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I do something similar, but...

January 23 2007 at 4:40 PM

MrsEl  (Login MrsEl)

Response to For Mermayd... hair is much shorter so I don't have as much ends hanging out of the bottom. Also, I think I twist it differently....Yes....this is what I do:

-Gather hair into a pony.

-Twist most of the length clockwise except for the last couple inches (but remember that my hair is not nearly as long as yours). Also, I twist it upwards, as if making a French Twist, similar to your first photo. I should point out that I twist it with my right hand.

-Next I loop the hair over my left index finger, looping to the right. (I hope that makes sense.) Then I give my hair a counter-clockwise twist. I think you twist in the same direction that you originally twisted. Is that right?

-Then I just clip with a claw.

OK, sorry if that wasn't clear. Lol! I just thought it was similar to what you're doing in the pictures, but slightly different. I'm not saying this is attractive, by the way. (Your style looks way better!) But this is the way I wear my hair pretty much every day.


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