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The Swirly Bun

May 16 2004 at 6:42 AM

Leia  (Login Leia9)

Here is my bun - The Swirly Bun (thank you for everyone who helped come up with the name! ) I've never done step-by-step instructions before, so I'm not sure if this will be clear or not. It's quite a tricky style, but hopefully the pictures and the instructions will help aid you. I wear this almost every day - it can be secured with hairsticks, ficcares, mini claws, hairpins, etc. It can be unsecured, too!

Much thanks to my Mum and brother who took the pics for me. Here we go!

Gather hair in a ponytail in your right hand.

Place left hand (wrist) above ponytail.

Using the right hand, pull the ponytail over the wrist of your left hand and then pull it downwards.

Here comes the tricky part. Your left hand wrist should twirl up and then left, creating a loop with the hair. First twirl the wrist up...

...then move it towards the left...

...and bring it down again.

Your right hand will still be holding the tail (now shortened). Reach your index finger and thumb out (you can't see my thumb in the picture, but it's there!)...

...and grab the tail in those two fingers. Your tail will be longer or shorter, depending on hair length.

Use your right hand to grab the loop of hair you previously created. Grab that loop and push it down towards your scalp (still holding the tail in your left hand).

Your tail will end up on the left side of your head. When my hair was a couple of inches shorter, it was just the perfect length for this style in that the tail did not show. What you decide to do with the tail is up to you - since mine is quite short, I just leave it. If yours is a bit longer than mine, you can tuck it under and pin to secure. Or if it is much longer, you can leave it hanging down like a ponytail. Be creative!

Here is the finished style, not secured with anything but my own hair. I love that this style can do that and hold well by itself! I will try to get some pictures up later of the bun secured with hair toys, but I hope this will do for now.


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Last Updated: May 14, 2004

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