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Leia's Baby Crown

July 4 2003 at 11:14 AM

Leia  (Login Leia9)

Well, here it is! Updo instructions and a couple of pics to go with it!

This is what I call my Baby Crown, since it started out as a crown braid and ended up a lot smaller! Now, if you don't know how to do a crown braid, don't worry (because neither did I when I did this!), but just see if you can follow the instructions and it should be ok. Sorry I don't have visuals for each step! But it should be easy enough

First, comb/brush your hair straight back (you can leave a parting if you want that look, but I find this easier), and then divide the hair at the back into two sections. Clip the left section away for now. Then take the right section of hair, and begin braiding a Dutch braid HORIZONTALLY. Do this for a couple of crossovers of the braid, and start working your way up towards your right ear. When you get higher on the head, you will realise that you have to start gathering hair from one side of the head only. When you reach the crown, hold all the strands in your right hand and unclip the rest of the hair with the left hand. Then start using that hair to continue your braid, and on your way down you will find that you need to gather hair from one side; the opposite side that you gathered from when your hair was on the right. When you get near your ear, start gathering from both sides again. (This all sounds complicated - the gathering hair from one side and whatnot - but you will figure it out once you try the braid). You should finish gathering all the hair at the nape of the neck, and then finish braiding the braid normally. You can tie off the braid if you want, but in these pictures, I didn't.

Now wrap the braid around the baby crown until the ends are tucked away beneath the braid. Use bobby pins to hold the ends, and any other bits that may be sticking out (I had a lot since my hair still has layers in it).

And there you go! There's your Baby Crown!

Here are the pictures of mine:

And a close up:


Bangs at 10 inches
Still growing out layers...

Edited to fix pictures

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  • P.S. - Leia on Jul 4, 2003, 11:41 AM

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