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chain bun

December 29 2007 at 8:14 AM

Maria  (Login maria_asa)

In this thread I promised a tutorial for the chain bun (the one in the first picture) and now I've finally found some time to make it.

1. Gather your hair in a ponytail by the nape

2. Wrap the tail anti-clockwise around two fingers (two fingers works for me but you'll have to try to find the right tension for your own hair)

3. Grab the tail with the fingers you created the loop around and pull it through until you have a small loop going through the first loop. Again it's a trial/error process in finding out the perfect size of the loop

4. Pull the loop upwards and while doing this make sure you hold on to the tail and preferably also the first loop

5. Repeat step three again, pulling the tail through the loop creating yet another loop.
Continue doing this until you run out of tail. My thin, a bit longer than waist hair gives me three loops

6. Secure with hairsticks, hair fork or whatever you like




Maria's Hair

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