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Hairstick Styles

July 4 2013 at 10:34 PM

Lorna  (Login lilacsfornana)

Response to Styles that use hairsticks?

My go-to quick style is a Nautilus bun held with a single horizontal hair stick (or pencil or crochet hook). The stick is placed after the bun is formed, but is simply placed though a loop of hair; no need to worry about reversing direction. There are numerous tutorials on youtube you can learn from.

As for the 'direction reversing hair scoop thing', I think you are pulling the style too tight or are trying to scoop too much hair. If you are putting a hairstick in and it starts to hurt, something is too tight. Try loosening the bun or try scooping less hair. I never scoop more than a half inch of hair or so from the bun sometimes a lot less.

Choosing a different spot to put the hairstick may also help. A horizontal stick may pull too much but a vertical or diagonal stick may not. I have found that with different buns I need to insert my sticks at different points.

You can also try putting a hairstick in without reversing direction. As you push it through the bun weave the point toward the scalp to pick up some scalp hair to anchor the stick and then angle the point back up when exiting the bun. This technique works better with some buns than it does with others, so try a few to see what works best with your hair.



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