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The Tri-Coil Bun

April 17 2003 at 4:00 AM

Fox  (Premier Login pictures)

This is a fun style that is a new twist on an old style. This bun starts off just like any other, by gathering your hair into a low/mid pony tail. You are going to make your first coil just off center. You only wrap around once, or depending upon how you look at it, just a signle up and down.

Once you have that first coil started, place a pin in.

(Note, it's good to start with the pins. Later, once you are more comfortable with this style, you can skip the pins and use a Ficcare styled clip alone)

Once the first coil is wrapped and pinned, bring the next coil up right next to it, rather than around it like you would in a regular bun, kepping your finger in the center of the coil and wrapping around that.

I like to keep my figer in the middle of the second coil while pinning to help keep it in place.

You wrap the third coil just like the first two, but depending on your hair length, you can wrap this last one until your ends are wrapped under. Tuck any ends beneath the rolled hair, pin in place.

You now have the Tri-Coil bun.

This style is easy to change giving you different looks. In this picture I brough the coils up at a slight angle, making the first coil a bit larger than the second, and the second a bit larger than the last. You would do this by making the first coil a bit looser, the next one not quite as loose, and the last one tight.

This is a Tri-Coil bun secured with only a Ficcare type clip. This is a very secure way to hold this style. Wrap each coil and hold with the flat of your hand, slide Ficcare in while hand keeps coils secure. If you have trouble with that, use some pins or clips to hold the coils in place until you have your Ficcare in.

Please note, longer hair will be able to make more coil than the three shown here. If you only want the three, you may have to experiment on wrapping twice on each coil, or depending on how the thickness of your hair length goes, perhaps double wrapping only the last two coils.

For shorter hair, you might make only two coils. Just experiment! It's a fun variation of the regular bun.


17/33/35+ - Bangs at 15 inches - Type 2CMii (3B underneath layer) Somewhat fine, slightly wavy (with curls on the underneath layer), light brown with gold and red highlights. To see more pictures, click on the gallery link found here:
Just Fox...

You can also find me here: The Long Hair Loom

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Products Used:
Aubrey Organics S&C
Vinegar/herbal rinses
Oils: Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Virgin Oil de Coco Creme, Monoi, Castor, Meadowfoam Seed & essential oils
Shea Butter (from which I make my own leave-in)
MP Popular Mix Brush
Wood and Horn combs
Vitamins/Minerals/Herbal supplements

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