mouth sucking on it causing him to groan deep in his throat. She let her tongue run length of his thump and drew it back out slowly, moving his hand downwards to the source of her aching desire, he pressed his still damp thump into her and passed it over her swollen lips. One stroke she was soaring. Two stroke and there were stars; Three she went to haven. And he stopped just short of orgasm.

Not yet baby, Shawn soothed huskily in her ear as he heard her little wimpier. Shawn begin to stroke up and down her heel gently working all the knots and tension away. Belle gasped in intense pleasure as she felt him begin to drag the tip of his warm silky tongue up the heel of her foot to lightly circle in the arch of her foot. He took each of her toes into his soft wet mouth sucking and stoking on them gently diving her slowly insane, once again on the brink of orgasm as he begin to replete his actions on her other foot.

Belle moan as Shawn took her big toe in his moist mouth and stroked the underside softly, working his silky-smooth tongue in slow circles around it. Shawn moved his mouth and finger tips upwards along her leg and let his tongue linger nibbling at the crock of her knee causing her to giggle in pleasure, he made a path to her thigh and let his tongue dance over it in lingering circular motions.

She squirmed beneath him, she shuddered as he nibble at her inner thigh, tingles spread through her body and she nearly fell apart. Dear lord the things this man could do to her with his mouth, his kiss, his voice, his hands oh yes his hands, should be outlawed.

Are you ready for this Isabella?


He traced his thump over her luscious bottom lip until she parted them and ran her tongue over the length of his finger. She closed her eyes as every part of her body was on pins and needles. Open your eyes for me honey, Shawn husked softly their eyes connected, blue on brown and she gasped as he dipped his damp thump into her liquid heat, stoking her gently. Belle felt his two fingers as they went around, in slow circles once twice.. three times, until her entire world was reduced to his two fingers and she found heavenly release. Trembling she was sure she saw a white light as she latterly exploded coming apart in Shawns arms.

Easy there baby Im not through with you yet, so just relax, this wont hurt a bit, Shawn husked as he spread her thighs apart gently, closely examining her beautiful womanhood, he let the tip of his tongue tease her swollen outer lips, she shuttered as his moist silken tongue dipped inside her own liquid heat seeking out her tiny bud of nerves nibbling and stroking at it tenderly with his teeth, tongue and fingers, she found pure ecstasy.

And before she came down from the height of her orgasm, Shawn spread her lips open exposing the very bud of her desire, venerable to him and sucked the tiny nerve-ending into his mouth sending her back into heavenly ecstasy.

OH MY GOD!!! Belle was sobbing, she felt like she exploded into thousands of tiny pieces, she had never experienced anything so intense in her entire life and with one powerful thrust, Shawn buried himself deep inside her warmth. And they swore the earth moved as their bare bodies and souls connected as they melted together becoming one .

Her sweet liquid wramth sounded himhis arms held her gently as he was buried deep inside of her, his kiss so intoxicating, she washed over him completely, he consumed her so entirely, she wasnt sure where she ended and he begin, all they knew was they were whole again. A part of one another, he was the missing pice of her heart, she was his home. Their eyes connected blue eyes on brown, desire met passion as they reached new heights to haven harmoniously. His arms tightened around her as his strokes grow deeper, her fingers dug into his backhe moaned she gasped.



Together as one, Shawn and Belle found sweet release in each other as they climaxed and found haven as their bare bodies moved in perfect harmony and white-hot passion as if they never been apart, poring all their unrequited love and passion into one another .

Days, hours, minutes, seconds. Shawn wasnt sure how much time had passed, he lie spooning her soft petite body to his chest as they melted together so perfectly, they always had he hadnt been with any women in years to ashamed and hunted by his secret, he hadnt felt whole sense she ran away from him so long ago. Shawns dark eyes misted over as his tears of shame, sorrow and regret silently began to fall. Shawn held onto his Isabella, his everything for dear life as he lie sobbing. Would she understand? Did he have the courage to tell her the truth? Could she still respect him as a man?

When he finally slept, he slept peacefully for the first time in years.

She truant over and snuggled into the warmth of Shawns arms as she lie her head in the nook of his chest, she fit so perfectly under his chin. She wasnt over analyzing or thinking to much, she wasnt lost in the past or worried about the future, she forgotten all her anger and hurt for the moment and could simply be, she was content to be here in his armsto truly be home. In a flash it hit her, how could something so wrong feel so right. She closed her eyes hutted by that desorbing imagine in her minds eye, tares filled her baby blues as her short stay in haven was over and she came cashing back to reality.. She wanted nothing more then to stay here in his arm but she knew couldnt.

So Belle quietly slipped out of the warmth of his arms and his bed, she gently ran her fingers through his dark silky hair pushing that little strand of hair out of his eyes and softly kissed his cheek, moments later she slipped out the door before leaning ageist it with tears in her eyes. Goodbye Shawn, she wept silently.

When Shawn reached out for her and he came up empty he knew she was gone, he felt so cold, alone and abounded Goodbye my sweet Isabella, he wept silently.


She set in her car up at look out point, looking out over the snow covered city, and got lost in a one-sided conversation with herself. What have I just done? I think you just slept with Shawn and left him high and dry, that was cold. Do know how much that man loves us!! He doesnt love me anymore. Like hell he doesnt women that was the best sex youve ever had the man has moves and knows how to use them. Good grief! A man doesnt make love to a women that way unless he love her especially not our Shawn hello werent you there? He rock your world honey. Yes but then.why would he hurt me the way he did in the first place. Why? Heres a though ask HIM and dont you find it odd no wife or kids considering, think about it Belle, ASK HIM.

That was rather odd but she couldnt very well ask him now, hed probably never speak to her again she deserved it. Turnabout is after all fair play, she took one last look at the very spot where their snowmen once was and where Shawn had dropped to one knee causing her heart to stop, lickerish kisses and I love you hearts, she drove away leavening the bittersweet memories behind.

She quietly slipped into her bothers penthouse moments later and tip-toe her way up the stairs to her bedroom, she put on an old comfortable sweatshirt and literally fall into bed sobbing herself to sleep in regrets and sorrows.

Friday December 25- Christmas morning- 6:30 am

What felt like only minutes later Belle Felt Someone gently awaken her from a mere one hour rest and a sleepless one at that Merry Christmas Tink Brady whisper softy in her ear.

I hate you! she mutter groggily into her pillow pulling the covers back over her head hoping in vain that he would let her sleep.

Yes I know but I made blueberry pancakes and all, he said in purposeful ignores of her statement

You arent going to let me sleep are you? Belle sighed in realization as she prompted herself setting-up against the pillows eyeing her bother in annoyances through hazy tired blue eyes.

Nope, Brady smiled wickedly down at his sister as he stood up taking the comforter along with him so there was no chance of her falling back to sleep on him, pluses he just loved to hassle his Tink.

At the delightful sound of Joyce childish-like laughter ring throughout the stairwell of their comfy penthouse, Chloe smiled as Belle and Brady came racing downstairs and through the living room. Both wrestling, pulling and fighting for the comforter that once residing on Belle bed. Belle fall on the couch clasping into a fit of giggles who was now all tangled in the blanket as was Brady, falling next to her and tickling her senseless

Oh grow up Brady or is it Peter, I forget, Belle scoffed at him in amusement using the childhood nickname she bestowed upon him in kind to his tinker belle

You first Tink, Brady mockingly grinned at her, she gave him her typical- roll of her eyes response causing Brady to chuckle Never change Tink, he kissed her forehead and went to go finish breakfast

I dont plan to she smirked as she set down next to her sister in-law and smiled, Chloe was positively glowing How do you feel this morning Chloe?

Ive Never felt so good in my life, aside from the morning sicken from hell Im great, Chloe replied with a glowing smile.

Trust me I know-- Belle quickly shut her big mouth and silently cursed herself for even thinking about that time in her life. Chloe look on curiously as Belle bit her bottom lip but lost her train of thought and her stomach as Brady placed her breakfast down in font of her. Belle watched as her bother loving tended to his wife and smile with a wishful bittersweet ache in her heart.

The three set down and ate a delicious pancakes breakfast that Brady readily made, soon after they gathered around the huge evergreen pine tree that stood at lest twelve foot in the meddle of their living room to exchanges gifts,. Chloe was surprised and delight to fine a host baby gifts beneath the tree witch included; a sloe of Basic Black baby a new clothing line, everything from, Baby clothing to Baby Jewelry; there was practically a whole ready-to-wear wardrobe for the baby . Also under the tree Chloe found a large pink gift basket filled to the brim with all the essentials this baby would ever need; diapers and an assortment of toilettes for baby, plus a silver baby album, matching birth certificate frame and a small jewelry box tucked away in the bottom of the basket.

Brady took the small box gently from her hands and opened the box for her, Chloe gasp as tears grazed the corner of her deep blue eyes as she saw a 14kt Gold Cross with a Center Diamond on a thirteen inch chain and matching earrings Oh my gosh Brady -I cant believe you- your already spoiling her and she not even born yet, she cried in broken happy sobs as her unpredictable homerooms got the best of her.

That what fathers do Brady responded proudly, Just ask Belle dad always dotted on her and she turned out okay, right Tink, he jotted laughing heartily.

Oh yeah just peachy, his sister mumbled sarcastically throwing a pillow at his head Go long Brady. Belle shouted as he caught the pillow and the two were suddenly engaged in a game of pillow football, even Chloe got in on the action. As the Black family vision of a family football game continued to escalated.

Do you give? Brady asked smugly gaining the upper hand as he pin his sister to the ground, his muscular solid frame Leering down over her smaller one as he tickled her mercilessly. Belle surrendered though her giggles as Brady overpower her but just as Brady let her up, Belle turn the tables on her Big brother and wrestled him to the ground with Chloes help. Two angst one, not fair!! Brady call a foal.

Surrender to me Brady Black, his wife spoke in a low sultry tone, hovering above him while she pinned him beneath her now and he gladly compiled as she pull him into a blistering hot kiss, soon husband and wife were lost in one anther and there passionate embrace. Merry Christmas, Brady, I love you. Chloe breathed into his ear

I love you too diva, Brady pulled out another beautifully wrapped jewelry box and gave it to her. This is for you, Merry Christmas, Chloe he watched her open the box with the very same Diamond cross and earrings set he purchase for there unborn daughter, and she began to ball heavy tears of joy.

Thank you Brady, I love them, she said through her tears. And this is for you, Chloe handed him a envelope containing his Christmas gift, she thought long and hard on this and when the opportunity presented itself, she did not hesitate for a second she had the utmost faith in her husband and everything he did convincing her father in-law had not been easy though, John Black was a biasness men after all and didnt like the idea of mixing personal with biasness affairs ultimately Chloe convinced her father in- law that Brady was the only men for job.

Meanwhile, Brady Black slip the sheet of paper from the envelope witch contained an official document on Basic Black letterhead that stated accordingly; As of January first Basic Black recorders is pleased to welcome the critically acclaimed Opera vocalist Chloe Lane- Black to its musical roster for a standard three record deal to be produced and written by Brady and Chloe Lane Black, in association with Titan Enterprises- Victor Kiriakis and the Isabella Toscano Osceola opera house, PR and advertising to be handle by the husband and wife duo of Miriam and Phillip Kiriakis.
Singed John Black.

Brady looked at his glowing wife in absolute astonishment, how did she pull this off in his musical department none the less, he truant his questioning eyes down to her. Chloe just smiled as if reading his mined. I dont what to say Chloe.

Just say youll do it Brady! she grinned gleefully at her husband.

Brady pretended as if to give some serious thought to her request then looked up at her intensely. Deal Mrs. Black, I will demeaned nothing but excellences since I am very much aware of your capability, strengths and weakness. Brady spoke in a no nonsense biasness tone as he stared through her. Chloe rolled her eyes of course but she knew exactly what she was getting herself into when she chose Brady for this very reason, she knew as a producer he would want her best and would push her beyond her limitations..

The Deal was struck as she agreed, they shook on it and Christmas morning commentated as Chloe handed Belle her gift This is from both Meems and I enjoy It, she presented her best friend with a gourmet Chocolate gift basket. Belle smile as she read the gift tag for Chococ-oholics only. It amazed her that after so many years apart they still knew her so well, she was and had always been a self proclaimed Chococ-oholic and now she had a card that read, Hi my name is Belle and I am a Chococ-oholic to prove it.

Great minds must think a like Belle thought because she had brought them a similar gift basket each was a luscious vanilla spa kit, including, extensive items such as bubble bath, tablets, beads, body lotion mud and scrub, a tasty body powder, body better and body bar, compete with a vanilla-scented candle. All imported from Europe.

Finally Belle give Brady his gift it was an award trophy; The worlds greatest big bother inscribed on it, that literally brought tears to Bradys eyes she couldnt have given him a better gift, Brady Black was very proud to be her big bother and loved her above all others with the exception of his wife.

Brady intern handed her a small ring-like box, awaiting anxiously as she opened it. Confusion graced Belles face as she looked at the single key that rested inside the small box. She watched the sly grin on her bothers face and wondered what the meaning of this gift haled. Just what are you plotting Brady Victor, she thought eyeing him suspiciously.

Youll see, he responded to her silent question as if shed spoken out loud


Else where in the small Kiriakis home, Mimi and Phillip slept soundly after spending half the night wrapping dozens and dozens of gifts for there sweet little girl Reagan whom nether could picture life without. And nether understood why she was so suddenly questioning there love for her it broke Phillips heart and thats why he went a little gift crazy this year in despite of Mimis protest not to. The clock on the bedside table flashed 6:46 as there wonderful daughter tiptoed her way across the hall peeking in to her parents room.

The littlest Kiriakis climbed into bed and smuggled in-between her parents, Phillip stirred awake and looked down to fine their baby girl in-between them Hey peanut, Merry Christmas, he spoke softly awakening her from her light slumber kissing her head softly.

Merry Christmas Daddy, she replied sweetly as her sleepy hazel eyes slowly fluttered open. .

So peanut are you ready to go downstairs and open gifts? he asked grinning in excitement as her hazel eyes lit up with impending Christmas morning joy.

Yes! she beamed gleefully as that of a child on Christmas morning. What about mommy. she asked glancing over at her sleeping mother, kissing her softly on the forehead like Mimi had so often done with her. Phillip smiled at their sweet daughter, as her eyes shone lovingly at him, but his fatherly instincts saw the sudden deep thought and the flicker of sadness in her pretty hazel eyes.

Hey you whats wrong, he asked concerned, she shook her head coming out of deep thought to deep for a six year old relished her father worriedly. Whatever it is Reagan you can tell me you know. he intoned softly in all honestly.

Reagan looked up at her father with her beautiful hazel eyes, Nothing daddy. she lied sweetly as her eyes misted over in a thin shield of tears, she knew if she were to ask shed only get the truth. Phillip sight in heartbreak as much as he wanted to he wouldnt push it, Reagan would come to them when she was ready or so he hoped.

Come on I have an ideal Phillip whispered his ideal into her ear and she smile in approval, they quietly went down to the kitchen and started on breakfast in bed for Mimi as a Christmas morning surprise.

Phillip pulled out the waffle iron they decided to make Mimis favorite breakfast Belgian waffles strawberries and whipped crème and a side of suasions. Reagan helped her father cook the breakfast from scratch mixing the batter as Phillip pour it in to the waffle iron soon the delusion smalls filled the cozy home after the suasions links grilled, the suasions and waffles were placed on a breakfast tray, the Belgian waffles were top off with a mound of strawberries whipped crème and a hot double mocha latté

See peanut I can so cook!! Phillip exclaimed playfully as Reagan rolled her eyes and giggled sweetly as they went upstairs to wake Mimi. It was now 7:47 as they entered the mater bedroom quietly where Miriam Kiriakis still slept soundly.

Phillip ever so gently placed the tray down on the nightstand that was filled with all of Mimis favorite breakfast foods as to not dissever her from her slumber. Merry Christmas Miriam, Phillip whispered softly into her ear as he slowly crawled back into bed with her showering her face in kisses awakening her from her sleep.

Mimi awoke to the sound of her daughters sweet giggles and her husbands sweet kisses. And the delicious smells of the heavenly breakfast they made for her as Phillip placed it over her lap and lovely begin to feed her, Belgian waffles each delicious piece dripping in tasty strawberries and whipped crème he brought the fork to her missing her mouth completely by accident

Oh Im so sorry, Phillips tone was syrupy sweet as he gave her those boyish dimples, his baby blue eyes held a hint of mischief in them as he leaned in closer just inches from her lips .Here babe, let me help you, Phillip husked low in his throat as he want in for a taste of her strawberry an crème lips and they melted into a sweet passionate loving kiss. Mmmm, you taste so sweet babe, he drawled as he went back for another sweet embrace.

Phillip!!! Mimi gaggled hitting her husband in the chest Your incorrigible she chastised him lightheartedly

You love it, he growled in her ear huskily, sending those deadly dimples her way

As Reagan watch her parents she grow very sad they looked so happy she thought but she knew it wasnt true.it was all a lie and it was all her fault, she ran from the room as her emotions overwhelmed her. Phillip and Mimi looked at each other in confusion, they both knew something was wrong, very wrong with their sweet daughter but she wouldnt open up to either of them.

Thank you, mommy and daddy, Reagan said the sadness in her voice evident as she set under the tree in a sea the of new open gifts, toys, books and games. A new bike her dad promised he teach her how to ride, she got everything she wanted this year and more but it still didnt make her happy, she new they were going to send her away to boarding school. she knew they didnt want her.

Merry Christmas Reagan, did you enjoy your morning princess. Phillip spoke lovingly as he crouched down next to her setting on his knees.

Of course, daddy, she answered sweetly hugging him tightly but her father still sensed her sadness. You know I love you dont you Reagan when she didnt answer Phillips heart shatter; and tears fall down her face.

Reagan reactions did not go unnoticed by her mother, Mimi caught Phillips glare and she knew that he didnt miss it either. Oh I love you baby, She wrapped her arms around her sweet daughter in a warm loving hug and felt her tense Mimi pulled away heartbrokenly as she and saw the deep sadness in Reagans expressive teary hazel eyes.

Reagan nodded her head silently but didnt responded to her mother, she quietly gather her stuff and took it to her room where she broke down. As her parents listened powerlessly, at a lose as to how to help her. Mimi looked into Philip face to see tears of blame welling behind his baby blue eyes and the sadness in his boyish features made her go to him and hold him as if to shelter him. They spoke not a verbal word to one another but as they hold onto each other for support and comfort, they knew they needed help.

What do we do Meems, Phillip glared helplessly down at his wife as his heart broke within his sad watery blue eyes. She thanks we dont love her, his vice was broken

I know, but where would she get that idea, she responded as an out loud thought more then anything else, Phillip had his own suspensions and they were making him see red.

This is for you, Mimi handed him his present and watched as his face lit up much like his daughters when she open her gifts earlier the morning, Phillips face connected in confusion as he looked at Mimi, she simply smiled pulling him up from the sofa dragging him out into the cold icy snow, there in the driveway set the most beautiful piece of male machinery a back mercerizes convertible with back lather interior.

This is what the key is for?! he questioned in shock and excitement.

Yes babe, Mimi whispered softly from behind as she wrapped her arms around his waist, squealing on a giggle as Philip picked her up and spun her around, his boyish delight was interrupted as his cell rang and he switched it off. Lets Roll dimples, Mimi hopped in car and at winked him flirtatiously with sexy green eyes

Oh yes maam, Ill just go get the peanut. Phillip turned around to go back inside the house .

Im right here Daddy, Reagan spoke softly as she stood behind them quietly, Phillip whipped around to see her standing there and picked her up spinning her as she giggled in delight

Hey baby are you okay? Phillip asked in fatherly concern as the smile on her face disappeared as quickly as it came. .

Yeah, she mumbled, Phillip wasnt convened he didnt see that bright twinkling in her innocent hazel eyes.

Come on you two we got get going!! Mimi shouted after detaching her call as she hung up her phone, Chloe just called to make sure she was still going to be there, she briefly thought about declining but she couldnt do that to her best friend Mimi knew that Belle wasnt going to take this very will, she didnt want think about what Belle would do when she found out Brady masterminded this whole thing


Shawn Brady walk down the halls of Salem university hospital , he was on call at the hospital, he was called in shortly after she left but he wasnt going think about that anymore. Shawn was now on his last rounds before going home for the day to spend Christmas with his family. Shawn stopped short at the supply closest, he just chuckled at a brief memory of his own youth as he watched the two teenagers come stumbling out of the closest..


Two very surprised teenagers looked up as Shawn cleared his throat sanding there a stern expression on his face, arms crossed tightly over his chest, he masked his amusement over the whole situation and watched the poor kids squirm

Um hi Dr. Brady--we were just

We just looking for a place to be alone Shawn, fifteen year old Melissa Gilbert sighed in frustration

And you thought the hospital supply closest was a good place!! Shawn just chuckled at the irony in it all, he looked at the young mischiefs teen girl and her boyfriend giving them a knowing grin Well Missy

What, it was there and so were we, she smirked devilishly

Yeah Ill bet; Shawn teased Hey Scott, I need steel your lovely girlfriend for about an hour.

Sure thing Dr. Brady, as a matter a fact you know what keep her, all she dose is get me in troublebut I love her. he just kissed Missy on the head softly as she hit him on the arm. Scott give him a thumbs up Singh as Missy fallowed him down the hall, Shawn nodded in responds, Scott just beamed with excitement at the good news.

Melissa went through the usual route, she was used to it by now, she had been stuck in this hospital for nearly eight months, she had been diagnosed with acute leukemia little over a year ago. She had been through the ringer from radiation to isolation, losing her hair and a recent horrible bowed with the flu putting her back into isolation for three more weeks, explaining her sudden need to be close to her boyfriend. And as far as Shawn was concerned she one hell of a trooper.

Well, Miss Gilbert, everything seems good, all of your tests results are fine and Im pleased with your progression Shawn smiled trying to ease the girls worries, Now Ive got good news and bad news, he saw her tense and cursed himself for wording it in such a way. Hey relax, I just meant I need to draw some blood, he soothed gently.

Melissa relaxed and sighed in relief, If everything is so fine why are you drawing more blood, she question nervously, not sure if she wanted an answer.

Im just double checking, Shawn smiled reassuringly at her, he could tell Melissa was at the end of her rope with being cooped up in this hospital, he didnt blame her either, fifteen year old girls should be more worried about the latest gossip in the Salem high circuit, whose take whom to the dace, clothes, boys, makeup or god for bid their hair he thought with a smile. And Shawn was ready to give her the reprieve she needed.

Missy paled slightly before closing her eyes no matter how many time she was face with them she would never get used to needles, she absolutely heated them. Missy sighed as someone took her hand kissing it softly, opening her eyes she found Scott holding her hand in his instantly soothing her nerves, she mouthed a quite. Think you, Scott just smiled at Missy the love for his best friend shown brightly through his eyes. Can we get this over with please Shawn, she asked anxiously.

Im already done Missy, Shawn informed her.

What! no way!! she exclaimed in disbelief.

Yes maam, Shawn grinned.

See and you didnt even feel it, Scott teased nudging her side, she simply rolled her eyes at him in response. Meanwhile Shawn slipped out of the room, reaching the lab he put a rush the on the blood test he ordered, this was the reason he came here everyday and did this job. When he got the results back a short while later Shawn couldnt keep the smile off his face.

Sharon Gilbert stood just outside the door to the exam room not wanting to interrupt the rather serious conversion taking place inside, she listened as her very strong daughter Melissa gave into her fears falling apart in her best friends arms for the first time since she heard her diagnose little over one year ago. Melissa just couldnt handle it any longer as she broke down in her boyfriends arms purging all her fears, worries, and incarcerates onto Scott. Melissa was afraid the cancer had gotten worse what if she never got to see the world, or know what it felt like to make love, Melissa sobbed even more as she admitted she was scared of losing him of leaving him but most of all of dying far too soon, their was nothing Scott could say or do to make it better as much as he wanted to for the first time he couldnt take this pain away, so Scott did the one thing he knew how to he simply held her letting her sob, releasing all that emotion hed scene building inside her for awhile. Scott drew her close reassuring her, holding her as he told her that he loved her and she was going have her chance to see the world, she was to stubborn and strong welled to go anywhere, and as far as the other stuff was concerned she was just scared right now he didnt want her making any rash dissensions but if she was sure and thats what she really wanted they would at least talk about it.

As Sharon listened at the door tears of heartbreak and lose were realest she knew her daughter had been in emotional turmoil for a while, but it wasnt until she overheard Melissas insecurities that she understood just how deep Melissa pain ran and what hurt even more was the fact that Melissa would rather confide in Scott, that she seem to need him more through all this, more then her own mother it was a sense of lose that Sharon felt very deeply shown in the tears that now fell openly.

Shawn saw Sharon as he made his way back from the lab and he tapped her on the shoulder, only to find her in tears he smiled reassuring at her before ushering her inside as Melissa saw them she quickly wiped her own tears away as did her mother, they both held there breathes waiting for the bad new.

As Scott took her hand it didnt calm her down this time, she hated to admit this even to herself, she was scared. She looked in-between Scott and her mother, and then Melissa gathered all her courage and met Dr. Bradys comforting warm brown glare.

I have good news for you today Melissa, Shawn gave her an encouraging smile that reached his eyes. You are officially in remission, merry Christmas Missy. he spoke warmly

Oh my god, really? Melissa exclaimed in disbelieve as she covered her mouth, tears of relief poured down her face

Yes Really! Shawn replied proudly

Melissa lapped up and ran to hug her mother tightly Did you here what he said mom, Im in remission, mother and daughter cried tears of happiness together as they embraced each other lovely.

Oh Missy I love you so much, Sharon rejoiced, silently thanking god for her daughter life.

I love you too mom, thank you for everything Melissa held onto her mother never wanting to forget this feeling it was the best she felt in mouths. Shed slowly begin to push her mother away incase anything were to happen. Sharon halfheartedly let go of her daughter gesturing towards Scott who stood idly by as he watched Melissa and Sharon reconnect.

Melissa smiled at him as he simply stared in absolute amazement of this girl whom he loved so much, she went to his open arms. I love you Scotty, she whispered as tears welled up in their eyes.

I love you too Melissa, Scott mused tearfully.

Melissa then turned to Shawn as a huge smile lit up her entire face, her beautiful brown eyes twinkled with happiness. SoDr. Brady, she smiled as she formally addressed him it was something that had long ago past in their relationship, he always made her feel at ease in the mist of everything else happening When will I get to go home? she asked eagerly.

Shawn however didnt miss the big sigh relief heard in her tone Oh I dont know Melissa He gave a thoughtful sigh. How dose today sound to you.

Really?! Today sounds great, she exclaimed closes to tears again as she hugged him tightly, the embrace was filled with the graduated she couldnt fine words to express. Thank you so much Shawn, Melissa whispered quietly.

Why, you did all the heard work and Im very prod of you for it. he had watched her struggle to except the cancer then fight the disease only to survive more then once. And now he got to watch her go home.


Okay Brady were here are you going to tell me what your up to yet? Belle spoke as they all stood in front of the old loft apartment that John owned

Well use that key to open the door and find out. Tink, Brady grinned smugly. As Belle unlocked the door to the old loft. She was stunned to fined a fully fauvist apartment decorated in soft sun shiny yellow it was an eclectic posh style that was suited to her taste, she suddenly begun to realized exactly want her family were plodding, they wanted her to move back home so they fix up this old loft apartment for her. She pasted a fake smile on as she saw all of her closes family and friends were there to greet her in a house warming party. Ironic since I never actually agreed to move home she thought in sarcasms.

Good to be home isnt it Izzy, her father laid it on thick in his usual John Black style.

I love you dad! She shook her head at him smiling in amusement.

Well it is isnt it?! he stressed his point heavily.

Yes, Belle rolled her eyes at her dear old dad.

Good then stay, he stated simply

Stay? Stay where stay in pairs maybe at the Hilton with Pairs, she laughed mockingly, at the questioning eye brow her father since in her direction.

Nohere in Salem with us, your friends and family, those that. Oh I dont know
love you, John winked not so subtlety getting his point across.

Dad! she sighed warningly, John simply gave his stubborn daughter a sheepish grin and a kiss on the forehead

The impromptu party continued Belle mingled in the among friends and relieves it seemed as if the entire town of Salem had came together in one goal because everywhere she turned and everyone met she heard things such as. Its so great to see you.. Salem just isnt the same without you.. Were all so glade you decided to finally come back home, Weve missed you so much a certain some one more then most. its not that she didnt appreciate the warm welcome home she honestly had missed it here more then even she realized

Danm him She saw Brady across the room, Belle angrily stomped her way over to him ready to give her brother a big pace of her mind, this was all his doing and she knew it. By the irate look she was giving him Brady knew he was about to feel the wrath of a woman scored Isabella Black

She advanced upon her brother, backing him into a corner with no escape furry blazing in her stormy blue eyes and there was no clam before this storm How dear you do this to me, Danm you Brady Victor Black, she hissed in deadly calm tones, Belle coldly brushed past her brother without another word, she was so hurt and angry she couldnt even look at him right now. I know you meant well Brady but I cant move back home not after.last nigh Oh god what have I done?

Lucas stuck up behind his wife and spun her around taking her into a long deep passionate kiss he couldnt get enough of her. Come on sexy lets sneak away for awhile. he growled lustfully in her ear

Lucaswe cant she turn to face him

Oh come on Belle wont even miss us, she doesnt look to happy to be here herself, Lucas observed looking in Belles direction, he termed back at his desirable vixen of a wife and dropped his forehead to hers, I want you .now. Lucas mouthed, Sami couldnt tare her blue eyes from his Oh so scrumptious lips as they mouthed the words

Sami looked around before taking his hand leading him to the upper level as the couple descended up the stairs, their clothes went flying as they widely undressing each other skillfully never parting lips as they made out passionately in the loft bedroom. They fall into the bed Sami was undoing his jean while Lucas was working on unhooking her bra ..she was hot and bothered she wanted him so muchAs he went for her panties

Oh Lucas I want you so much, I love you, Sami moaned

Sami I love you so much, Lucas looked at his wife relishing how luckily he was, oh how he wanted her right now.

Belle was looking for a place of refuge to get away from the glaring spotlight of the party so she ducked up the stairs to the loft bedroom. .Oh I god I slept with Shawn last nightand just left him there like Oh god like he was no more then some one night stand Belle was disgusted with herself as what she had done last night sink in, she promised herself due to circumstances in her own past she would never treat anyone so low. .

Belle accidentally walked in on Lucas and Simi going at it on the bad as she enter the upper level loft bedroom, Lucas spwirled himself over Simis body to cover their more privet areas Oh god sorry guys, Belle said as she stumbled over her two feet as she quickly Backed out of the room.

Sami laughed in assessment of Lucas from her place on bed as he trilled down the top of the steps retrieving their pieces of discarded clothing and hastily dressing Ummm Lucas I think you forgot these, Sami fall into a fit of laughter as she held up his dark blue boxers.

Jeeeeez, he exclaimed in embarrassment snatching them away form her quickly stuffing them in his back pocket, Sami only laughed even harder at her husband. I ll make you pay later Samantha,. Lucas spoke huskily in her ear as he simply kissed her on the forehead leaving the room.

Oh yeah?! Is that a promise General? Sami responded as a sexy little smirk played on her lips rising her eye brows suggestively

You bet. her husband stated saluting, leaving them to their woman talk

Sorry Sami I didnt mean to.interrupt Belle said apologetically avoiding her sisters eyes.

Dont worry about it. Sami set observing her sister closely who seemed to be more then a little uncomfortable and even guilty of something. So you slept with Shawn last nigh? she call her sister on it without missing a beat.

She couldnt possibility know that, could she? Belles eyes widen in shook I dont know what your talking about Sami, she denied avoiding her sister knowing stare as Sami just shook her head, it was written all over her baby sisters face, the love and hate mixed in her sisters eyes told Sami everything she already knew.

Belle far be it for me to gave you advice in the Romance department but I think you really should talk to Shawnand I know how badly he hurt you but hes been hurt to, so just talk to himOkay Sami heard the rumors, she saw look of emptiness that was in both their eyes

Before Belle could protest Lucas interrupt telling Sami they had to getting going to John and Marlena for dinnerBelle turned away in avoidance as they look at her questionably she just couldnt go.

Oh no if I have to go then so do you!! Sami declared demandingly as if reading her sisters mind.

Sami, Lucas, Will, Erica and Belle all enter the Penthouse later that evening as the football game was playing on the Television, Lucas and Will promptly set down along the other guys to watch the game. none of them seem to notice the small of burnt turkey coming from the kitchen, the two sisters shard an all knowing look. Moms cooking, they spoke in unison.

Daddy I think its time for plane B Belle moved in the living room kissing Johns cheek as she set on arm of the sofa giving him a manful glace.

Brady got up and looked over at his father grabbing his car keys, he knew the drill this was his annual task without fail they already had a per-ordered turkey waiting for pickup at the penthouse grill. Ill be right back, he shook his head chucking somethings would never change. Im just glad the rest of dinner is potluck he gripped silently on his way out the door.

Sami poked her head in the kitchen to inform her mother that Brady went pick up their Christmas turky and chuckled as she heard Marlena exclaim. Oh Thank havens for that wonderful boy. she threw the turky basder in sink sighing in much relive, she would never be a cook!!

You tried mom, Sami smiled knowing exactly how her mother falt as thoughts of how many times she herself tired to cook for Lucas and Will over the years only for it to turn out in disaster came to mind, ironically enough those were some of their best family mummeries.

Would youve eaten it Samantha her mother asked hopefully staring at the blackened bird that set on counter.

No mom, I love you but no, Sami answered her honestly trying to cover up her laughter as not to hurt her mothers feelings.

Nether would I Mother and daughter both erupted into laughter.

The snow was blinding in front of him as Brady drove slowly as he skated along on the ice covered roads he was driving on, nearly sliding off the road the car stalled and spun on a patch of ice but with cat like reflexes that he no doubt inherited from his father, Brady quickly gained control of his car as the radio played softly in background; Weather advisory for the Salem aria, expecting perspiration and heavy snow fall, the roads are slick out there folks, Yeah no shit Brady silently snared at overly jolly DJ as he now set in a traffic Jam, And if you do happen to be on roads tonight stay off main street folks traffic is Brady clicked off the radio irritated as his hand slammed down on the steering wheel

An hour and a half later Brady came out of the penthouse grill holding a 28 pound juicy smoked Taxes turkey, he once again found himself sliding all the away home along the icy roads.

As Brady enter the warmth of his home he saw the table was set with an assortment of family foods, fine china and crystal place settings lined the table as the family came together for Christmas dinner, dinner was filled with warm family memories reminiscing of Christmases gone by siblings playful bickering and potshots back forth, laughter and love rained between most of the Black family.

Marlena the turkey is delicious this year,. Brady smile across the table at her

Oh Thank you Brady, Marlena smile softly at him as he winked

The Blacks and all their extended family, set around a seemly innocent dinner table as they shard a meal together, Brady nudged his sisters side as he observed the inner working of there dinner table, Brady had to suppress his chuckle as Belle looked up at him and rolled her big expressive blue eyes.

Austin cleared his throat as he felt her eyes on him, he look up Carrie could I get some of your roasted chestnut and cranberry stuffing, he sent her a little sly grin as he caught her eyes and hold her stare across the table , they both knew this was his favorite dish, that at one time made only for him.

Sure Austin she responded softly never braking their intense stare as she lost her breath and her heart at the very site of him.

Austin suddenly broke their intense gaze as he felt someone playing footies with him under the table and it wasnt Carrie, he leant over to his bother Lucas and sneered Bro Im not your wife.

Belle was snickering softly at the situation along side Simi until she felt his feet entangle with hers, she smiled at her bother in- law but guided his happy feet to the seat next to her own, where his wife was seated

Good natured laughter went around the table as everyone was amused by Lucass expressions of love and lust for his wife, not caring who knew. Lucas slip his hand into hers as he draw smell gentle circuses in her plume lovingly, he was still awed at the simple fact that she love him as much as he loved her.

Sami turned her big blue eyes up to him, as he saw a passion radiated within them, he gave her a sly crocket little smile as his dark eyes flashed in desire for her. As they silently agreed to skip out on dessertso they could do some indulging of their own making later on.

Dinner progressed into dessert as Carrie watched on green in envy she wished Mike still loved her like that .she wished he would look at her in the way Lucas looked at Samiin the way that Austin Still looked at her, she shuttered. Dont go there Carrie. Mike looked on steaming in jealousy but she didnt seem to notice .

Mom could you please pass the Pumpkin pie. Belle asked a plait edge to her tone, her entire body tensed in resentment as she spoke.

Marlena passed the pie down to Belle using the opportunity to branch conversation with her estranged and very uncomfortable daughter So Belle hows that friend of yours, Marlena tired to hold her disapproving tone, even though Belle was a grown Women she never understood why Belle chose to involve herself in that lifestyle.

Belles blood boiled in anger at her mothers judgmental tone but just as quickly shut her eyes as guilt and remorse settle within them, he was the last person she wanted to think about tonight it just hurt. Belle hastily excused herself from the table and made her way out the door.

Out in the hall Belle battled with all her emotions as the tears finally spilled free, her hands shook as she pulled out her cell phone but a sick guilty feeling in the pit of her stomach, stop her from making that call just yet. He had been there for her when she needed someone and she committed the ultimate betrayal. .Just like last nigh. God danm I need a cigarette right now. however Belle denied herself the urge took a deep breath and walked back inside .

Im sorry she was apologizing to everyone but held her mothers glare as she spoke.And his name is Jason.. She stated never braking her steely cold stare from her mothers.

Well I think its time for us to go dont you Samantha Lucas give her a sidelong smirk bouncing his brow suggestively, Sami gave him a quick suggestive wink smirking his why.

The hospital we should all get to the hospital John spoke up desperate to break the mmounting tensions between mother and daughter. Soon everyone else followed in suit as they all gathered their coats and families, proceeding to university hospital for the annual telling of the Christmas story a time honored tradition Salem.


As the holy the evening dusk fall throughout the picturesque town of Salem Illinois, the snow lightly begin to fall down upon the beautifully trimmed houses that illuminate the dusky evening sky in their town. As Salem natives celebrated the sprit of the holiday among their family and friend.

And nowhere in Salem was that sprit felt stronger, then at Salem university hospital, kids gathered in the childrens ward, healthy and sick alike, all colors and greeds alongside their parents and grandparents, even hospital staff all ready carry on with the age old tradition. As it was the good Dr. Bradys turn to ready the beloved Christmas story this year.

Shawn entered the Predicates floor to all those eager little faces as they waited in anticipation to hear the true story of Christmas in the same way he heard it as a child with the same eagerness on those sweet innocent little facesthen he suddenly grow very aware of all his family and friends watching him. This was a Horton family tradition, that was stared with his great grandfather and this year Gran had bestrode him the great honor.

He watched as his vigorous littlie cousin Erica came barreling towards him and clamed up on his lap looking up at him with big bright blue eyes he looked out amongst the cowered room and gave a little smile to Reagan who sit in Victors lap. As he took a deep breathe and begin to read .he felt her presences enter the room as Belle thought she slipped into the back unnoticed.

And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed. (And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.) And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city. And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem (because he was of the house and lineage of David), to be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being with child.

And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered. And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn. And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And lo, the angel of the Lord come upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, "Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger." And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men."

And it came to pass, as the angels were gone away from them into heaven, the shepherds said one to another: "Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this king which is to come to pass, which the Lord hath made known unto us." And they came with haste, and found Mary and Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger. And when they had seen it, they made known abroad the saying which was told them concerning this child. And all that heard it wondered at those things which were told them by the shepherds. But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart. And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told unto them.

Luke 2: 1-20

Belle listened intensely to the velvety voice of Shawn Douglass Brady tell the greatest love story of them all. And this years reading of the story told in his voice effected her profoundly different then any other year, grief consumed her heart as she truly understood the meaning of a mothers love within the story, she mourned the lose of her own baby boy, it brought tears to her eyes.

of sadness and joy

As Belle met his once warm chocolate brown eyes as they misted over in a thin shield of tears, she shivered as chills ran through her entire body as his eyes suddenly iced and looked right through her, piercing her heart. Belle knew she had lost him forever.as he felt her eyes on him. Shawn looked up at her in hurt and resentment .she kept leaving him high and dry, he felt abandoned by her. While he wouldnt let himself be hurt by her again because if she ever discovered the truth of his shameful secrete she would never be able to love him again

Littlie did he know.

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A once in lifetime love - Chapter 10

December 9 2010, 4:46 PM 

A once in lifetime love
Chapter 10

Sunday- February 5 - Basic Black Inc headquarters 5:30pm

The afternoon was grey and dairy as the sound of the wind and cold rain beat down heavily on the small town of Salem, the weather if by mere coincides reflected that of Belles mood

It was the end of a very long Sunday at the office, Belle was in proportion of going to fashion week she was scheduled to leave for pairs tomorrow morning, she was amazed at how quickly the months few by, between moving home and working all the time she barely able had time to unpack her new loft. Belles phone rage non-stop all day as she played Refry between Kate and Brenda. And their all out fashion war Belle listened despite her headache as the two fault over everything from fabric simples to model placement on the runway, the pairs show was slated for Friday hopefully she could get the two come trams before then

After making sure everything was arranged for the morning Belle was ready to end her very stressful day she was latterly ready to drop. She hadnt even eaten all day, Belle tried to ward off the flu that she felt coming on, Belle couldnt shake the nauseous feeling, so she ignore it., she had a job to do the company was counting on her so was her father and god for bit Kate and Brenda were left to their own devices during fashion week..

She slowly made her way to her last meeting for the day that of course lasted longer then expected, after poring over more details colors, fabrics, and assuring the designs were just the way she wanted them before she was finally able to head home for the day.


Dr. Brady, Dr. Shawn Brady to pediatrics please. he heard the familiar page over the loud speaker rubbing his hands down his tried face and groaned. Shawn saw his patients young and old come in with the same illness as it seemed that the entire town had taken over by the flu.

Gotta another one here for ya Dr. Brady, Cathy handed over a chart

You really have to love flu season, he sighed in irritation, his sarcasm was not lost on the experienced nurse as she cut him a knowing look.

Shh..shh honey, I know you dont feel good its okay, Mimi was speaking quietly to her daughter as she sit with Reagan rubbing her feverish forehead, she didnt feel to good herself. Mimi looked helplessly at Shawn as he came into the room. And this time it was immediately clear that this was a case of the flu or for that matter two he observed.

Hi sweetheart, Shawn smiled at his niece. Can you tell me where it hurts? he asked knelling down in front of her.

Everywhere. Reagan answered hoarsely through her sleepy hazel eyes, Shawn carefully examined her as he listened to her breathing and heart, he watched the child shiver with chills but her temp was high, he asked if her throat was brothering her at all and Reagan slowly nodded her head yes

Shawn looked at her thoughtfully, again knelling down in front of her. Will you let me look he prompted gently, she nodded again, Aright miss Reagan, can you open up for me?

Ahhhh she let him look at her sore throat

Well you know what this means right miss Reagan? Shawn asked on a sigh when he was through, she shook her head no her light hazel eyes looking questioningly at him, he gave her a big smile. It mean no school for you he answered excitedly trying in vain to make her feel better.

Okay uncle Shawn, was her only response as she fall asleep.

Shawn just chuckle that wasnt exactly the response he was going for, he looked over worriedly at Mimi who seemed as if this flu bug had gotten to her as well, he asked if she was alright but she simply dismissed him with a wave of her hand.

As if on cue the door open and Phillip rushed in Im so sorry Mimi I just got your message, is she okay? he asked his half sleeping wife, Phillip turned to Shawn for answers who simply nodded and told him it was the flu motioning his head towards Mimi , Phillip looked just as concerned for his wife once he saw her pal face and glassy eyes.

Philip turned to Shawn, a look of distress for his girls They both need plenty of fluid and rest, theyll be fine. Shawn instructed him, trying to ease his worry.

Thank Doc, Philip nodded appreciatively at his best friend and took his two sick girls home to put them to bed, Phil had a feeling he had his work cut out for him over the next week or so.

Shawn tossed and turned in the lounge as he tried to sleep it was no use he hadnt slept in years anyway, it was the reason he usually worked the gravy yard shift, Shawn was jolted out of his sleep as heard the all to familiar page again, Dr Brady to the ER, Dr. Shawn Brady to the ER.

When he arrived down stairs at the ER a nurse pulled him aside and spoke quietly explaining what was surely a delicate situations, sighing in anguish, he tried to push his own painful past to the back of his mind and deal with the task at hand, looking over Shawn saw a very distraught young woman whom didnt look to be anymore then nineteen witch was the given age on her file.

With a deep breathe Shawn approached her slowly trying not frighten her anymore tonight Are you Haley Miller, he ask softly.

Yes, she whispered so quietly he almost missed it but he easily recognized the familiar pain in her tearful eyes a pain he knew all to well, Haley found the courage to look him in the eye, she didnt know why but she trusted him. It was almost he understood her pain he ask all the routine questions and made sure she was physically okay, knowing it was only the beginning Haley had a long hard road ahead of her.

Do you want tell me what happen.

I dont want to talk to anyone, her voice was filled with shameful anguish as she looked at her lap again.. Shawn knew all to well what that felt like, in all these years hed never spoken of his own experience but to one person.

Haley, honey I know how hard this is for you, she seem to sense his genuine understanding. But we need to know what happened and so do the police, Shawn spoke professionally, gently breaking the news but felt like the biggest hypocrite on earth, she nodded and told him how she was at a campus party drinking with her friends that night she tried to not to break into tears as she recalled what happened next.

Shawn recognized the pain and confusion he saw there in her eyes as Haley continue I went up stares with Jimmy Statesmen the star Quarterback, she set shaking and let out a gasp of despair coming to terms with what just happen to her. I woke up to him on top of me, she broke down with the realization she had been drugged and sexually taken advantage of only hours before and had no recollection of it yet she knew it had happen.

Can we just get this part over with please Haley pleaded softly as she turn away to wipe her tears. Trying to regain her composer, soon thereafter he left Haley in the capable hands of Dr Lexie Carver. As Shawn close the door behind him he literally felt sick to his stomach, he closed his dark brown eyes swallowing the lob forming in his throat to stop the tears that were burring the back of his eyes and wonder if he ever get over his own painful experience.

January 10th 2003

Another party at heartily house was In full swing the music blasted, alcohol flowed for everyone but him that was, Shawn Brady was still locked in his room with Cassie in a study session

Shawn hadnt even noticed the tall skinny redhead as she slipped back into the room with their Hot drinks, he sit on the bed stomped by physics and missing Belle that was all he seemed to do these days but he knew she was better off in pairs , if she was here in Salem he wouldve been tempted to tell her the truth about Collins murder.

Shawn here is your tea, it will probably help your cold, Cassie sit down and handed him the tea

Thanks Cassie, he stifled his yawn grabbing the textbook again

She took the book from him and closed it Why dont we call it a night Shawn, your not well and you need your rest if you want to past that test tomorrow she laid it on thick if you want I could just give you the answers no one has to know Shawn she passed him a piece of paper

No Cassie he balled the answers in his hand becoming annoyed with her

Shawn watch Cassie quickly gathered her things Knowing shed upset him You should rest, drink that tea Shawn, I put my own special remedy in it for you he was to tired as he sipped the tea to heard the flux sense of sweetness

After She left him alone he finished the tea and crawled into bed, dreaming of Belle

Belle sit on his bed beside him and stroked his cheek softly Belle he mumble

Im right here Shawn, came her voice

Mmm I love you Belle,

Suddenly her face appeared in his line of vision she touch his cheek and kissed his lips softly, Why arent in pairs you shouldnt be here he sighed sadly I dont want you involved I murdered Collin.

I know baby, Shhh it okay. I love you Shawn

I Love you to, I want to make love to you Belle

Oh yes Shawn make love to me.

With the tape recorder rolling Marlana sit listening as she tried her best to remain objective. When Shawn came to her for help she wrestle with the idea, knowing she was partially reasonable, she agreed to treat him with reservations of her own about what happen that night. that was until she was in session with him, I thought she was Belle, hot tears run out of his tortured brown eyes, down his forlorn face, he was still under hypnotics, It was the tea, I I think she drugged me. Shawn confessed in a agitated whisper. Marlana now had no doubt that Cassie was the one who took advantage of Shawn that night, he had never dear share any of the details with anyone but her he was to ashamed about it all

Shawn, Marlanas voice was strong but gentle as she spoke. What did Cassie do to you, she waited this was always the hard part hed never been able to say it out loud before and for victims of abuse such as Shawn Suffered the first step was admitting it

I cant say it, he cried his head falling into his hands.

Why not Shawn? Marlana was curious for an answer.

Belle, he told her simply

What about her, Shawn.

Shell never understand, she wont love me because Im no longer A Man, Shawn Brady confessed his deepest fear.


The rainy day had since turned to a slowly one an a completely drenched Belle entered her apartment building hours later she had gotten tied up in more meetings and phone calls and now felt even worse then before, she slowly make her way inside to elevator.

Are you okay, Ms. Black Charles the door man saw that she didnt look so good as she struggled with two brown grocery bags, offering a helping hand the doorman took her bags helping her get to elevator. The door to enters open again just Belle slumped against the medal doors as she felt as if the flu just completely overtook her

Ms. Black, Ms. Black can you hear me. she was pale and slump against the sliver metal doors of the elevator.

After all these years talking in sessions with her this had been his first real breakthrough, this was the first time his mind ever let him recall all of the events of that night, his emotions were very raw, feeling of emasculations and humiliation threaded his very manhood leading itself to his lack of relationships with women of course there was only one woman Shawn had ever wanted, Belle Black..

The doorbell buzzed him in to that same apartment building, Shawn was still lost in thought after his very emotionally draining session with Marlaina, heading for the same elevator all he wanted to do was get to his loft and sleep till his next shift at the hospital however fate had other plans.

Belle heard the mans question but the pain and nauseous feeling rendered her incapable of answering, she drew her keens up to her chest as she curled herself into a fetal position fighting the sickness that rack through her entire body. Im okay Charles she spoke weakly forcing her eyes open, trying to stand she immediately regretted it as her nauseas grow worse it bubbled up inside her unable to control it she let go all over the poor doormans loafers.

As Shawn approached the elevator he heard the commotion coming out of his own thoughts. Im soso sorry Charles, Ill pay to replace them. he listened to her voice say he observed the situation closer and noticed Belle as she stood up and the mass on the floor. Shawn instances kicked in as he sighed deeply and went over to help out.

Thats alright Ms. Black, the very kind doorman look at her in concern as her face was flushed red with embarrassment Lets just get you downstairs.

Is everything alright over here, Shawn asked gently as he knelt down in front of Belle, with one look at her pale stricken face and red glassy eyes it was clear that she had the flu she looked to be feverish and in pain as she clenched her stomach with her hand.

And when he saw what had happened to Charles shoes, Dr. Brady sprung into action taking complete control over the situation, he gently put an arm around Belle to support her body weight and when she didnt protest Shawn could tell she was really sick and he was in for a long night, there was no way he would leave her by herself tonight.

Shawn? Even in her incoherent state of being she knew that voice and she felt him wrap a supportive arm around her, as he took her in his very warm comforting embrace, carrying her to the elevator. Belle was to weak and tired to protest or refuse his help she heard Shawn exchange a few kind words of thanks with Charles as he took her downstairs to her own loft apartment where she only lived across the hall from him.

By the time Shawn was retrieving her spare key which she always hid taped to the underside of the welcome mat, Belle had quickly fallen asleep on his shoulder

Managing to open the door his arms still full of Belle, Shawn lie her gently on the sofa careful not to disturb her from her restless sleep, he pull down the afghan that cover the back of the couch over her body making sure she stayed warm.

Belle opened her eyes at the feel of a cold hand to her forehead and looked up at Shawn. Hi her voice was sore and horse

Hi Belle, how are you feeling,, Shawn spoke softly as he swept the hair off her face

Im feeling better, Belle lied avoiding those deep brown eyes, knowing she had to make it to pairs fashion week to debut her newest line for Basic Black, that was to be unveiled internationally in stores this spring, this campaign was very important to her. Belle worked hard on this line it was the best work of her career and she wasnt about to let anything derail it.

'Well, I hate to be the one to tell you this but your burning up Isabella '' Shawn was still in full doctor mode and knew she was lying as she bit her bottom lip, she refused meet his all-knowing deep glare

Im fine Shawn, she insisted as she tried to sound as natural as passable, she slowly sat up and tried to get off the sofa she had so much to do, she had no time to be sick.

Shawn didnt say a word, he simply stood watching her, his arms crossed over his chest as she barely made it off the sofa, she was weak from the flu but stood up on unsteady feet and slowly made her way over to the staircase, he shook his head at her stubbornness, still he said nothing, he just observed her carefully as she tried to climb the stairs.

Belle took the stairs slowly, half way up the spiral staircase she began to feel dizzy, she felt her balance give way and her knees crumble under her. Shawn heard her hose yell, quick to action he rushed to the stairs. Shawn braced Belle against his chest as he caught her in mid fall. Your not fine Isabella, what you are is stubborn. Shawn spoke in low gravely tone. Cradling her under her knees as he took her rest of way as up the stairs.

Shawn gently placed her on her plush cream covered king-sized bed I really think you need to rest Belle, Shawn spoke quietly putting on his best logical voice, much like he did with he young patients

Belle simply rolled her big stormy blue eyes at him from her spot on the bed Thank you, Dr. Brady, but I can take care of myself, her sarcastic tone wasnt lost on him as she got up from the bed and started packing for her trip.

He stood leaning against her bedroom door jam as he quietly watched her check off her packing list Shawn chuckled to himself about how well he still knew her. Do you really think its wise to be going anywhere with this flu you have Isabella, he inquired pointedly in a rather stern manner

Why do you care Shawn Douglass, Her eyes cut him a death glare as she fired back hoarsely

Well that sore throat concerns me, he approached her without much warning, and gently turned her face towards him, he place his hands on either side of her neck to feel for swallow glens

Shawn! she whined, jumping in surprise at the feel of his warm gentle hands on her neck, flinching slightly as he probed her sore glens

Shh no whining, he scolded teasingly, slowly running his warm strong hands to feel her neck noticing her cringe at his touch. Dose that hurt, he questioned seriously

No, Im fine she rasped softly avoiding his eyes again, pushing his hands away recoiling from Shawns tender touch, the way it made her feel still cause shivers to run down her spine if he got to close So you should go home ,

How about I go to the pub instead, Ill bring you back some clam chowder and chicken fingers Shawn offered he looking at her asking with soft brown eyes

You dont have to.

I want to Belle, you have to eat something, Shawn emphasized knowing her she probably hadnt eaten all day, Belle always lost her apatite when she was sick as Shawn saw her rolled her eyes, he knew he was right

Okay, Thank you Shawn, her voice was nearly gone

As Shawn exited the room, he slowly pulled out his cell he had alternative motives for leavening Belles apartment as he put in a phone call, John Black please


Caroline Stood behind the bar severing customers, she looked up as she heard the bell above door jingled as her beloved grandson enter the family pub. Yes I do, realizes it not my concern anymore but shes really sick, Shawn was on the phone as he silently greeted her with a kiss to the cheek and took a seat at the bar. Your sure you can do that on such short notice, Okay, thanks John.

Your Welcome Shawn, however you do realize this means that you Dr. Brady will feel the wrath of Isabella Black full force, John told him amused as he knew that Shawn was still very much in love with his daughter

Yes sir, Shawn groaned

Good luck son, now if youll excuse me I have some last minute arguments to make. And John did just that, Belle had worked for almost a year on this new line and he knew how important the pairs fashion week showing was in the fashion world and, if Isabella couldnt debut her new line then as owner of Basic Black Inc, John Black would make the rare appearances in public to debut it for her.

Now what can I get for you, Shawn Drugless, Caroline smiled proudly at her grandson as he finished his phone call Two quarts of your finest clam chowder, mashed potatos an order of chicken fingers and one Brady cheese burger with everything Please.

Thats a lot of food for just yourself Shawn, Caroline shook her head waving her hands in amusement

Leftover grandma, Shawn shagged smirking smugly

Oh I see, while in that case Ill be right back with your order to feed a small army, his grandma Caroline teased laughing

Thanks grandma.

Meanwhile, Belle was trying to finish checking off her list as she franticly rushed around her apartment trying to get ready for her trip to pairs, she was so nerves about this debut of her newest line because it was her baby, the line was getting fatuous feedback. And although Belle had other successes she finally felt as if she proven her self as more then just the bosses daughter.

Belle felt herself growing dizzy as her bedroom began to spin and her vision blurred, lucky she caught the bed bracing herself as she plopped down against it, she was so cold as her body experienced chills. Belle crawled in into the middle of the comfy warm bed curling up giving in to the flu she been fighting so hard, falling asleep the moment her head hit the push down pillow.

When Shawn arrived back at her loft, medical bag in hand just as he suspected, he found Belle curled up against her pillow fast asleep, she stirred a bit as she sensed him watching her, Belle turned to face the doorway, opening her tired and blurry blue eyes to look back at him.

Did you have a nice nap Isabella, Shawn asked quietly as he simply stood leaning in her door jam, looking at her though intense chocolate brown eyes

No you woke me up, she whined

Im sorry, Shawn moved into her room and placed a hand on her forehand, he sighed she was still burning up. Are you hungry, I brought back some mashed potatos, you favorite he bribed arching a brow.

Suddenly very aware just how sore her throat actually was Belle pouted refusing

Come on now Belle, its time to eat, Shawn didnt listen to her whinny protest as he went downstairs to the kitchen dishing her up some clam chowder, mashed potatos, mixed in just how she liked it, a few chicken fingers on the side

He placed the meal in front of Belle as she groaned protesting seeing the food Im not hungry,

If you dont eat youll never get rid of me, Shawn grinned smugly as Belle slowly dip a chicken fingers in chowder an slowly began to eat. Shawn observed her carefully as she cringed with each swallow, All in all the doctor in him was almost satisfied

Are you happy now, she rasped, pushing the plate away from her as Belle turned away from him stubbornly

Will you eat, one more chicken finger for me, He prompted smiling sweetly at her, Belle just rolled her eyes defiantly but Shawn held firm crossing his arms

No, it hurts to much, she admitted hoarsely

When you swallow, Shawn questioned her pointedly in complete doctor mode. Avoiding his stare Belle refused to look him in the eyes, Shawn wasnt having any of that as he tilted her chin up, I need to look at your throat Isabella, he spoke seriously as he hold up a penlight

No Shawn, I have to much to do, Im going Paris, she griped stubbornly

Okay fine Belle, Shawn challenged her, arching an eye brow You can be as stubborn and bratty as you like, I wont hold it against you, I can go all night. he warned in a low raspy voice, Ive dealt with stubborn, sick moody children all day, your hardly any different.

I am not a child, she declared angrily her eyes flashing blue flames at him

No? Your certainly acting like one, he reasoned calmly

Why because I wont let you tell me what to do she was unwilling to give in to Shawn Brady ever again, she sat up to fast feeling lightheaded

Shawn gently pushed her to lay back to rest on the bed, he kept his strong hand on her shoulder until he felt her relaxed underneath his hold. You need to rest Isabella, Dr Brady spoke in a low firm tone of voice

I Dont have the time, she bemoaned

Make the time, he griped right back

But the pairs show

Its taken care of, John said hed go in you place, he also said not to worry, he would take care of everything. And your debut would be big a hit Shawn tired to assure her thoughtfully

Shawn saw the myriad of emotions play over Belles face, but her reaction was one he least expected as she broke down into sobs in the meddle of her hug plush bed. Of course it will be a hit now that John Black himself is going to debut my new line, there goes a year of my blood sweat and tears all for not, she ranted in tears. This was my time to prove myself as more then just the daughter of John Black. Belle got up off the bed running on pure adrenaline pacing around her room. I can see the headlines now, The all American Basic Princess Belle just couldnt cut it and sends Daddy to stitch things up

She sighed miserably How am I supposes-to prove myself now if Im home sick with the flu, stuck here with, she closed her eyes again her headache and queasy feeling in her stomach and tried to make it back to bed on her own but stumble

Come here, sit down, Shawn easily helped Belle to sit on her bed, he turned in close to her face and spoke to her reassuringly, Belle you have more talent in your pinky, then all those highbrow pretences fashionistas. And further more you shouldnt listen to any of those phony snobs, their just jealous, he spoke sincerely handing her the tissues

She snuggled in closer to Shawn seeking more of his wonderful warmth as her body shivered Thank you Shawn she faintly rested her head on he shoulder as it felt so natural

Your welcome Shawn kissed her forehead staying that way awhile, simply holding her as she slept somewhat restlessly, he soon tucked her in gently but Belle sleepily brought Shawn into bed with her

Please dont leave me again Shawn, I still dont feel good, Belle whimpered croakily in her slumber, curling up next to his familiar warmth

Monday- February 6 -3:00 am

Belle awoke dunning the early morning hours, heartbeat racing, clammy feeling and feverish as she shot up from her bed breathing heavily she went into a heavy coughing fit causing Shawn to wake up with a start, Easy Baby, he soothed thickly, instinctively rubbing her back in slow circler motions trying to bring her some relief. When Belles coughing finally calmed Shawn went get her some water..

Shawn came back and set beside her on the bed, setting her drink on her side table, he stuck a digital thermometer in her mouth before she could protest, he began shaking a green bottle of cough syrup eyeing her carefully. Belle pouted up at him and started to argue, thermometer still in her mouth, Shawn knew how much she hated medicine as if he could read her mind he voiced her very thoughts. Now I know how much you hate this, he removed the thermometer already pouring the green liquid into the little cup, But it will help you feel better, so drink up missy. he ginned widely.

Belle crinkled her nose in disgusted as she smelled the offending green medicine that the unrelenting Dr. Brady clamed would aid her, Shawn stood by glaring sternly at her waiting for her to take the medicine So if I take this, I can go to pairs, she asked him a small mischievous grin.

No Im sorry Isabella tours to pairs arent permitted to Prefect Girls with temperatures of 104, He give her a small worried smile as he red the thermometer. Now take your medicine, Shawn ordered in a syrupy sweet tone

No its disgusting, she complained, a grimace on her face. Shawn didnt say a word the deeply annoyed sigh and the meaningful stern glare Dr Brady sent her way said it all. Belle begrudgingly followed doctors orders and took the medicine swallowing as she cringed at her sore throat.

Good girl, Shawn face softened as he praised her teasingly, Is your throat still hurting? he ask knowingly as she shook her head lying. Belle honey I really need take a look at it...Please Prefect Girl?! Shawn used his childhood endearment for her, something she was never able refuse. Shawn used his Big brown poppy dog eyes and a soft sweet voice to get his way with her, it really was for her own good.

Belle relented sighing deeply at the warm use of his nickname for her and reluctantly opened up, Shawn shone the light into the back of her mouth gently pressing down on a depressor against her tongue, moving it downward so he could get a clear view as he thoroughly examined her throat. Say Ahh for me Belle, he grinned smugly.

Belle rolled her big blue eyes at him but complied Ahhhhh.. Dr Brady frowned he didnt like what he saw, her throat definitely showed bright red irritation, and some white blotches, It looks like another case of strep on top of an already bad bout with the flu. He declared in serious doctor voice, Shawn informed her she needed to be tested for strep and flu. And he did so promptly.

His pager going off startled them both, I have to go in to the hospital are you going to be aright by yourself. Belle nodded as Shawn tucked her back under the covers, No jet setting off to pairs he give her a deliberate look, You stay put in this bed young lady, he teased laughing as he was leaving the bedroom

Shawn,..how..did...we? Belle asked, he turned back to look at her as soulful brown eyes red her mind.

You pulled me into bed and asked me not to leave you again I couldnt he explained sadly avoiding her eyes.

Thank you for taking such good care of me Shawn, she offered her voice softy sore, avoiding eye contact sheepishly.

Shawn walked back over to the bed, and curled his finger under her chin forcing Belle to meet his eyes. It's my pleasure, always Isabella. he whispered warmly, kissing her forehead naturally as if it was still so innate to him. And it was, she was.




Phillip sighed heavily as both his girls hollered for him, warily he climbed the stares to the second level of their quant home. Breakfast is served Ladies!! Phillip enter the master bedroom armed with two breakfast trays of herbal tea, toast, raspberry jam and cough medicine to see his to girls laying in the big bed as Reagan often called it, together.

After bellys were full and medicine was taken there was a rousing family game of monopoly happing, Phillip of course was leading, as he had park place and four hotels, Mimis St. James in his sites would give him a monopoly but his sly wife just smiled before selling it to there daughter, eventually the game turned around as Reagan started winning against her very business minded mogul parents, the two exchange secretive gazes as they where just glad to see Reagan happy again despite the flu

Well, she beat us Meems, I think we may have a mini mogul on our hands

Yeah I think she a chip off the old block Phil, Mimi nudged her husbands shoulder playfully as Phillip beamed with pride

A few hours later it was just Philip and Reagan in her room as he tired to lull her back to sleep after the game he saw Reagan begin to fade as her eyes dropped and her little body was overtaken by the flu again. Philip set by her bed rubbing her head trying to sooth his little girls aches and pains away but it was of no good she kept tossing and turning, murmuring in a restless slumber.

Dont send me away, I promise to be good the sick child became more agitated and thrust about in her bed, Why dont you love me? Philips was heartbroken to hear those words whispered from his sweet daughters mouth

Were not sending you anywhere sweetheart, he whispered assuring her Mommy and I love you, peanut he soothed her lovingly as she settled a bit

She stirred a bit and open her eyes between awake and asleep That not what grandma Kate said. and as the words came from his daughter mouth Phillips rage grow hotter then he ever thought humanly possible

Over the years of Philip marriage to Mimi the rift between him and his over barring mother became wider. Kate made no secret of the fact that she had little if no use for Mimi Lockhart. Kate was convinced that Mimi was trailer-trash who trapped Phillip into domestic life, she even went so far as to offer to Mimi a bribe to leave and take the baby with her. The one thing his mother hadnt counted on was Mimis love for him and his for her, much to Kates dishearten they stuck together and survived the worst of Kate Roberts.

What else did grandma Kate tell you Reagan? he asked carefully as if he was almost afraid to hear the answer.

Reagan bit her lower lip afraid of how he would react, she sensed he was already angry. She said I was a mistake and that you never loved us, me and Mommy that it would be over after I was gone her tear-filled hazel green eyes looked up at her father. Please dont send me away Daddy, mommy would miss you if you leave. Id miss you, even if you dont love me anymore? she sobbed brokenheartedly into his arms.

Phillip rocked his distraught daughter back and froth wanting to cry right along with her as tears welled in his own blue eyes, Philip summoned enough willpower to reassure her. NoNoNo baby, I promise no ones leaving, mommy and I love each other and you so much Reagan, were not sanding you anywhere ever he spoke softly as he felt her relax in his fatherly embrace, he tucked her back under the warm covers, simply just watching her sleep. All the while plotting revenge against his own mother, it was time Kate Roberts was punished for her indiscretions once and for all.


12:00 non

Are you sure you dont mind Laxie? Shawn asked as he made his way to the nurse station, Dr. Laxie Carver walking beside him, he asked if she would cover the rest of his shift for today as he was handed his last patients chart Rachel Welles six months old infant, prone to ear infections, exam two.

Yes Shawn, you go. she stated looking over the rest of his charts

Thanks Cathy, and Dr Carver will be handling my cases the rest of the day, Dr Brady informed her as he flashed that famous Brady grin her way disappearing into room two.

Mr. Welles, Shawn greeted professionally as he entered the room, first washing his hands thoroughly his old pal Jason Welles just looked at him as if hed grown two heads, an slightly panicked as he held his daughter tightly in his arms. After a few questions to a rather nervous, newly single father, he smile at the fussy little miss, giving his friend some advice. If you relax then so will she, making this a lot easier on the both of you.

Jason almost reluctantly handed the baby over to Shawn, and sighed, it wasnt that he didnt trust Shawn with her, he actually came highly recommended from both Mimi and Phil but that baby was his last link to his wife Cynthia who unexpectedly died during child birth, it killed him to part with her even if only for a few moments.

It was all Jason could do not to reach for her as his sweet Rachel screamed an held out her little arms out towards him as Shawn gently examined her ears I know baby, it will be over soon then you come back to Daddy. Jason spoke soothingly to calm his daughter in a broken voice .

Shawn looked at his friend empathetically as he wasnt sure who was more traumatized Rachel or her Daddy. Okay baby Girl, Im all done he spoke softly as he finished, smiling down at the sweet baby girl who looked at him with teary blue eyes, Shawn bounced with her for a few more seconds, her little hand reached up to play with the shiny sliver scoop head that hung around his neck Well if you insist miss Rachel. Shawn took the stethoscope and carefully listened to her heart and lugs, thankfully though she was much calmer now as was her father.

You both did very well, Shawn commended handing Rachel back over to her dad as a look of relief came to Jasons face. Shell be fine Jase, no singe of the flu just a bad ear infection. Shawn assured him handing him a prescription for ear drops telling him to call if he had any questions and to come back in about ten days

Thanks again Shawn, Jason sighed in relief as he walked with his friend to elevator.

Belles phone rage once again as she was laying on the sofa wrap in a blanket. Belle was talking to her business partner, Brenda whom was in pairs at fashion week, she was still trying to control the show, from the placement of and clothing of molds to the lighting music and timing of the runway. Brenda was also doing damaged control as a foremost fashion exporters known as T.G. was already criticizing Belles newest line even though it hadnt even officially débuted just like she feared, but Brenda assured that no one had a better collection then hers and that her all designs were fabulous

Brenda I have to go, Belle suddenly cut the conversion short as the door was opening to her loft and Shawn appeared with a brown bag in hand smirking, he knew she was probably on the phone to pairs micro managing everything.

Oh no Please dont stop on my account, besides you know how much I love to watch you work, even if youre sick with flu, Shawn stressed as he made himself at home in her kitchen, Shawn stood over the stove building Alices chicken soup from scratch as he listened to Belle continue her tense conversion, he meant his earlier statement he did love to watch her work, she was incredibly sexy her nose red and her hair pulled back in a ponytail flying back and fourth as she was clearly frustrated about something not going right in pairs she bit bottom lip dropping her flushed face in her heads

Shawn silently brought out the steaming hot blow soup, sitting it down in front of her as Belle stifled a small yawn, he smoothly took the phone from her head speaking to the woman on the other end Hi Brenda right? Im sorry but Belle needs her rest right now, Shawn spoke pointedly as his concerned eyes met her tired ones. I honesty dont know anymore Brenda, Ill ask,. that smug Brady smile crossed his lips

Umm, Belle your friend Brenda wants to know if Im the one,

She quickly recovered from her shock, snatching the phone back Goodbye Brenda,, Belle face blushed three shades of red Your the one alright, one big overprotective Pain, she griped as Shawn smile simply grow in victory

Oh really, is that so Miss Belle Shawn arched a mischievous brow at her

Belle saw what was happing, she tried to block his hands but it was of no use, Shawn hands crept to her sides tickling her mercilessly, as his legs came around striding her at the waist to keep her from escaping his strong ticklsume fingers No no Shawn stop tickling me, she try him fighting off playfully Please, Please stop, she bagged laughing and breathless they both suddenly stilled their legs and bodies entangled their faces so close, Belle could feel his hot sweet Breath on her faceshe could literally taste his lip so near to hers

Shawn leant in prepared to kiss her senseless when she turned her head in a coughing spell, he was quickly brought back to reality We cant, Your still sick Belle, he rasped in her ear.

I know she spoke so hoarsely

You should probably eat this soup before it gets cold, Shawn moved from off her untangling their bodies.

Yeah Belle quickly looked away avoiding his stare trying not to see everything she felt reflexed back at her in Shawns intensely dark eyes as he moved off of her and placed the sill warm bowl of homemade soup in front of her

This soup is really Good, Belle complement, slurping the chicken broth and noodles slowly into her mouth. Shawn smiled at her actions as he watch her thoroughly enjoying the food he made for her, it made him a little less worried and a little bit turned on as Belle continuously slurp the soup

When did your learn to cook Shawn Douglass, her voice was lighthearted as she looked at him sitting there at edge of her couch, Belle was caught off guard by the way his deep brown eyes were staring back at her.

Ummm, somewhere between Salem U and Northwestern, he laughed.

Northwestern, Really, How did that happen? Belle asked obviously impressed,

After everything, you and me...breaking up...Cassie, then a few months later JT dying of heart complications...I felt lost I needed to do something...

So medical school, she softly clarified

Speaking of witch, how are you feeling now Shawn asked needing to change the subject before his past and the very shameful memories got the better of him

Tired but a little better, she answered through closed eyes trying word off a headache. Shawn always knew when she was lying especially to him but he decided not call her out on it.

Maybe you should go to bed, Shawn easily suggested.

Its to early Shawn, she simply rolled her big blue eyes at him completely dismissing that idea

So...Your sick and you need your rest. he reasoned softly, Shawn give her a slow coy smile as he tried a new approach, How about a movie Without asking Shawn quickly moved to put the disk into the player and started the picture

But what movie

Watch and you shell see my dear, Shawn interrupted motioning her to look at the screen in front of her he felt his heart grow twice as big when Belle broke out into a huge smile that could light up a room

The Beauty and the Beast, but you cant find this anywhere I know, Ive looked, Belle set in aww watching her favorite childhood movie .

They released it during Christmas and it made me think of you, I was going to give it to you for Christmas but I never got the chance

Im sorry Shawn I have no excuse... and for a spit second Belle saw all the emotional turmoil, vulnerability, sadness fear, Shawn tried so hard to hide

Its okay Belle, why dont we just watch the movie Shawn just couldnt do it again, he was still coming terms with yesterdays revaluation and couldnt go another round with Belle right now.. for fear of what truths might come out

But Shawn .. I...

No Belle, well just consider it even okay. he snapped bitterly


Salem was darken by heavy rain clouds and the crashing of thunder and lighting that evening, things would never be was same again as the greatest lose in the seemly small town of Salem had ever seen fell upon them

Shawn Brady awoke with a start something wasnt right he could feel the shift in the air, he looked around to see Belle sleeping, her head resting on his shoulder, if there was one thing that felt right with the universe it was her.

Shawn gently brought a hand to her forehead, at least her fever had calm down some he sighed, the feel of his familiar touch stirred Belle out of her slumber. Hey, she spoke softly meeting Shawn s concerned gaze

Are you feeling any better, Shawn husked sleepily

Yes I actually am, I guess I needed to sleep after all, she whispered softly her voice still a bit horse

See I told you so he gloated grinning at her

Yes Doctor Brady, she rolled her eyes, throwing a playful smile back at him, her face soon soften as Belle looked at him with gratefully eyes Thank you for always being there Shawn...

Shawn laid his hand on top of her smaller one and healed it in his trying to find the courage and strength to tell her the truth Shawn decided it was now or never ... Belle we need to talk about, the...past. Shawn nearly choked on the last words as it sacred him shitless to talking about what happen to him. What Cassie did to him with anyone, except ironically enough for Marlaina, the very same women whom tried to force him towards Cassie years before.

Belle sensed his internal struggle, she felt his anguish within her own heart, saw fear in his soulful brown eyes, it ran so deep almost like he was the one suffering of heartache, because he was; she knew it as well as she knew him. She turned away from so he wouldnt be able to read her emotions I dont think we should do this now, Shawn as I matter of fact I dont think we should do this at all, its in the past lets keep it there

Belle, he began guardedly Please let me explain its-- its not what you think

..I Didnt...

You didnt, WHAT Shawn... Belle whipped back around facing him again You didnt SLEEP with my half Sister, Cassie. You Didnt get her Pregnant... She spat out in disgust.

Her rant was interrupted by the shill of Shawns Cell as it rang, it was the hospital he had to get it giving Belle an apologetic glance Shawn answered his phone. Hello.

Hopes shaky tear-stricken voice came over the line Shawn--its Gran, you need to--come to the hospital, those words stopped him in his tracks he hadnt heard that tone in his mothers voice --since JT....the grief in her voice evident

Well be right there...

Its Gran...I have to get to the hospital

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