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Free! Free at last! Looking for Hairstyle?

May 22 2004 at 6:45 PM

Faye  (Login Butterflyfae)

I'm Free! Free at Last. yes.. I finished my finals and moved back home from the dorms yesterday. lots of hard work, but now I have a summer to get back to life. So far.. I've gotten the grade for one class, which was an A. So hard work does pay off! Hopefully it will with my hair also.

My hair's grown nice and long..sorta "V" like int he back, longest strands hitting waist length, but.. they'll disappear when i trim it so its healthy.

I've got a major hair dilemna. My hair's midback length, naturally tends to curl, frizz in humidity, and rather thick and heavy. This upcoming weekend (memorial day weekend) I'm a FIFA referee and will be out running the soccer fields all day long, as most soccer fanatics know -memorial day weekend is a big soccer tournament weekend.

I'm going to outside, in hot and humid weather with the sun frying my hair all day long (9am - 8pm). Does anyone have any suggestions on how i can protect my hair and scalp? Or better yet a hairstyle to effectively keep all this hair off my neck and back, out of the way, that will hold well despite me running around all day, effectively all sweaty?

I'm open to ideas, because even putting it in a ponytail, makes it too long any more, and buns for too long put too much weight in one spot and give me a headache.

Open to suggestions.. please!

*~* Faye

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