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Flippy Updo Instructions

January 18 2004 at 7:23 PM

Avrilon  (Login Avrilon)

Here are some instructions for a simple, casual updo. It used to be a "real" updo when my hair was shorter (like in my sig pic), but now that my hair is longer, it's not so much an updo as a partial updo...


Pull your hair back into a ponytail.

Twist the ponytail until it reaches the top of your head, pulling it sort of tightly.

Lower the twist downward so that it’s not pulled so tightly and looks more casual. You’ll have to experiment to see how loose you want it. I like mine pretty loose, but this picture doesn’t show it very well.

Using a barrel style jaw clip, clip the barrel over the twist, grasping the hair with the clip on the both sides of the twist.

Let the length of the hair flip over the jaw clip.

Fix the length the way you want it.

You can adjust the location of the jaw clip higher or lower depending on the look you want.

Isn’t that simple?


2a - Wavy with body
F - fine
ii - normal volume, 4" ponytail

Growing out years of perms (about 2/3rds done!)
Blonde from a bottle

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